Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mid-Autumn Festival this year.. 2008

No lanterns, no mooncake.. no celebration.

We're all invited to Theen's korkor's wedding so instead of being kiddish roaming around the neighborhood and comparing who has better and cooler lanterns this year, I had to put on slabs of make up and attended a wedding dinner.

Well.. at least I had Kelly sitting beside me keeping me company since my mum was sitting on another table with her vegetarian kakis.

Can you tell that I'm lazy to blog?

I took quite a number of pictures for the past few days when I sungkai-ed with my beloved CIS18 and went to RIPAS yesterday for blood donation with Bobby and Atul. I just feel not motivated to blog laaaaa...

But reading back my achieves is fun though. I have no idea why was I so semangat in blogging spending hours and hours of my day thinking what to blog next and editing the photos. I'm getting older, that's why. Cannot cope up with youngsters nowadays. They have much livelier life (?) and lots of duracell batteries in them.

As for me, everyday after my class or driving up/down for an hour.. I felt damn exhausted and didn't even want to lift my finger at all! I have nothing to look forward to.. Isn't that pathetic?

Oh wait, I do have something to look forward to at the moment. But I got to wait another 1 month plus for it, my darling 48 is coming back again~ Yay. We're going to have a boat trip with fireflies dancing around us soon. =D

Aiyah, I'm not even funny now.
I think no one bothers to read everything also lah.

Gosh, I need a vacation to rejuvenate man.
Aromatherapy is just not enough to keep me going for another 3 months!

PSL! If you're reading this, you better get us something good from US for not able to attend the wedding ah. I have one less friend to gossip and that's just very sien okay. My dear friends, I hope tomorrow tea jadi ah..

Dear God, please make Kelly's migraine go away else it'll be me to be the next who'll be sick because stuff too long at home.

(If you're wondering why Bobby is no where to be found to entertain me, that fat guy is busy studying for his tests.... Boh eng chap me now)

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@lex said...

I am reading, and am trying to get something. This time round it's unbelievably stressful. Pray i get throught. Was sick the pass week and the class just "zoom" pass me ! Think i slept throught the whole think. Can you believe they finish 6 module a day!
Anyway, i'll try the airport :P ...
Did i mention this flight route is CRAZY... damn longer than the normal one i used.
Pray no more turbulance like when i get here. There practically turbulance all the way here! First time i feel lke 'air-sick'...
I should be back by this sunday.

cc said...

I guess I have not much of a life too, as I mostly blog about my thoughts nowadays. Haha.

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

This year I also never celebrate. :(

Nonnie King said...

@lex : Eh, I thought you're back by now leh!

CC : The thing is.. I don't even have thoughts to blog about...
Sad hor

Chicky : Like no mood liao

Kelly said...

Dear God, tell me y my friend wished that my migrain will be away becoz of her???? hahaha...

BTW, i just realize in the photos, that all my face are facing on the left side and all your face are facing on the right side, when the camera is actually able to capture whole of it!

@lex said...

It's a 2 day flight ! .. well might be because of the time difference ...
still i think i spent 23 hrs in air!!!