Sunday, October 14, 2007


Selamat Hari Raya to all my muslim friends and readers!
Eat more kuihs ya, it's okay to be fat this month.

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In case any of you had been visiting this blog like every 2 hours and got fed up because the lazy blogger is procrastinating.... Here, I'm updating for the sake of updating.

But no worries, no copy paste jokes or lyrics.
Just photos and updates of what I'd been up to lately. (Bet Bobby is the only one looking forward to see the pictures because he had not seen me for 2 weeks plus.. Yeah, the prom was the last time we met. Sad hor?)

So lemme see,

I went to an 1 year old toddler's birthday. It seems like I just received a text from Orange telling me that she just gave birth to a baby boy yesterday and now.... One years old already. *sigh* Damn, people 24 years old happily married with two kids. And look at me, same same 24 years old still waiting.

(okay okay, I know some of you my friends are going to bombard me with, "Oi! I'm already twenty- (secret number) and one boyfriend also don't have. You got Bobby already, don't complain many many there ah! Diam." )

Ah King Yi Yi, Orange Mummy and Baby Junho

Seriously, I felt like a so huge standing beside Orange... I always tell her that I wish I have a smaller size so that can act "manja" and look underage.

Smaller size girls look so cute when they did that and everyone will go "Aaawwwwww..." and Ok-ed whatever they said or requested. And if I did that, my friends will tell me stop being disgusting and ask me to go away.... See, life is unfair.

When I was 17, people thought I was 23.
Theen is already 25, and people thought she's 20.

WHY???? Just because she's cute and short?
If that's the case... I want to be short tooooooooooo!!! (Even though I'm not very tall myself)

And, shorter = smaller size = smaller waist = lighter weight.
Erm..... Not applicable to Doraemon and Eric Cartman.

* * * * *

Junho is very chubby and weight only 2kg lesser than his 3 years old sister!!! I bet if I need to carry him everyday I'll have arms like Popeye's.

Still, envy lah.

Orange often told me in MSN that she read my blog with envy because I have such interesting life. And my reply was always... "Har? Interesting meh? I think yours is more interesting eh."

No meh? Watch how the baby grow day by day, grow the first tooth, crawl for the first time, call "Mama" and etc. And what I did was blog about where I went and what I did, and it all started because I was bored.

Life, I see her good, she sees me good.

So we just got to cherish what we have now and stop thinking that others are better of.
We can be the better one and it's all up to our mind-set.


Damn... Did I just give lecture like an old nanny again?

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So now I tell you how did my first day of Raya went.

Nope, there won't be any pictures of satay or rendangs or ketupat. Nor group photos of any sort. I 'celebrated' it more or less like how I did for my Chinese New Year 2007.

Yeap, the same way with the same people. Minus Bobby.
That heartless fat guy didn't want to see me.

.... that is not quite true. I just made it up because I'm pissed at him for not putting any effort to see me during his study week. Okay la... study week is for study, and I shouldn't be complaining. But I miss him mah. *Flash kitty eyes*

* * * * *

SL and I went up BSB to pick Theen up from the airport. She went for a 2-weeks training in Singapore and she's bringing back my birthday gift (which I'm not going to say what it is till my birthday post) from Iwan. So must treat her good good.

We looked up at the board checking if her flight had arrived or not but.... it's not working lah. But there's a TV hanging beside it with the flight infos.

But, the thing is....... they didn't put up any status of the flight such as "Landed" or "Delayed". So we just waited like idiots till we saw some flight attendants walked out.

We guessed, a single young lady should come out earlier than the others because she has less luggage to carry, no husband to follow, no kids to shout at and hold hand and no elderly parents to take care of.

But we're so wrong. That auntie came out last.

Because she had lots of luggages and boxes.
And two bottle of liquors to declare....

We're like, "Eh, you move house is it? Why so many things one?"
Then when we saw that two bottles, "Wah lau eh.... you this alcoholic ah! Since when you start buying liquor?" And she explained 80% of the stuffs she's bringing belongs to others. And the liquors are for her wedding night. She's a good girl okay.

