Friday, July 4, 2008


I volunteered to go to the Seria tamu with my mother today and:

- no one believes that I'm her daughter because she has bigger eyes and fairer skin tone....

"Eh? Who is she?"
"You guess."
"Not your daughter kua...."
"Cos don't look like you lar! Look like father eh I suppose"

Hai... Thank you aunties and uncles for all your bluntness, my mum now feels really disappointed. You could have said I look like her sister instead to make her feel young what. Don't know how to do business one.

- I look younger than I am because I was asked whether I'm still schooling or working?

Next question those uncles and aunties asked after confirming that I'm my mother's daughter was.. "Still schooling?"

LOL! Do I really look like I'm still studying? For God's sake, I had started to work since 17 and I can almost say that I never had "free time" after that. I was either working, or studying.. or doing of them. I don't remember having a break "job hunting" because I don't mind what my job is as long as I have income.

I was once a general clerk in a workshop, a waitress being paid B$1.20/ hour, sales person who stood 9am - 10pm during all those ojipala PC fair or expo. Then later some other random job and finally a teacher....

And I'm thinking to take some part time jobs again "school" starts. I don't know why, I just don't really like the idea of being a tuition teacher. But then again, if I'm desperate for money... rubbish collector I also don't mind.


- I learned my talent of "Interrupting Conversations" from my mother... Hmmm.

I stood near her at one of the stalls, the owner was busy with another customer and my mum kept asking, "Eh, how much this? Got beans or not?" and so on...

I was like, "Now I know where I pick that bad habit from. YOU!".

Yes, ask any of my close friends and they'll agree that I love to interrupt. I cannot tahan people discussing on topics which I can't contribute my brilliant ideas and will get bored soon after. Thus I'll terus cut in and say something really random.

But, that only happens when I'm with my "gangs" lah.

- I also got my "老实不客气" genes from her...

, which is pretty bad. I saw her entering to the areas of those stall owners and really help herself lor!

Me: Eh Ma, how can you just go in there?
Mum: Aiyah... nevermind lah. We very close liao one.
Stall owner: A lor. She andang like that one. Nevermind one, we biasa already.


She saw some fresh fruits and asked the owner if its sweet. Then the auntie just asked my mum to take one and try it herself, and my mum really picked one and ate it. She then took a plastic bag and put in some into it and asked for the price.

The owner then said, "No need lah. I belanja your daughter."

You know what my mum did? She went behind the counter, opened up the "Money Tin" and put $5 into it and took $3 out.

"Eh, I pay you $2 ah."



<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

just to sum up, your mum is very 'sat'

which is good. because you'll be that kind of people. also 'sat' loh. haha.

Anonymous said...

i cant read ur blog :( there's so many photo bucket ad blocking ur posts..

Nonnie King said...

Jason : HAHAHA. Some people think sat, some otherwise wor.

Anonymous : Is it? Let me ask if any other people suffers from that.

Sorry ah.

De Pianist said...

i think your mum is cute!her actions are really

iwan said...

i hope u wont be like ur mum when u become an auntie..
ok lah, i still think u look younger than ur age...

treat it as a compliment lah...

but salute ur mum la

@lex said...

Hahahahaaaaa...ll ~~~ cannot stop laughing .... N yes so many bucket in the way .. i have to highlight to read the text !