Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good Life, or not

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Oh yea, guess who's blogging from her new lappie? Hehehehe. Yeap, I finally got myself a laptop and now I'm using Windows Live Writer. WLW doesn't work on my desktop I don't know why so I wish I won't be encountering any problem publishing this later.


Last Sunday I followed my mum to the KB tamu and before that, we had our breakfast at the 1st floor of the KB wet market. We shared table with couple of aunties (my mum's friends too) and they were talking.. or rather gossiping about another auntie who wasn't there that time.

Out of curiosity, I asked my mum where do the sons of the auntie work now. They're about my age, just a year or more younger than me and... they're doing nothing now.

NOTHING! Not studying, not working, just stay at home and... I don't know, eat, sleep, go toilet and watch TV? A 24 years old young lad doing nothing! My goodness.

I put up a smile and looked at my mum....

"Waaaaaa.... Hern hao ming hor?"
"Hao ming ni der tou er."

Okay, I know you guys don't understand the above conversation at all.

I was telling my mum that I thought that they're very "lucky" to have such good life and my mum said lucky my head.


What? Don't you think that they're very lucky? Mind you, they're not born with silver spoon hor, not even bronze... maybe plastic lah, like me. I had to work my ass off after graduating from secondary level, saved money for my diploma... then worked part time to pay for my own expenses for my HND days, and now... now....! I'll be going back to study soon and I still couldn't escape my "suay-ness". Sigh... Sien eh. I need a part time job. Any takers?

I digress.

How many of you know people whose old enough to be independent yet behave like a parasite? No money to study? Not good in studying? Then work lor. Stay at home wait for money drop from sky ah?

The worst case will be, malas!

Young young don't study. Then old liao hiam (being choosy) in getting a job again. Too hot lah, too tired lah, too far lah, salary too small lah.... you so lihai you go be your own boss lah. Do something productive. Don't just sit there and blame the world for being unfair.


One of my mum's ladyboss punya son lagi steady. Coming 30 years old liao... everyday stay at home "play computer" nia. Told the mum he wanna study this study that, do this do that, go this country that country to learn, in the end said too "tiring" and gave up. What the heck!

He "good life", no need to work also got money to spend. Parents rich mah, ngor-tei-mm-han-tak-kom-toh-ker-lor. Hahahhaha. Why am I using Cantonese to blog?

I really don't know how is he going to survive if *touchwood* the parents are no longer for him one day. Who can he harap on? Can he handle all by himself? Wait... can he even support himself after finishing the inheritance? Ntah...

I really don't know how some people can have such carefree life. Yes, I'd heard of the phrase "Live like no tomorrow", but... I think that means live with no regrets, and not asking you to finish all your money today buying something you want, and tomorrow go steal mangoes from your neighbors. What about your family? What about those who loves you? No need to think about them is it?

How many years can our parents support us? Is it time for us to repay their kindness already? Hahahhaa, or you're thinking... "I don't ask money from them good enough liao lor, ask me give them money? Slow slow wait lah... Langsat ripe and drop liao also don't know got or not...".

That's what an auntie told me when we had a conversation about "Kids nowadays..."

She said, "I don't harap my kids to give me money next time.. They don't ask me to give them money good enough liao.... Sigh."

While some kids (adults who still depends on others to feed them) are sitting at home doing nothing, there's also parents who never get satisfied with their already-brilliant-and-filial children.

Not going to name names here, but... I do have friends (a handful, I'm glad to have friends like them rather than some parasites honestly) with parents who put super high hopes in their children, in terms of repaying them financially... or doing heaps of house chores. 

Why ah? When the baby was still in the tummy, parents only hope for the baby to be healthy and dare not ask more. But when the baby grew healthily, then they expect the baby to get straight As in the report book, excel in sports and know how play all sort of musical instruments. Get a good job and give monthly allowance to parents. Then marry some nice people with good family background, give birth to grandchildren and yadda yadda yadda.

I really cannot tahan when someone tried to compare me with another person. Lucky my mum is not like that. "You see so-and-so's daughter give the mother a LV bag and $2k angpao for CNY ah... So-and-so's son belanja the parents go China makan angin ah... you leh? Still need me to cook you dinner. Why my life so bitter?"

