Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Prizes - From The Simpur Bloggies

Short Talk:

While in the midst of playing lami with the usual kakis,

Me: Eh, I haven't blog for 5 days. I feel damn guilty now lah.
Them: Why all of the sudden talk about blogging? Your turn lah.. Fast.

This is the difference "Friends" and "Readers". They don't even care if I blog or not!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Okay okay, before you come shake me and choke me to death for an update. Here here, don't marah laaaaaaa....

I was busy ma. I don't even have time to blog-hop!

I'd been traveling up and down BSB and Miri everyday for the past few days.

Monday - Go raya with dang at BSB
Tuesday - Go Miri with Theen to pick her graduation photos and see my ah pui.
Wednesday - Go BSB take my prizes from DST.
Thursday - Go Miri with Swee Leong so he can go see his physiotherapist and see my gigi besi again.
Friday - Go BSB find ah pui's sister and Orange for something.

See, I was that busy!

... which is weird. I have time to blog during my working days but not holidays?

Got reasons for not updating. Just that... not much pictures taken because I was doing most of the driving and I'm grumpy because I couldn't find that freaking R4 card >.<"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back to the topic. So I went to DST Headquarter to get my prizes last Wednesday and man, it felt like treasure hunting.

With Simpur Manager

I had to go to Concepts to get my speakers and headset. In case you have no idea what I won, click here.

Really, I don't mind the driving... But I hate finding parking. Sometimes I wish I drive small cars like Kancil or Mini Cooper. That way side parking will be much easier and can always squeezed in those parkings when you have idiots parked beside you taking 1/3 of your parking space.

Then I went to Orchid Garden Hotel to make some inquiries about the room...

Tell you the truth, I was thinking to hold a small party using that room for my upcoming birthday and also as a gratitude for my fellow blogmates who show support for the nominations and votes. But the plan was dropped immediately after I saw the room.

Erm.. I think it's not big enough and I doubt it's allowed to have a small gathering in it because I may disturb the guests staying on the same floor.

Oh well, have to go venue hunting again.
Suggestions anyone? Don't you tell me go get the villa from Empire ah. It's not funny.

* * * * *

My Goodies bag

It is almost identical with the previous one I had for winning the Tourism Brunei blogging competition.

Here, almost everything of it.

Samsung SGH-C160

Mum complained that she can't see the numbers on my old Nokia 7250 so I guess this make a better choice. And it took me almost half an hour just teaching my phone how to unlock the phone, make a call and hang up.

No need to think about SMS-ing.
It's like teaching a mute how to sing, a blind man plays TV games and a deaf talks over the phone.

I even have to do this so that she can remembers HER number and MINE!

(If you see any middle aged auntie carrying a black Samsung with a piece of blue paper celotape-d behind, say "hi" to King's mummy)

Me: Ma, you try to call me.
Mum: Ha? Oh.

She took one second to press "Unlock", and by the time she reached for the "*" key... hilang already the "unlock".

As I watched impatiently, I took over the phone and unlock for her.

Me: Bah, I unlock liao. Now you dial my number ah~
Mum: Oh.

Mum : *Looked at the back of the phone* Eight....
Mum: *Press eight on keypad*
Mum" *Looked at the back of the phone again* Seven.....
Mum: *Press seven on the keypad*

Me: -________-" Ma, its 87xxxxx.

Mum: Okay, x........ x.......... x......... x...... x........ x........

Me: After so many years I'd been using a mobile phone, with the same number. You still can't remember the number? You better remember it ah.

Mum: Aiyah.. not like I'll call you. I don't want people to know I have a mobile also. Very troublesome. Go toilet also have to bring, so ma-fan.

Me: -_________-" *puke blood*

Guess what, now she just leave her spanking new mobile phone with her MP3 player in a small pouch, and prays it will never rings. And that was after I found out that she purposely leave the mobile inside the wardrobe so that she didn't have to bring it.

Tell me again why I want her to bring a mobile with her.

*high blood pressure*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

DST Optical Mouse

Funny it has the "wireless" word at the back of it.

"Hey I got a wireless optical mouse that gives cable to be connected to the PC for free!

LOL! I know I know. I'm lame.

Altec Lansing VS-2120

Giving them to Cong (My "little-brother" cum neighbor) because I like my VS-4121 better.

