Monday, October 1, 2007

Curtin Grand Ball 2007

Short Note:
I almost finished blogging about this entry and CyberGod (if there's such thing) decided to play a joke on me... The whole entry gone missing including the photos!

I nearly died.


The four letters that best described my (last) Saturday were:

I had to pick up my dad from the hospital at 9.30 am (yes, he's happily watching TV at home now enjoying his one week off from work), make sure everything was okay for him and later rushed down Miri for the prom thing as Bobby's hair cut appointment was scheduled at 2pm.

I started jalan at 11a.m, guess what... I arrived Miri at almost 1.30p.m!!!

The queue was freaking long and I was all alone in the car with zero entertainment. When I looked at the left, all I saw was trees and bushes. Then I turned my head to the right, there..happy family with kids jumping on the couch and parents in front looking impatient or loving couples chit-chatting happily. So sad laaaaa..

I was so frustrated through out the journey and the only way to "lepas my geram" was to honk at idiots who cut queue. I hate people who cut queues!!!

No one, I repeat... NO ONE cut Nonnie's queue!

* * * * *

Oh, I should blogged about the preparations I'd made for the night. Damn ma-fan okay, so I must whined here.

First was the dress hunting. Then I had to look for matching shoes, accessories and a nice clutch to go with it. And all of them cannot be too exaggerating as I still want to wear them out some time.

Told Bobby I wouldn't spend on a freaking dress that cost RM200 to wear once only. And seriously, what is so fun about shopping? It's so tiring and frustrating for an impatient person such as yours truly.


There, my purple tube dress. I like the color. Black is too common and I'm not adventurous to try out red, pink, yellow, blue, orange, green and brown is ugly.

My Pretty Nails - B$14.00

Too bad it wasn't long enough as I cut them short to play guitar. I stopped 3 weeks of practicing just to grow these nails but still not long enough la...

Dress: RM62
Shoes: RM95
Necklace: RM35
Earrings: Forgot how many Baht already... But should be less than B$5.00.
Clutch: B$25
Facial wash: B$25.00

Car alarm system: B$215.00!!!!!!!!!!!


Unexpected leh, the thing that cost me the most is my car alarm. I need to leave my car over in Miri so to be safe, I have to had it installed.

But my dress was a good buy. She actually thought it was RM200. It was just simple and gorgeous. (And I can always wear them to who-so-ever's wedding~ No need to waste)

* * * * *

Bobby and I then went to the saloon at 2.00pm. He had a hair cut and I had a normal hair wash and some curls. I have curling thongs at home but I can't reach the back of my head and I wasn't patient enough to finish the whole head.

I tried straight hair with that dress but it makes me look like 15 years old and I hate it. Straight hair and purple tube dress just don't work together.

I bought faux lashes to create illusions of me having big kawaii dolly eyes but I chucked them away after 3 minutes of trying.

It's so hard to stick them on my eye lids. I have no talent in dolling up myself seriously...

We got back home (as in Bobby's Miri house) at around 5.00 pm and we're left with an hour to get dressed. One hour for guys are more than enough as they just need to shave, wear the shirt, pant and ties and maybe gel their hair. But not for the ladies okay.

And after one hour of showering, dressing up and struggling with my less than amateur make-up skills, we're ready to go.

That's already the best I can come up with.. Don't be fussy

So we drove to Gordon's place, left my car there and he gave us a ride to the hotel.

All ready to charm

* * * * *

The theme for that night was

HOLLYWOOD a night for the stars

I liked the idea. It was pretty cool...
Well, compared to my ITB MRS night this is way much better actually. At least there's more things to see (girls with thick make up and performance on the stage) and slightly better food.

Us at the hotel lobby

1. "Tahan... Must act chio and yentau ah bi" 2. "But what is taking Luuee so long to take this picture?" 3. "Aaalaaaa.... He doesn't know how to use my camera la.."

Above captions just for fun.

Since it's a "Hollywood" theme, of course we have Red Carpet. Somemore broadcast live for those to see in the ballroom. Can see the organizers really put a lot of effort in it to come up with these ideas.

Our Red Carpet Moment

Hollywood enough?

Bobby's friends were all shocked when seeing him and teased him.

"Aiyaaaa... Bobby it's you! I can't recognized you from the back la. You look so handsome today leh!"

So you can imagined how ugly and shabby this guy was during normal school days with his tee and jeans, somemore don't shave for few days with mustaches long like ambuk.

Gordon said somehow Bobby reminded him of Brad Pitt....

*terkarang... if he Brad Pitt, wa mah Angelina Jolie liao?*

* * * * *

Even the theme was based on Hollywood, but still I felt that I actually walked into a typical Chinese Wedding Dinner.


Because I saw so many

Okay lah, they're not actually brides and grooms. But the outfits they'd chosen certainly felt like it.

And I saw...

Cinderella, Beauty, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and Snow White that night too.