*roll eyes*

(I have great imaginations and watched too much TV... )

Can't we all just feel content with our current lives?
Give more, expect less.


De Pianist said...

wah.24/30 years old but jobless ar..siao ah..these kids-adults should be smacked hard and forced to work.money will definitely be gone one day if there's no any flow of income..tsktsktsk

Anonymous said...

"Then old liao hiam (being choosy) in getting a job again. Too hot lah, too tired lah, too far lah, salary too small lah...."

after reading this part, i realised that i am very choosy. I've made many excuses. so many that now i am still jobless.

I also realised that sometimes we have to do things that we dont like or hate to survive.

hehe.. your writing inspired me to work!

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : When the money is gone then baru they think one... Or worse, they try to get "easy money" from doing illegal stuffs.

Anonymous : And I do hope you can get a job soon. All the best, and try tahan for at least couple of months.

There's no such thing as "dream job", only dreamer who refuse to wake up.

Good luck friend.

48 said...

aiyar.. Read till 'heart sour'.. it's stupid unemployed idiots like that commit crimes in society (eventually) and break random car windows.. (*sshhh) somemore in oz we pay tax to support them. cham ah

lawrence said...

wah nonnie, you go back study ah? send by government or pay yourself? u resign your government jobs ka? keke

Nonnie King said...

48 : A waaa... You damn cham ah. Really bor-chai man. I curse the man hand rot!

Lawrence : I'm going to be a fee-paying-self-sponsored-in-service student.


And now you all know why I had to save up so much.... I need a part time job!

lawrence said...

cuti untuk belajar without gaji ka?

Nonnie King said...

Yes Lawrence.. unfortunately.
Can I cry now?

Anonymous said...

good luck for continue study :)

where ah?

regarding the kid still harapkan parent that i call spoil or another wordz "kana manja2kan"

Like me,huh not so lucky,my dad ask me to work f i finish school frm 5(what i get ?),but i'm a bit jahat..continue study for 5 yrs...

Now i'm working,dreaming want to continue study lagi but to much commitment ,now helping my dad pay this pay that.what i call this...hehe "anak bapa?" help me!!

Nonnie King said...

Anonymous : Not to worry friend. I have friend who finished form 5 terus work till ia 25 years old baru tah ambil diploma and degree.

I prefer to think that we're lucky in a way that we strive hard now and will live a better life in the future. Nothing will be worse than now kan? We're strong and independent! Cheers!!!

Where else? UBD lor.


Brandon Turner [MSFT] said...

What kind of problem are you having with Windows Live Writer on your desktop? If you email me your Windows Live Writer log file, I can try to help.

To find your log file read the following:


lawrence said...

UBD? waseh.. cuti untuk belajar tidak bergaji still u qualified to have allowance right? heh.. UBD? how many years? after that you can be Education officer?

Nonnie King said...

Brandon Turner : Thanks for the link. I'll email you if I encounter any problems with it again. So far its doing good.

Lawrence : I also don't know leh... I don't think I'm going to have any allowance because I'm red ic holder.

As for education officer.... ntah jua.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes we cannot look at it from one point of view...Have you ever thought that maybe the way the parents spoilted them / brought them up.. could have resulted in what they are today?

Parents should be able to toughen up their prideful sons (I am from Brunei too and I know majority of them are Sons who are Jobless and living off their parents.) Maybe give them a taste of the hard life?...by saying 'Hey look here...You live under this roof - It aint for free you know?...Earn your keep or...move on outta here?'...

Humans always learn it the hard way...and if that is the only way..then..so be it...!

cc said...

Those who fight for their beliefs and get through trials and turbulence will always come out on top. At the end of the day,, everyone is their own person. You shall prevail. :)

siokngi said...

some people 'jiak ba bo su zho' and always goyang kaki........it's really a shame that they dont work hard and just spend their parents' money..so paiseh like that..ish~

KB EO said...

Nonnie, why dont you wait till you get your yellow ic first then you go study. That way you will be paid while studying.

Anonymous said...

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