Thursday, September 4, 2008


1 [C usually singular; U] a tendency to support or oppose a particular person or thing in an unfair way by allowing personal opinions to influence your judgment.

And that is what I'm going to talk about in this post. Just a short one I think. Got heaps of work waiting for me to do and I just need a break so here am I blogging.

On last couple of days, a friend and I were having some conversation and I was bow-wow-ing (I hope you all get what I mean by that) about someone whom really get on my nerves for being irresponsible, inconsiderate and has problem with punctuality.

At the beginning of our conversation, my friend listened to my complaints and agreed with me that that particular person was such a pain in the arse and of course, ranted with me as well. But just when I mentioned that person's name, my friend instantly reacted to it and said,

"I know that person! He/She is so and so (continue babbling how are they connected) ...."

"And?", I just looked at my friend waiting for the next line...

"Maybe, you pushed he/she a little too much?"

I couldn't help but started to shouted and raised my voice,

"What the hell! Just 5 minutes ago you were nodding and agreeing with how kanasai that person was and now just because it turns out that you know that person, you're siding her and start questioning me?!!! HOW COULD YOU!"

See, this is what happen.

(Okay, I have to admit I'm biased towards people whom are closer to me and I like. I guess we're all like that)

I can give you another example.

You are driving and there's this car speeding really fast from behind. I don't know for you but I'll sure curse in my heart, "Cheh.. drive so fast hurry to where kan?".

(If its in Chinese it will be worse, " so fast hurry to reincarnate is it?".)

Then if you realized it's your friend whose driving, sure change mood one and feel happy then sms him/her, "Oi! Where you go har? Your car very fast leh. :p when free tea ah".

Or some idiot who park at the road side and make it difficult for others to pass.

"%^%#@!$!!! Basket! Think the father own the road one is it? Go and scratch the car baru tau."

After knowing its a friend, "Aiyah.... he/she must be in a hurry. Wonder how is he/she now ah? Long time don't see him/her liao...".

Even the other day when Shirley was driving us up. There was this kijang on the fast lane but only driving at 80~100km/hr and Shirley was already behind him and that driver majal don't seem like going to move in the slow lane.

So Vicky said, "Tail gate that car. Your car BM what, sure people give face and give way one.. If I'm driving my old Vios, nada orang duli tu..."

Hahhahaaa. How sad but true.

If you see a luxury car or sport car behind ho, sure will sik-do give way and side to the left lane one. If you see a normal car which is more than 5 yrs liao overtaking you, sure will feel beh-song and want to chase back one just to prove that your car more lihai one.

Bah.. I'm done ranting.
Gotta blog for my project blog somemore. Will paste up the link when done.


Joker said...

who is that person u refer to nonnie?...:) is it your ubd frens or your school collegue?... just take it easy Nonnie. That is normal nonnie. so jangan marah-marah dear.

Nonnie King said...

Joker : Sorry but I can't disclosed who the person was because I'm a coward and there's just too many unexpected people reading my blog. =p

Normal plang having to work with these kind of person, but can't help to feel angry because I'm now scarifying my sleeping time to do last minute job that could have been done earlier.

So stress lagi.

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

We're all human beings mah. All got feeling de. Parents also got "favourtisum" loh.. :p

siokngi said...

the example you made with the luxury/sports car is so darn true.

i think everyone is biased towards certain things guess it's normal gua?

Nonnie King said...

Chicky : Favoritism... LOL! I'm the only child so "Favoritism" never existed in my house.

Siokngi : Yeap, its normal but as long as not too "guo-fen" I guess its okay to be biased. I'm just mad at my "friend" because he is my kanasai boyfriend!

Finger bend out don't bend in!

Meann said...

if someone ah 'tsudu2' driving bhind me.. i'll be driving more slowly.. haha.. make donno saja.. then move aside.. if there's another car in the right lane, i'll drive d same speed as that car.. so that the 'tsudu2' car cant take over haha..

Nonnie King said...

Meann : HAHAHHA! You're so cool! Purposely annoy the driver lagi. Good one.