Wednesday, July 9, 2008

They need to be educated

Took this photo last Saturday.

Can you tell what's wrong with this picture?

There's not only one, but two, three, four, FIVE!!!! cars blocking at the entrance of the road!

I put on the signal and was about to turn in thinking it should be okay since maybe only one lane was blocked but no, they blocked everything making it impossible for people to pass. And the rest of the drivers had to go one super big round just to get in the parking lot.

What the....

Hello! You think your father or grandfather owns the road hia?
I don't think so because I don't see any police cars escorting and your car is not tinted. All made in Japan or Korea like mine what.

D'oh. I can clearly read the car license plate lagi, meaning you're no difference from me you bloody civilians who also has to pay road tax! So what made you think that you can ching-chai park har?

(If I'm rich and crazy enough, I think I will just go and hit those cars lor. What? They're not suppose to park there what... They salah first wor!)


They should really have security guards patrolling and giving those stupid drivers saman, or at least embarrass this kind of brainless-inconsiderate-selfish driver by announcing their car number plate loudly, then puncture their tyres (at least two for each car so not enough spare tyre to change. LOL!) and they had to push their cars out of the way and everyone can point at them and lecture them. Hahhahhahahaaha.

Yeah! I'm so smart.

Know the irony part about this photo?
It's taken in the parking lot of M.O.E Old Airport.
Err.... belum di-educated kah?

If you think Gadong is the worst place to get a decent parking, wait till you go to the old airport Berakas there. Close eyes, ching-chai point also can find cars parking illegally...

... and no one cares!

If you "chew" (jaling) them, or show your charcoal-face to them showing how dulan you are, or even tell them nicely they're not suppose to park there, no use one. Later your eye oh-cheh ah or car kana scratched or tyre puncek. Or maybe just a middle-finger if you're lucky.

LOL. I'm just kidding. Never have the nerves to try confronting those irresponsible idiotic driver.



michelle said...

interesting.. i supposed I have never heard of Parking Ticket in brunei huh..

Anonymous said...

Talk only,no action..better don't say anything lahh

Nonnie King said...

Michelle : We do have that.

Anonymous : And what do you expect me to do? Funny that this is coming from someone who doesn't even dare to leave name behind.

jessie said...


This happens!!! =(
Here in Malaysia as well...
* sighs *

Irresponsible, inconsiderate!!

Anonymous said...

Where else supposed to park? Car park already full!

Nonnie King said...

Jessie : Biasa...

Anonymous : Nope it wasn't full that time I went. There's some free slots further down the road, just that those drivers lazy to walk, thinking about their own convenience ignoring other road drivers' right using the road.

@lex said...

think "anonymous" is not "thinking" !

michelle said...

really? got meh? i never heard my friends said they got parking tickets.. or maybe they are all responsible citizens? hahahah
then you "report" them to the right authority la..