Monday, October 8, 2007

I don't know what I want for my Birthday!

.... and that's totally outrageous!

A friend asked me via MSN what would I like for my birthday this year, I thought for 5 seconds and told him NOTHING! Because the things that I want are too pricey as a birthday gift. Of course, no one gives "FRIEND" a laptop, a DSLR, Osim massage chair or a sponsored trip right?

Laaa......Not even my mum will buy me that lah.
How about the fat guy? I think that have to wait till I become the official Mrs. Lim plus he get to use it.

* * *

As for my bunch of lousy friends, don't get happy too soon.

Last year I got an oven from you guys, I was thinking how about a hand mixer this time since I'm a little bit into baking lately. Plus, you all always get to eat leh. Oven + mixer, matching gift mah.

But, come to think of it.. I can always borrow it from my neighbor. And my mum will complain again ask where to put since the kitchen is only 3m x 3m.

Then I was thinking maybe a nice shoe rack or cabinet. I have no idea since when I'd been slowly pilling up my shoes and it's getting a bit out of hand. I'm not saying like 100 pairs lah, I think I only have about..... 15 pairs only. *I'm not a shoe fetish*

Or maybe car wash vouchers? Hehehehe.

Good idea eh! No?
You guys always complained that my car was dirty and bla bla bla bla, bah.. give me those car wash vouchers lah since you're not helping me to wash it also.

Never mind, I'll force myself go (window) shopping more often, look for the potential gifts to buy for myself and just inform you guys. I'm doing you a great help okay. Don't say I thick-skin.

But first of all, tell me what's your budget. HAHAHHAHAHAA!!!!

Now, that is super 不要臉。

At least I'm less greedy compare to last year what.

* * * * *

As for my dearest readers and blogmates out there, neh... don't worry, I'm not going to be hard on you.

I just want 100 comments for my birthday post on 05th of November.

I repeat, 100 comments
05th November!!!


That's easy isn't it? I’m not asking too much right?
It's free and just a couple of clicks and tapping away.

I'm providing entertainment for free bor....

* * * * *

p/s: No matter what you're giving me, I'll appreciate it... really. I'm not a fussy person.


I don't drive a Kancil and I have no intention to open up a zoo at the rear of my car.

But I don't mind the really cool looking one.


Got tagged by Jewelle, and it's gonna be the easiest tag I'd ever done!

I just need to get a print shot of my desktop and that's it.

You probably already see this in my previous post, I just thought that I might as well use back the same picture. Hehehehe.

And the other one I'd been using is the one I edited for the prom.


Iwan Sanchez said...


no comments.... hahahha!

Theen face looks so smooth like a porcelain lah.... hhahahaa!!

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : She's my personal Squishy!!!!

Couldn't find any better squeezable human form other than her liao.

Aww... I so wanna pinch her now.

Effy said...

Ask Iwan to get the traffic police to surprise you la. He received a surprise bday present from them. Keke. Anyhoo i also dunno what i want for my bday..I think maybe a holiday trip! To nowhere.. Hehehe

Jewelle said...

Ahh...thats a nice desktop :-)

Iwan Sanchez said...

to effy: hahahaa! a very good answer.. heheee!!

nonnie, forget to comment on ur desktop.. looks so neat and so the pics looks so sweet...

100 comments?? hmmm... sure can one!

metallichick said...

Congratulations Nonnie for being the best personal blog :)

War186 said...


You did it!
You won!
So happy for you. Heheh. ;)

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

100 comments! Maybe I can help out! But please remained me Ok! Getting very forgetfull! Have a nice day!

LuUeE said...

hahaa.. Nonnie.. I will be one of the supporters who will contribute to one of your comments here.. hehehe.. YES.. NONNIE.. NONNIE.. NONNIEE...

Kelly said...

Excuse me! dare to request birthday gift so early somemore, when you still owe me A SMALL FURRY PILLOW and theen - A HANDMADE CAKE!!!!! PSL - Worst! no sms wishes at all!! This is what you call *more kanasai* friends...

Nonnie King said...

Effy : LOL! The police was just making up excuse to check him out actually. Hhahahaaa

Jewelle : Yeah, made the wallpaper myself when I was very bored.

Iwan : You say one, if don't sampai you all have to help spam it!

Metallichick : Thanks!

War : I'm very happy too! Totally unexpected man.

H.A.M : Can... I will shamelessly say it in my blog again one.

Luuee : And I'll remind you!

Kelly : I know I know! Making it this week. Sabar moi~

Thanis said...

You deserve it ;)

IngSiang said...

Same here, haha, I want a D40 as my b'day gift! @_@!!