Friday, October 5, 2007

Sungkai Buffet

Short Note

Back home at last.
Life without PC and Astro is nothing but torture. I have a Macbook with me but what's the use if I don't have any connection?


No, I'm not going to post up any photos of food because my beloved Dayang is against it.

We're so ill-fated man. Make plans but always last minute cancel. Oi chabor, raya must invite me to your house okay. Correction, you don't invite me, I go there myself. Kekekkekekee.

We (CIS18) had a mini gathering last Monday in Rizqun. It was my first sungkai buffet for this year and seriously, there's nothing much to enjoy.

Stuck in the bloody traffic for half an hour, spent another 15~20 minutes looking for parking, squeezed myself through the crowd and find my mates.

I arrived there at about 6.15pm and I can see big plates of food on their table already. My friends told me some were already there by 5.45pm and the first thing they did was dashed to the food section.

I thought they're supposed to pray before they eat but no, once they heard the "gong" sound or whatever, they start gobbling down the food like hungry ghost.

I'm not a muslim but I know Puasa is not simply starving for hours. It's suppose to be spiritual isn't it?

And it's painful to see people took a plate of food piled up like a mountain but in the end they just taste a little of each, and of they leave their table and take a second plate.

Hullo? Didn't anyone teach you not to waste food?

Just because you paid $19.90 for the buffet then you got to waste $29.00 of food baru say it's worth the price! Gah, hate those greedy people. Cannot eat so much don't take so much lah, KIASU! I bet the amount of food wasted on a single night will be enough to feed the every single person of any African tribe.

折福 okay!

Think for those who can't even have proper meals, those who eats whatever they found from the floor or rubbish dumps, those who never knew how does chicken or rice taste like.

We eat to live, not live to eat.
Think about that.

* * * * *

I didn't eat much that day because seeing the crowds and having people pushing behind me had already very much spoiled my appetite. Somemore when I was queuing up to take the ice cream, some idiot cut from my back and terus go front ask his friend to take for him....

Ish! No study one kah these people?
(Pardon my broken English, I need to express my anger)

Somemore I see most of the food are quite "lemak". My friend was complaining that I ate too little and claimed that next time don't invite me to buffet already because very rugi.

I was thinking. If I eat too much of those oily and fattening food, I may suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure or what so ever disease when I grow old and by that time the money spend to cure will be much much more pricey than all this buffet.

Die... later next time no one want to ask me out makan already after reading this...

* * * * *

Lastly, I'll like to say...




JaMiLLa said...

Yes! First Commenter!!

King King,

U know I feel like those Buffet in any restaurant esp the high class hotel one always say NO to me!!!

WHY? As you know my appettite is not so big, cant eat ALOT at a time. Will feel full after eating sikit-sikit. So people will say eh RUGI la if u eat buffet. Makan so sikit sikit how to worth for $xx.xx ohhhh????

What the heaven (opposite) is that???? Why only large appetite ppl can eat so-many delicious meal at a time? How bout people who had a small appetite like me? So we have to restrict from it ka? Buffet says NO to people who has small appetite. *ARGH*

For me as long as I can really taste those food and enjoy it so much, I feel that the money paid out is worthful already!!

Inda pulang that I have to eat the exact amount of what I actually paid for it?

I know in the monetary point of view, it's not so worth that I eat so less and yet pay so-much money. So at least that I am aware that I cant eat so much then I better dont take large amount in one dish if not, i will waste it after tasting just 1 or 3 tablespoons. It's better that I take sikit sikit in every dish. If which one is d more nicest, I will take the second round. So this kinda like ur taking it as habit not waste and also can taste many other delicious food.

So it is better than the one who take a large amount of food in each dish to become a plate of BUKIT and then taste for 1 or 2 tablespoon, saying inda nyaman eh....feel regret to take it not because of wasting food but complain the chef un-skilled then go take another dishes without realising anything?

Money is not meant to be everything in ur life but I know its a neccessity. Life without money, its like suffering but there is always an exception.

If you measure everything in money, your whole life will ruin by it. Money control u, not u control money. And yet money is a non-living thing. Many people has run for money the whole day and even betray relationship with people who has the air to breathe just because of that non-living thing? Sound funny right, the new life of cycle?

Obviously Money has killed many people's honesty. The more money you have, you consider urself as wealthy guy? Ah Ha! Not at all.