Hmmm... I thought it's a Hollywood night? Or it's actually "Fairy Tale Princess" night?

... I know, I'm very mean.

It's just so nice to look at those girls. They had to walk so careful not to trip and imagine how to go shhh-shhh with that troublesome long dress.

I'm pretty sure if I was wearing those, I had already tripped myself for the 65465 times!

And, one thing I noticed... They didn't wear matching shoes. It's nice on top, but once they pulled their skirts up... ALAMAK.. a black strap slipper.

A friend told me that they actually got a package for it.

RM180 for renting the (wedding) gown, hairdo and makeup included.

Hmm.. maybe that's why their make-up all looked the same with that glittery eye shadows and super stuffs and shiny hair.

Other than people dressing up as if it was their "big day", there're also some beng-bengs cheering and shouting "YAAAAAMMMMMM SEEEEENG!!!" so loudly.

Tell, what is "yam seng" doing on a prom night?
Can't they use the word "Cheers" instead?

* * * * *

[Random Pics]

Our Table Candle light and roses
Perfect for a romantic dinner

(Minus bengs and lians walking around shouting to take photos)

Broadway Outdoor Studio

There's an outdoor mini studio charging RM10 for a 4R photo. Bobby and I had a hard time posing in front of everyone and all that on my mind was, "How the hell to hide my flabby arms?"

If this simple photo shot already feels so difficult for us, wht's more to say when it comes to our bridal shot? Cannot, must pull Bobby and camwhore more. Maybe being vain is not that bad after all.

With Mr. Luuee

Bobby was jealous for his height. Claimed that we'll look more matching if he's as tall as Luuee. But I thought that will making kissing difficult and I'm pretty sure Bobby will treat me as his walking arm rest if he's at that height.

Song-Juan, Winnie, The Pimp and the Queen

I like Winnie. She reminds me so much of myself when talking, of course..I'm slightly more talkative than her I guess? A friend of hers walked forward and show her some plastic pebbles or whatever that's lying on the floor and said she's collecting them. Winnie asked coldly, "For your aquarium is it? Or fried veggies?". Exactly what I'll answer if my friend did the same.

Other group photos

Despite of the cool theme, the food totally sucks. The queue was so long and there was no refills. And when they refilled the food, it was only the rice and veggies. The creamy fish and chicken never got refilled I heard. Bobby had to stuffed himself with rice and bread to feel full.

Very smart of them heh?
Refill only the cheaper stuffs. The waiter somemore had the cheek to say, "We actually got prepare enough food one, just don't expect it to finish so fast nya..."

Yeah right. The my students also can come and tell me, "I really got study one teacher, I just don't expect the questions to be so hard nya.."

* * * * *

Our dance of the night

They even had to clear up the space to open up the dance floor. Some people was still eating when they cleared it.

Oh yeah, there was this girl who was sitting near to me that I want to talk about. She was quite pretty and dressed up stunningly. The thing is, she was using the toothpick to "liao" her teeth WITHOUT HER HAND COVERING after eating. It was such a turn off and I'm quite surprised that she got nominated for the prom queen.

When the MC announced the list of nominatees for the prom king anf queen, I turned to Bobby and say, "No need to see, we won't stand a chance winning."

And Bobby replied, "You don't need to be pretty or handsome to get nominated. You just need to have a lot of friends and be popular in school."

Quite true heh?

* * * * *

Eyes on me baby

I used the below photo as my display picture in my MSN and everyone says it looks really cool. Thanis said it looks like a cover shot. Except for Alex calling me vain.

Have to okay. We didn't even dress up that nice for CNY, valentines day, xmas, and even birthday. Got to be kiasu a bit and take advantage of it.

Took it in Bobby's room after prom

Alex even asked me where I took it. =D My photoshop skills is getting better huh? He said it looks like a perfume ad in those fashion magazine.

So Sexy


BaBy JeE said...

VERY PRETTY!! the last pic!!!!!!!!! wooo~ really really pretty!

Jewelle said...

THAT dress is only RM62?!! Excellent bargain, I thought it couldn't be less than RM100 too.

I agree with what you said, those other girls sure a bit "old fashioned" lah - so like wedding dresses, boring!

I thought Bobby looked very dashing and of course, you looked fantabulous - still can't get over the price of that dress..

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

hmm... i guess the main thing to complain is the very un-hollywood people and food? the theme sounds nice, but it's still asia.

uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

I've never had any porm nights :(

jessie said...

This kinda reminds me of my prom nite too...

U guys look swwweeeett~~~!!

I hope ur dad is doing okay now..

Kelly said...

*two thumbs* up as always for dear ah no photoshop skills on the last 2 pics!!! really celaka~~damn jealous...

Excuse me, i was expecting you to pose up the Prom Queen & King photos..essshhh...

so the next time i'm going to see you in such outfit would be 07/06/08 liao la? hahaha....

