Monday, July 28, 2008

My Registration Day

... started with me eating Indomee alone in my car looking at people walking pass by either in groups looking all happy and exciting, or youngsters with their parents. I felt so old and not belonged.

Anyway, there's an interesting story I'll like to share with you all.

While waiting in the line to submit some form, there was this uncle.... er... can I still call 30 plus years old male uncle? majal at the table to two poor innocent ladies and its obvious that he's not going to leave until they accept his form.

The reason why they're rejecting his forms was because the passport photos attached should be taken with proper attire, i.e. with shirt with collar. The uncle was wearing a very casual tee with no collar and honestly, it doesn't even look like "Passport Photo".

And he was hogging the line!

He majal, majal and majal and you know what he did in the end?

He took a black pen and drew collar on his photo and colored it black.

Oo Emmm Geeee!



Effy said...

Hahahahahaha. Or he could just go to the kedai take new pic and come back. Hahahahahaha. Weird but caya la.

Nonnie King said...

Effy : Ya lah! If he could wait just couple of days, it can be FOC lagi.

Maybe he malas to go back there.

I hope the admin is going to call him up and reject the photos. HAhahaahhaaa

War186 said...

Oh wow so funny lah the uncle haha. Maybe a bit crazy too ah. Hehe. Eh lah Nonnie why eat in your car? You could drop by my place, it's near, you know. ;) Hehe.

ஐღ*LadyDee *ღஐ said...
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ஐღ*LadyDee *ღஐ said...

I was there to. I hate when someone cut'g Q and the funny thing was that..the parents were the one who told them to do so!! haha..good or bad parenting??

ZuAzmi said...

Kesian u, Nonie..Don't worry..all this crap will be over in less than a yr..and then there'll be more new craps u need to go thrgh..hahahaha..
all the best.. don't forget..if u're ard the green rm in Sept..come over ah..with food lah..:)no empty hands will be entertain by me for that month only..u knw y kan..hehehehe..