Saturday, July 26, 2008


Just a short rant-y post for what happened, or what I came across lately...

  • I don't get it... I don't know why some people could do things like that. And some other people choose witnessed the whole thing happened before their eyes and all they could think of was took a video and post it up to the internet?

    For what? Seriously... for what?! I couldn't even bear to see the whole clip fully loaded... I over-estimated myself thinking I could handle it but obviously, I failed.

    It's just too much for me.

  • Could that be the reason I don't watch horror flick or soapy dramas that would make my blood pressure shoot up?

  • Another scandalous affair going on.. another gossip news... another victim, soon.
    Sigh, they just don't learn.. do they?

  • Some people may look harmless and friendly calling each other little sweet names. But who knows what they said behind their backs? So pretentious... Oh well, some "friends" come and go in our lives don't they? Only the best stays.

  • When I don't know, I expect least. After I know... I feel disappointed. So don't tell me next time ya. Hhahahhaahaa. Know why? Because Bobby called me up and apologized out of sudden saying that he needs to work tomorrow (SUNDAY!) and can't come down Seria to see me. And, I wasn't even expecting him to do so.

    Now he said it.. make me feel bad nia.. Sai.

Don't worry, I'm fine. (Cheery post coming soon)
Just to much to ponder..

Work, studies, money, marriage....

Fussy, I think we should stop asking each other when can we kahwin and when will we have our own houses. Its just too depressing.


Life's never fair, so beat it.


kelly said...

Ok loh...because your the only person and chxxxl that I can ask as we are the ones who are having problem of FUTURE MONEY!!!!

*god ah god*, just help me to solve the problem of having a house without A YELLOW IC can or not oh??
if not, ah no, you go pass a yellow ic then at least my problems are half solved!

Jamy said...

Time will tell you when both of you can kahwin and have your home sweet home.

When the time is right....

Note: Guess this is my shortest comment in ur blog.

stefz said...

I totally get you, seriously.