Oi, better be back for tea soon? I've my part to gossip with you on the 2 weddings that me and theen attended last weekend!

Sha said...

I love your nails, your dress colour, your pic with bobbie on the dance floor and the last pic. SO sexy eh? :)

Nonnie King said...

Jee : Only the last pic? The rest leh?

Jewelle : Bought it in those small boutique. Original price was RM75, way cheaper than those usual dress I saw in another boutique that cost RM150 and above. So without thinking twice I get them.

I seriously don't know why they want to wear those wedding-like gown. But it's fun watching them pulling and dragging their long dress especially in the restroom.

Jason : Yeah.. But anyway, this will be my first and last prom. So it doesn't matter to me anymore.

Nonnie King said...

Christina : I'm 24 when I went for my first prom. You still got chance one darling.
Don't worry

Jessie : Thanks! My dad is doing great now.
I'd seen some of your prom pictures ;)

Kelly: Excuse me, not only my ps skills lihai nya.. should say we look pretty inside and pandai posing mah. Beh hiao la you..

Erm.. most probably lor. Tak kan I wear so nice for my birthday and xmas kua? Go where oh?

The prom queen n king pic in my pc. I forgot about it bah. Will show you or maybe post it up later, when I get back Seria that is.

Sha : Thanks! I actually put lot of effort in getting the perfect combination.
Thank God someone actually notice it.

Atul said...

VERY NICELY DONE! The one you photoshop. Hehe. Very nice. Keep it up! =D

@lex said...

LOL .. you just step into a speedy wedding reception !

@lex said...

Oh .. haha .. double comment .. for your information .. it's not 2 wedding like Kelly says . it's 3 wedding to talk about .. >.*

I'm Choonie. said...

I like the last pic too. Very very sexy...

Iwan Sanchez said...

Finally get to see the much anticipated post..

THe prom theme is quite a novel idea.. hehehe! THe nails looks so NICE can? hahahaa!

Overall, nice pics and both bobby and u looked different.. looks damn gorgeous and so handsome..

Your dress looks so exp!! hm.... the last pic looks so erotic nya!! hahhhhahaa!!

Kelly said...

Btw, did you ps your face too? If no, then i should say your makeup skills improve a lot already oh~~no two colours between your face & neck and what did you put on your face to make it looks glowing?...i think i should tabalik ask you back for some skills eh...~~~

De Pianist said...

waseiii..prom night..Bobby Pit and Angelina loving couple and dressed up so pretty..woot~ kekeke..

man,your photoshop skills are so much better than mine..alr learn photoshop for months already but i still suck in it..=_=..

and i really feel the theme and the atmosphere for the ball has so much difference..sigh.

Tina said...

Miss Nonnie so pretty! :D

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah! Congratulation to Bobby! Both of u look perfect! So when is the big day??? Have a nice day!

Nonnie King said...

Atul : You mean I don't look nice for the original one kah? Sad la~ hehehe

@lex : She still haven't tell me the gossips! Wait till Theen back we sama sama kaypo k.

Choonie : Nan De Xing Gan.

Iwan : Erotic? Ahhemmm....

Like I say, CNY also don't look so nice. Must abuse the chance to the max. Hehhehhee

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : I use PS blur tool more on Bobby than me. That one is natural glow + camera flash.

And you can say I'm good in picking colours for myself. Hahhaaa.

Pauline : But you know how to use illustrator. I only know basic PS stuffs nya. More than that I beh-hiau liao.

Can say like that lor. Like Jason said, "It's still Asia".

Tina : *blush*

H.A.M : Big day? Everyday also very big for us bor.

LuUeE said...

haahaha.. Thanks.. Nonnie ..for placing such a nice pic.. for me.. hehe.. cheers.. you look very very pretty yourself.. and Bobby is the Prince Charming.. hehehe..

War186 said...

You look HOT!!

Your purple dress is fitting to the Hollywood theme. Very glamorous. So unlike the fairytale prom dresses hahaha.

Anonymous said...

hey.. congrats on winning the blog competition... ur dress for the prom looked stunning! haha btw im ur senior, i graduated last yr... may i know where u bought the dress? exact location? cos i have something coming up and i seriously need a dress (and price!) like dat.. thanks a lot =)

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : You looked good that day too.

War : Thankiews!

Anonymous : As in my senior in ITB or st. Margaret?

I bought my dress at a small boutique of a building next to Boulevard Miri. I don't know what's the shop name already. Sorry ya.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... correct me if im wrong.. but r u currently studying in curtin miri? wat i really meant in my previous post was i graduated from curtin miri last yr.. oh thanks for sharing the dress info.. will definitely look it up =)

Nonnie King said...

Nope, I never studied in Curtin. But my boyfriend is doing his final year currently. That was why I was there for the prom.

You're welcome, hope you can find a perfect dress for the night.

Anonymous said...

ohh.. my apologies for my mistake... then tat makes me ur boyfren's senior haha... well have a nice day~

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