And so went to have dim sum for breakfast, then off to Gadong to catch a movie.
But... the movie started at 2pm and we had like, 2+ hours to kill.
So we went K-boxing and act like 12 years old. Hahahhahaa

Neh, you thought I have a video clip of us singing leh?
Ha Ha Ha. Slow slow wait, wait long also don't have.
But can say I sang the most because the other two couldn't read Chinese and follow it.

SL letting go of his frustrations

Lucky he didn't have to go offshore that day else the fun would be so much lesser. But what's the point, he's leaving tomorrow and spoiled our plan of going Miri overnight together. The worst thing of all is, he won't be there for MY BIRTHDAY, THEEN'S BIRTHDAY AND HIS OWN BIRTHDAY!!! And this is already his 3rd of 4th time missing it! Gah, stupid [Sl's company name].

My four seater, open roof sport car

Tell you one funny thing.

Theen and SL wanted to play the DDR at the arcade. I just stood aside and watched as usual because I sucked at it. [Refer to this entry] So both of them passed me their wallets, keys, mobile phones and bags to get ready.

And, just less than 10 seconds... they game over liao!
Damn throw face can. Got people standing beside watching leh.

Okay, actually I'm the one who embarrassed them because I laughed too loud and I can't even play for more than 5 seconds, can't even get any combo for the 1-foot level. So I got no right to laugh at them.

* * * * *

Feeling hungry and off we went to Dome for a light tea.

more like breakfast actually

And SL just wouldn't eat without finishing the crossword puzzle at the kid's menu....

* * * * *

After that we went to watch "The Magic Gourd". I know, we had so many choices and we chose a cartoon in the end. That's because I don't watch horror/ thriller so "RE - Extinction" is off the list. I'd watched "Balls of Fury" already and the rest of the movies don't really attract us.

The movie was okay, prefer if it's in Cantonese and not Mandarin.
I was wishing that I have a DVD player controller on my hand so that I could change the audio. But the moral of the movie is good, albeit with a predictable moral at the end of the film and it reminds me of Doraemon. They both spoil their owners by granting wishes.

* * * * *

Last last we wanted to go NBT to take pictures but we thought it'll be weird because we're not Muslims and the real reason behind was, we're all tired already.

So I just took this picture from my car and drove back to Seria.


Bobby said...

First thing first I too must buy liquer to get you drunk to give you red red cheeks hehe. Been so long since watch movie with you in bsb tho, feel kindda jealous. The dome breakfast set looks so yummy. Also it seems like you got a new hair style as it look so different or maybe I so long have not seen you that you look prettier. I miss you nonnie.

Effy said...

Even though i am very busy with the Raya celebration i am proud to be the second to comment. Haha. Btw those arcade place is it at the Mall?

Sha said...

I think I would be sucky at DDR too. Never tried it per se, but considering how bad my hand eye coordination is.. lol.

Iwan Sanchez said...


i hope u like it lor.. :(

well, ur clothes like the SIA air stewardess uniform lah.. hahahaha!

pls thank theen for me as she trouble herself to come and see me.. hehehee!


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Aiyah! So long as bobby love u, big or small doesn't matter!Who known may be ur friend will like to be as 'big' as u! Have a nice day!

Nonnie King said...

Bobby :
You can just buy me blusher for the red cheeks. Hahahahhaaa.
I miss you too, when are you coming back and bring me out kai-kai?

Effy :
Yeap, at the Mall. I felt like an old auntie stepping in seeing all the pre-teens very handal in playing those games.

Sha :
*High Five* Welcome to the clan babe!

Nonnie King said...

Iwan :
Hahahaa. That's an unwanted second hand blouse from mum's friend. I know, very flowerish isn't it.

And of course I like the gift. Very much addicted to it now, The lousy friends love it too.

p/s: Theen said you should have told her that her skin is silky smooth and so she'll invite you go for a tea. Hahahhaa

H.A.M :
Hahhaaa. They do!