Thursday, July 17, 2008

LOL! They're forced to be educated now

Not sure if its just pure coincidence or the authorities read my blog....
Take a look yourself.

No no, I'm not that boh-liao posting you photo that looks non-sensical to you. Look closer, I swear you'd seen this before! Its not just some parking lot okay. 

Still doesn't ring a bell?

How about this one?

From this post

Aaaaaaaaahhh.. Now you remember right?

Maybe it looks very different without the cars blocking, and also cones lying a little further out on the road.

I went to MOE (Old Airport) today and to my surprise, road entrances are no longer jam-packed with parking idiots! Yipppeeee! I don't have to turn one big round just to get in the parking lot anymore. 

Yet, there's still one stubborn black sheep who parked right after the cone thinking he could cheat it maybe? 

Oh well, 80% dropped in parking idiots is a very good result don't you think?


amyheidi said...

Hehe, I think they read your blog. I've always accompanied my mom on her trip to the MoE several times for the last couple of years, and that place that you took a pic of has always had parking idiots parked there all the time.

Anonymous said...

It appears that the two photographs were not taken at the same time of the day. The shadow casted in the foreground suggests that. To be fair I suggest you should take the new photograph at the same time and the same day of the week as the original one to make a meaningful comparison. I doubt the parking problem has been solved but I sure do like to be proven wrong.

The Sleuth