Hey? Why Im talking till so far? We are talking bout buffet and food right?

Ok back to I book bersungkai dinner in Riqzun with my family. 1st bersungkai with family in this yr. I will see what the greedy condition will appear infront of my eyes.

Will I be the one who only take one plate of dishes and no more liao because of full people queue-ing till wa beh song too? *No Idea*

@lex said...

Ya .. will have to re-think about asking you out .. hm mm.... :D

Nonnie King said...

Jamilla: OH well, at least we not like that can liao.

@lex : Eh, you try la. Go eat don't call me and that's the end of our 10 years friendship.

Jewelle Tan said...

Good for you, I haven't even to any yet! After all my husband talk, LOL and raya is coming oledi...

I don't eat much too but instead of quantity, I go for variety so I think it's worth it too - i love the dessert sections

Kelly said...

PSL! me me! call me! I eat like a buffalo eventhough i'm the smallest among all...hahahaha! oh ya ho, psl never join me in a buffet before yet...hahaha..

You don feel like eating much, partly is it because of the Coxxxx??? hahaha, you know i know...what i'm refering to right?

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : I only been to one and that's Rizqun. Yeah, like you.. I go for variety over quantity. I'm greedy to try everything but I'll only take 1 to 2 pieces.

Kelly : Cilaka.. Fight with me hia? We go together lah.PSL every join us okay, our xmas empire leh? Die lah you, no heart one.. don't remember.

SL, don't friend her. Hehhehehee

Kelly said...

Opppsss =X..i really forgot bout the X'mas buffet...bah, let's do it this year again! hahahahhaha...

Sha said...

Was wondering where you were..

I Love Food said...

Hello Nonnie.
I know how you feel about people wasting food. One of of the most despised habits that I hate in people.

Anyway a way to good way to save $$ and enjoy the company of your friends when they call you out for such an expensive buffets is to order 'a la carte'. This is best for thoes who have small appatites. Also if your lucky.. your friends might just give you some of the buffet helpings hehe

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : Why? You wanna see chun chun again ah?

Sha : Training~

Food Lover : WOW! That's a very good idea. Spend less yet can get to try everything! Thanks for the tip!

De Pianist said...

ahh the culture among people in buffet..i've seen lots of these people back in my place..i hate these kind of people a lot..

i've been to buffets and i've seen people grabbing food as if they never seen before,i've seen many people cutting my line as if i don't know anything..if i'm not wrong,most buffet will still have refills right (except for those kiamsiap one),so why in the world those people still wanna grab..

and i'm embarassed when there're several news reported on this 'culture' in m'sia..jejas image semua..=___=

De Pianist said...
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Iwan Sanchez said...

awww... nonnie, so sweet of u to wish me happy birthday publicly.. hahaha!

appreciate it!!!

as for buffet, most ppl have this mentality that if u go buffet, must have abig appetite, if not u lugi the money...

but, we are not there to gobble down tons of foods just to justify the amt that they paid..

i tink the concept of buffet is to sample different kinds of food at a reasonable portion..

sometimes, i am so ashamed to see these ugly singaporeans behave infront of tourists..

like paulene said, tu lian!!

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene: I guess these always happened in Asia countries...

Oh well, at least the younger generations won't do the same kua?

Iwan : A lor, its the variety that's worth the money. But people thinks its the quantity that matters... Some people just don't get it I think.

LuUeE said...

haha.. Jamilla.. tat's creative.. i the brainless one .. owex.. write so short.. paiseh ne..

YEA.. NONNIE. IT'S REALLY TRUE.. sometimes.. some people just coz they paid a big amount.. come buffet.. take so much eat.. and cannot finish.. actually that could have been on our own plate.. if their saliva covered spoon have not touch it.. yet..

Actually i think we din get any gain from Buffets.. Not so nice.. to be crowding here n there..

Mommy cook is always the best best best..

Effy said...

You know what they say "Eyes is bigger than the stomach". When is your next post?

Effy said...

Got lotsa lalat already waiting for your next post...Kekeke

Nonnie King said...

Luuee: somemore it's free... And can eat as much as can.

Effy : Already up. I know I'd been blogging less.. Hehehe.

Thanis said...

Jamilla mei mei - that is one long ass comment that's good enough to be a blog post! lol

Anywayz - Nonnie I kinda like Rizqun's buffet - I think i devoured a whole extended family of ketam and prawns!! Muahahahhaah