Monday, September 8, 2008

The supposingly romantic night...

Out of nowhere Bobby suggested we shall "yau-cheh-hor" (driving around aimlessly) around Bandar area last Thursday because I felt kind of stressed out that night. Why Bandar area? Because Bobby said he had always wanted to walk around the 'park' and so we parked the car and walked towards our destination.

It just rained at the area thus the road was still wet, even the air smelled fresher.


We stopped and just hang around at the railings, looking at the water taxis zooming around and the wind kissing our faces. He stick his face next to mine and I could even feel his body warmth. The night was just so quiet and cozy.

I was starring at the dark murky water. He turned his head around, looked at me and smiled. Just when he was about to open his mouth and say something, I looked at him and asked...

"The water so dark now ah, if I fall into the river sure die one hor?"

He couldn't believe what I just said and jaw-dropped. "Wah lao eh you, it was suppose to be a romantic moment and you spoiled it lah!"

Damn! Cannot rewind the moment liao. I gasped and just looked at him thinking what can I do or say to remedy my super-potong-stim words.

Sekali just when I was about to squeeze out something romantic, he looked away and said...

"True also, so dark now really cannot see.. If got wave more kick."

"Why cannot? Just keep swimming upwards can liao lar!"

"Because you can't even tell the direction, which way up and which way down. A lot people drowned not because they don't know how to swim, but because they're in the turbulence of the water and don't know if they're swimming upward, or downward or forward mah."

"Err.. okay. What happen to our "romantic moment" ah? Bah.. I'm scare now. You know I so clumsy later really fall into the river mati tia.. Let's leave the place."



There, our supposingly romantic night.
Super fail.


Tina said...

Hahahaha. Sometimes romance just can't squeeze in to relationships so easily anymore after a couple of years, but when it does, it's so sweet.

And the two of you are so sweet! Both were trying so hard, but failed. Kesian, but sweet, I find. Hehe.

See you later, Nonnie! :D

mmi said...

Spoil eh, hahaha. :b shouldnt talk about drawning la.

Nonnie King said...

Tina : Ya laa... Long long time no romantic already bah. Sekali try again but still very fail.

Eraa/ Mmi : I can't help reading out my heart's voice everytime.

siokngi said...

Hahahaha.....I supposed having the boyfriend by your side should be quite fulfilling dy.... :) but you two are so funny! hehehe

Nonnie King said...

Siokngi : Ya.. time pass really fast with him around.