Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lazy to blog...

Lazy... or too hungry to blog.
Here pictures of my latest additions to my collection.

Sort of ended my lappie-hunting because I found a seller who's going to sell me at the price of $1.2k. Dreams come true~ Lalalalalalaa. Hahhahahaaa

And now I'm surfing online looking for tutors to diy laptop bag.

Oh oh, can anyone tell me how's the Go! Broadband connection at Berakas area?
Yeah, or Nay?



dee said...

i stay lambak area, technically berakas lah. Go! here is quite stable so far. No complaints from me.

cc said...

Where did you get all these adorable erasers? :)

Nonnie King said...

Dee : Thanks! I need that answer. LOL

CC : My best friend got them for me from an online shop in au. www.vintageartyfarty.com.au


48 said...

ha ha u finally opened the packet to put the stickers on the bowling pins!!

Nonnie King said...

ya, just to make it look nicer when i take the photos

jessie said...


Pls blog about ur DIY laptop bag once u make it!!
I wanna personalise mine too..
Rite now.. its a boring old targus backpack!

De Pianist said...

i'll help you to blog. :D

Nonnie-chan wakes up and has her natto as breakfast.then she brushes her teeth after her meal.she packs up her Japanese snack and puts into her school bag before going to to school.after school ends,she goes bowling with her friends in XX bowling centre.but then she realises that she forgots to feed her dog,Shiro with cow.Before joining her friends again,suddenly she has a stomachache and rushes to the toilet.luckily,she still has a big supply of toilet lol.so,she feels relieved.and she lives happily ever after.

the end. :P

p.s : no offence ya.somehow when i saw those pictures,i just feel they link together.hehe.^^

Nonnie King said...

Jessie : That one for sure will one. Just don't know when to get the laptop nya la~

I'm too kiam to buy an overpriced laptop bag.

Pau Lene : >,<

You... You... You can go become script writer liao. Like that also can connect.


Thanis said...

haha good one ;)