Monday, October 22, 2007

Errr.. Updates again?

. . . . .

Cannot like that lor you all. Keep bugging me for an update but don't comment wor.
Oh well, I guess the Raya fever is not over yet thus the drop in stats and comment.

Anyway, as requested by my dearie Theen... I'm posting the below pictures up and hold it as a proof. (So that 'someone' can no longer complain =p )

FYI, this "someone".

To be fair so that you guys won't go thinking she's being demanding, her birthday falls on 29th of July.. which is almost 3 months ago.

Click here and here if you had missed the previous posts.

Anyway, back to the topic.

So having quite a number of days off for the Hari Raya celebration, Theen and I finally get to lay our fingers working on Kelly's belated requested gifts.

Not bad huh? 100% made by Theen!!! Each and every step from baking to decorating. Yet she claimed its actually a failure and refused to tell us what it is till Kelly cut it.

So can you guess what cake is it?

I bet no one can. Because we couldn't tell what is it even after eating it!
We're like,

"Hmmm...... It's sweet..... I taste strawberry.... and there's a bit of coffee aroma in it. Eh? That's cheese right? . . . . *three seconds pause* Theen ah, what is it oh? "

Theen would probably scream at me for posting the above photo up because she was blocking our eyes when we tried to get a closer look of the cake and told us,

"Cannot see! Cannot see! Very sak-pai 失败 inside. Cannot see! Cannot complain! I spent a lot of money for making this, and xing-suet 心血 too! "

Despite it being a weird-combination cake, it's not bad really. Just that cake isn't really my kind of thing.

(Hint: No cake for my birthday please. I prefer salt than sugar. Still Yong Theen Theen, I want one from you, just a small small one can liao. Yi-si Yi-si 意思意思 for me to blow candles mah)

I was teasing Theen that she really bake a "CHEESE" cake 'cos got holes in them. *LOL* She thought the cheese batter would actually get those "sponge cubes?" sunk in them, laid flat and look nice in a single layer. But I guess the cake had its own character and attitude.

* * * * *

Now my dear friends and readers, get a deep breathe and behold the pwettiest and cutest and nicest and fluffiest pillow you'll ever see.

Hahahahaa. Okay, I exaggerated a bit.
It's just a normal looking pillow... No need so gan-cheong scroll down.

*Dang Dang Dang Dang*

I now present you.....

*drum roll*

Nice ah nice ah?

Oh wait, before any of you come and praise me thinking that I did those letterings... I got to clarify this.

I did NOT make those letters and leaves. I sent it to a very ganas tailor for the embroideries and damn, she's good! It's really worth the waiting and it's pretty cheap. I told her the letters I want on it, the size and color. Told her briefly what I had in mine and how I want it to be and *wa-la*, she sketched the draft out in seconds, showed me and asked if that's what I wanted. I said yes and she sat straight in front of her sewing machine and start doing it.

I was shocked how fast she could do it without any errors. And the needle was so close to her fingers! Scary.

After that I brought the fabric back home, draw the heart shape (requested by Ms. Lim) and asked my yiyi (auntie) to help me sew them because she has sewing machine and in fact, she's a tailor herself.

And later I stuffed the cotton in and sew it by hand to close up the hole.

Wait, before you go bombard me with comments like what Theen and Kelly gave, "Chewwwwww..... Thought you did those letters. Even the pillow also not fully sewed by you. So proud for what?", actually.. I spent most of my time driving around looking for a shop who do embroidery.

I did say its "customized" right? I didn't say its a DIY from me wor.

I bluff you not, I think I did surveyed not less than 10 shops. And drove up and down Seria - KB a few times just to get it done. Not to mention, the time I spent in just completing it.

Also got put in sweat and effort okay.

(And money for the fuel leh~
Okay lah Kelly Lim, I know you want to say, "Cheh! Your car diesel lah!")

* * * * * *

In case you're wondering why am I blogging less these few days, here.. my explanation.

He he he . . .

What can I say,

I super love my very advanced birthday gift!

p/s: Theen, don't forget buying me those pretty accessories for it as my birthday gift. Come, we go shopping together and I tell you which one I want ya.

// edited //

This is just too funny and I must share it with you guys!

Bobby: I wanna cook fried rice but I forgot how to cook it liao when I watch the cooking show.

Me: u put oil, then beat an egg scramble it. Add in sausage or mix veggies or whatever u want. Then add in the rice and make sure u cook them well so they don't clot in lumps. Then put dark soy sauce, light soy sauce n msg. That's it

Bobby: Do I really need to msg? Its hard to hold one phone msg while stirring the rice one hand oh. I scare the phone drop.

Me: Why u need phone?

Bobby: Put dark soy sauce, light soy sauce n msg
>> u say then msg

Me: MSG = Monosodium glutamate = ajinomoto la.. So funny eh you!

Bobby: Ohh... I don have msg bi. U use initial bag. msg stands for a lot of thing leh. don wana layan u liao, wana watch garfield.

Me: HAHAHHHAHA!! So funny la!

Bobby: I can't believe it. I finish the whole chipsmore.
Now is chipsnomore.

