Tuesday, January 29, 2008

dot dot dot

Bummer. I plucked in my card reader and there's no response. The same thing happened when Kelly tried plucked in her external hard disk too. Oh my darling USB port, don't die on me! I still love my A7n8X-deluxe very much! I don't want to spend money on it ahhhhhhhh...

Anyway, I paid Ladies saloon a visit again yesterday to pimp my hair. *tsk tsk* Took some pictures but like I said, my card reader is not working so this is going to be a boring no-picture entry.

Chinese New Year in only 9 days time.

New clothes - Only one blouse so far.... Last minute shopping is my tradition.
Spring cleaning - Mum said I just need to clear up my own mess and that's already a big favour.
Kuih Muihs - Never exist in my house since my mum prefer cooking chicken-wine-noodles for guests.
Soft drinks - Never buy too. Even one carton also cannot finish. Mother prefer brewing red date teas.

Oh ya, it's impossible to find ice water and ice cubes at my house too.
And also microwave...

The boyfriend's birthday in less than 2 weeks time.
Preparation - None! I haven't even start doing his birthday cards and have no idea what to buy for him again. Was thinking mobile phone but we kind of had a deal about "No expensive gifts before he get a job".

Valentine's day again...
Sigh! Why do his birthday has to be 3 days away from Valentine's day?! Kanasai man.

The saddest thing is.. I'm already 24 and the number of angpaos received each year is decreasing pathetically. And, it's bloody awkward for me to receive it from friend's parents as well. Very paiseh wah.

And according to Geomancy Hut (Chinese Horoscope for year of Rat), I should not get involved in any risky activities, meaning... stay away from gambling. No CNY gambling for me this year. Well, still better than this uncle who's asked not to eat raw food. Hahahah!

Jan, I can eat Salmon sashimi and you can't!
*childish tone* Neh neh neh neh neh~ No Shake for you!

Oh ya, I'm going back to Sibu for Chinese New Year. But the bad news is.... my bookings (air tickets) are still on waiting list. Meaning, there's a very high possibility that I have to be stuck in the bus with a lot of strangers together with their huge luggages, and chicken and ducks quacking....

Let's just hope no one is bringing durian.

Argh... bad mood now.


JaMie said...

OMG 9 DAYS? wait, this was post on ytd.. so its now 8 days?! .... I don't feel anything at all! :(

teddY said...

Hey Nonnie, maybe you would want to try plugging in other USB devices? You can troubleshoot your USB driver too, I think it should be somewhere in the control panel :) and if the USB ports are really dead, I guess repairing them won't be very troublesome, since most of the time it's just a loose wire or faulty connetion or something. Don't worry to much, but it's better to get it fixed asap.

My mom is just like you! She'll only start panicking when she realised she haven't done her CNY shopping a few days before CNY itself -.-" I called her up a few days ago and failed to coax her to get her shopping done. Any advice? Heh!

According to the 2010 calender, first day of CNY lands on Valentine's Day! Exciting, but 700+ more days to go >< urgh.

P.S. I love sashimi!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Aiyoh! CNY shopping not yet done!!!!

Nonnie King said...

Jamie : Go tune in to those Chinese radio station and listen to some tong-tong-chiang and you'll rasa it. Hahhahaa

Teddy : Thanks for the advice, will try it out asap.

Everytime you talked bout you mom, it somehow made me feel connected. Hahha. Me and your mom I mean, we're so alike in many places.

I guess the only way to coax her is to trick her by tearing of few pages of the calendar and make her panic. Hahhaa

H.A.M : WHo ask you busy poking nya?

Princess Nashwa said...

Aiyorrr.. I was hoping to go to your house during CNY..

Okay lah Nonnie, 2-in-1 celebration. Birthday and Valentines.. don't need to buy presents for each occasion. And the best thing is you get a present too.. :P

Nonnie King said...

Mrs Superman : I wish that is the case but Bobby insisted that he wants two separate celebrations and gifts. You say die or not!

He said it won't be fair if I combine them up. Demanding bah that boyfriend.

Stels said...

Now its less than a week :( i missing my kong kong and EE julia already.


Nonnie King said...

Stels : Less than one week..... You don't have to remind me darling.

*run like headless chicken8

Uncle Jan said...

Haha! Your BF's birthday three days from Valentine's and my son Jamie's is on the eve. Wife already in a lot of labour pain, thought there might be a chance the clock strike 12 and officially born on the V day but nooooo, it didn't happen! Don't fret over this, there are better things to do and you dont love him any more or less on Feb 14. Let's celebrate E-Day instead, that's (E)veryday :)

The unwritten rule of Ang Pows is with age going up, the number of collectibles come down unless. The only exception to this rule being the number of kids you're going to have!

[Jan, I can eat Salmon sashimi and you can't! *childish tone* Neh neh neh neh neh~ No Shake for you!]

... and here you're puzzled why your USB port mysteriously conked. The zodiac sign says "no uncooked food" .. let's see, Salmon Sashimi is meant to be eaten raw, does RAW automatically mean UNCOOKED. Technically YES but arguably NO. Either way, the notion is torturous with salmon being my all time favourite. Grrrrr!

For those of you curious to know what luck your animal sign brings in 2008, check out the PDF file on the sidebar of http://www.shimworld.com (the same file from Geomancy Hut).

hdm said...

i am happy for u ... now you get to spend this CNY with ur beloved grand mama ... enjoy ur time there ... take pics pls ... loads and loads

De Pianist said...

so cham ar..bf bday and vday so near..2 surprises need to think up..i think your head also can explode liao le..hmm..well,wish you luck in doing o..you're quite good at DIY stuffs geh..gambateh!

also,time to do CNY shopping d lor..next week start CNY d lor..^^

JaMiLLa said...

Haha ah king king ....talking about Valentine Day and Bobby bday. Mine is 10days after Bobby, 2 weeks after CNY and 1 week after Valentine Day, THE EXACT DAY of this last two important occasions!!! *Hint Hint*

HAHA ...nolah just SMS me with greeting that's enough for it. If not, later u sang nou jing *headache*

Nonnie King said...

Uncle Jan : E-day sounds fun. Provided he won't go making stupir request such as cook this Monday, cook that Tuesday and I'll want to have E-day.

So, you going to give me angpao when I go your house? =p

Let me microwave my pendrive first ya, genius. o_O

hdm : Distant Hermit, is that you?

Ya, I'm quite excited actually but... the bus trip kinda scares me off.

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene : Yes, very cham~ *sobs* Everytime also need to rush during CNY one. I can't say that I'm good but.. making 24 cards in one go is a whole different thing.

CNY shopping very sien.. nothing much that I can buy one.

Jamilla : Wah lao Xiang, so fast hint hint me liao. Will remember one lah don't worry.

Kelly said...

like i said...PCI card type USB - not even up to $20!! now i need to turn to theen's house for movies....=O

oh, i didnt knew bobby demanded that he wants 2 separate gifts...that's very headache, because i'm already scratching my head for Valentines!!!!

Anonymous said...

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