Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Paper Plate Crown

Nothing beats having weekends with bunch of kiddos and laughing over small silly stuffs. Last Saturday I was given a task to guide them in making some craft works and this was what they did *points title*

So.. all that you need is a paper plate (disposable one la of course...), a cutter, color pencils, stickers, ribbons.. those are up to you really... The paper plate and the cutter paling important.

All you need to do is draw lines on the plate and cut them like the red lines below.

Then just draw something, color it or put some stickers or ribbons and bend the triangles up to make it look like a crown.

If your baby has bigger head (smart baby!) then all you need to do is cut longer lines to fit in the head. Easy as pie.

The little girl is in primary 2, the boy on the left is in primary 1 and the cutie pie in the middle only kg1. Of course dear papa mama auntie uncle koko cheh-cheh... cut the paper plates for them, their fine motor skills still not develop yet.

(Crap..... Sol! I'm stuck in the saiko assg!!!)

As for the elder bunch of kids (age 11 and above)... gave them a task of making CD animals.


Okay, that's it.
Can I go back to my Moonlight Resonance series?


mmi said...

the kid at the midle is so cuteee, haha

Shanon said...

Nonnie, seeing that you like kids so much, how many kids are you planning to have with Bobby? Jaga oh, Bobby likes football who knows he wants a mini football team.

Nonnie King said...

Mmi : He is damn cute! He couldn't stop singing while coloring you know. I kept kacau him.. "You singing ah? Sing louder lah can?"

Shanon : HOW YOU KNOW!!! He did said that he wanna have a dozen of kids. Siao one meh? That means my tummy no rest till I'm 50 years old ah.

Plus.. raising kid where got so easy. For me two already enough. Want them to have the best. Can concentrate better also.