Cute right? He really thought msg = message (SMS texting). I was thinking, what make him think that we have to sms while cooking fried rice? Has he see any chef doing that in AFC?

Note to self: Never use short form when talking to a beginner in cooking.


Effy said...

Well i never thought the "msg" is message. I thought you meant "massage". Was wondering why must massage one. Haha. Rupa-rupa nya technical term for Ajinamoto. Haha. Say la early early. Hahahaha. But yes very funny!

Hungryduo said...

Ah! Nintendo DS!

I was so hooked up with it till my bf cannot tahan and confiscated DS cause he no chance to play haha

Since you have it then you should let Bobby play more 'Cooking Mama' and learn some cooking tips from it while playing the game!

- Hunnie <3

Nonnie King said...

Effy :

Hhhaahahaa. You thought have to massage the rice or sausage is it? Aiyah... I really thought everyone will know what msg is mah.

Maybe next time I should caps them with fullstop to avoid misunderstanding.



Yes!!! I'm so addicted and glue to it. I already told Bobby how fun and nice it is and tempted him.

And Cooking Mama is definitely a MUST TRY!

I hope Bobby won't confiscate mine because I think there's a really high chance I'm going to ignore him while playing.

leeshi said...

The customised pillow looks great. Just to let you know that I might use the idea ;) but of course I'll let them know where I got the idea from la. Copyright law :D

kELLY said...

Ah no, you know what i'm going to do? I'm going to use cling wrap to wrap your pillow first & then placed inside my car! WHY? Bcoz i don wan passengers to get into my car and then start grabbing & hugging that pillow with dirty hands, in the end become = black!!! hehehehe~~~ good idea?

Haiyooo..this theen, i cut nice nice her cake & gave to ppl to try, everyone said "so use heart" to bake such a cake for me la...*melted my heart*****.....awwwww....

i've 2 so talented kns buddies...hahaha, as for me, sorry, me not interested in these things but at least i cook....HHAHAHA wan that for ya bday?

War186 said...

Hahah my God can't believe Bobby thought msg was SMS hehe. Sounded like a bimbo then. No offence, Bobby! Hehe. That was cute lah.

So Whitie's your Nintendo DS. Who bought you it? Do you know you can download games? So no need to buy the expensive original games at the shops. And there's so many to choose from. :D

Very unique lah Theen's cake. I would never dare to try something different since I'm a baking beginner saja hehe.

Sorry Nonnie ah haven't been commenting 'cos busy with Raya. I guess there's no more excuse now hehe. :D

Nonnie King said...

LeeShi :

Sure. If I dare to blog about it that means it's free to "steal". Of course, I'll be glad if you mention my name too. =p

Kelly :

Cling wrap? Then hilang the touch already lor? And.. I sense sarcasm in your comment when you mention that you're afraid that it'll turn black. You say me hia?

If you insist in cooking then... I want.... Lobster. Can ah? Bird nest also can. Abalone not good also.

Wardah :

Oh well, he's pretty much a Himbo sometimes and got me rolling my eyes everytime when he said something naively. But I love him.

Yes Yes! My birthday gift! But not sure if I want to say it loud here because even my own friends look at me differently when I told them who gave me that.

Theen can say super ganas in baking already thus she's very daring to change recipe.

Okay one lah War, I also jarang blog-hopped now.

Iwan Sanchez said...

from the outside, the cake looks so nice but inside...


but i know its delicious!!!

the pillow ar, ok lah.. not goin to praise u since its not sewn by u.


well, someone birthday is coming wor...

De Pianist said...

wasai..nintendo DS...i want it~~~gahhhh~~ it looks so cool when i saw my friend also play it..gahhhhh~~~~~~

but unfortunately,my parents will kill me if i ask them to buy this for me as bday gift.=.=...

JaMiLLa said...

Ok Ok Ok!

I comment la! I comment la! I comment la!

Nice decoration birthday cake. Got standard oh. Jia You Jia You, for Theen!

A Blue pillow for Kelly ah! Full of love to Kelly ka King? Hehe! Anyway, happy belated birthday to kelly!

Hmm...lastly, Bobby, ni zhen you mo ah! Chipsmore --> Chipsnomore

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Inside... also nice! Must say if not next time she dont wana cook for me liao.

Whose ah? Whose birthday is coming oh?

Pau Lene : It is very cool and nice to play. Buy lor next time when you work and earn your own money.

Xiang : Don't say till like I force like that maaa.. Sad la.

Bobby andang you-muo one. Just that he seldom shows.

lonereen96 said...

Nice pillow you did! May I know where is the shop that did the embroideries and where did you brought the fluffy white fabric? sorry..if you find me a nuisance..hehehehe...

Nonnie King said...

No worries. I did the embroidery at this kedai jahit near KB bus station.

As for the fabric, it's the only cloth shop in KB too

lonereen96 said...

Aiyo...everything from KB..:p Just one last question, do you know any place/shop that sells mini sewing machine like the pink one and its doesn't cost more than a hundred dollars in brunei?

Nonnie King said...

Sorry Loreen, I really don't know about that.