Thermal Mugs

Now I have 3 mugs, 2 from Simpur and 1 from DST. And I gave them away to Theen and my father.

So this is how Santa Claus feels every year.


Sha said...

Congrats once again on winning dearie!! *Hugs* And I went through the same process with my mum with her mobile phone.. And I think she still doesnt quite get it lol.

Effy said...

My parents are like that with mobile phone too. Esp my dad, whenever he wants to call someone he ended up deleting the number. In the end he lent the phone to me and i kinda dropped it. Haha.
About the party i think empire is like the best place. Get the villa if you have others to share the cost with you. Else get a normal room though its not really spacious. I had mine at empire and i cramped like 20 people in there. Haha.

Nonnie King said...

Sha :
Does she carry the phone out with her? I just saw my mum's in the cabinet again.... *sigh*

Hahahhhaaa!!! SO cute you and your dad.

Erm... But its my birthday, so I was thinking that I should cover all cost and my friends just bring along birthday gifts and makan together.

And.. that 20 people end up sleeping on the floor mostly?

De Pianist said...

eh keep one your prize for me ar..hahaha..jklah..=p

my parents don't have problems calling anyone,they only hate sms people..if i'm at home,they'll definitely ask me to help them to sms their friends d.ha.and maybe they're too lazy to type,sometimes i'm quite surprised to see my mum sms-ing me in very short

Hungryduo said...


I also used to spend hard time teaching my mom on calling out and sms-ing. And i really wish she wont break her phone because if she does, then i'd have to teach her again with new phone.

i ever heard from friends that Le Galleria Hotel at Seri (Same building with Charcoal i think) is not bad lar. I mean the suite or room is cheaper but i don't think it comes with food and drinks. I'm not sure lor.

My cousin recently had her birthday party held at I-Lotus restaurant and the ballroom was big enough for about 80 plus of us.

- Hunnie <3

affy said...

Where's the (edible) trophy?

I say party in the room. Who cares right? I mean, you're the best personal blogger after all.

If someone complains, "Don't you dare complain, this is soooo going on my blog."

Nonnie King said...

Pau Lene :

You want key chain? =p

At least they know how to use it, mu mum only knows how to pick up calls. Worst, she used to chuck the phone to me once it ring... -__-"

Cool leh your mum, pandai sms lingo lagi.

Hunnie :

Hahahaha. I think the phone is more like an accessories to her than something useful.

I was thinking of Charcoal because they have a small area at the back for holding private function.. I think? Gotta call them.

Thanks for telling me.
Btw, I enjoy reading your food blog.

Affy :

And you're the only one who noticed! I don't know, I haven't receive the trophy. Wonder if they forgot bout it or they're going to have a award presenting thingie.

Hahhaaa! I wish I am that daring to go against the rules and blog bravely. But too bad, I'm just a coward that no one recognized.

Effy said...

I can't remember but i know they were some people sleeping on the floor. Haha. It was really havoc and probably more than 20 people. IN and OUT of the room. ANNOYING! I don't even know half of the crowd. Someone broke the cups, urinated and vomited everywhere in the toilet, spill drinks on the carpet, cigarette butts all over the floor and someone from the upper floor threw beer cans to my balcony. I assumed they were having a lil party of their own. Hard to keep the crowd quiet till the security came and warned us like a million times. But fortunately when i checked out the next day everything was okay. My mistake was i never lay down the rules. Haha. But it was purely alcohol binging party. So it was meant to be a lil bit messy.

Iwan Sanchez said...

can vomit blood with ur mum! hahahaa!

R4?? hmmmm......

looks like u gave almost everything that u won to ur friends and family..


i didnt know u also won that handphone..

not bad hor..

Nonnie King said...

Effy :

Wah lao! What a party. I doubt I can stay more than 5 mins in party like that. Yet, I wish someone will bring me to party like that.

Iwan :

R4 is the card thingie for the NDSL so that I can play downloaded games, play mp3 and read ebooks in it.

I got it already! Yeah~~~~

Actually.. that handphone is game-less, camera-less, mp3-less, bluetooth and infra red-less.

SO ngam my mother lor.

War186 said...

Same like my mom. She leaves hers on the dresser everytime. So useless that she even has one. I don't think she knows what to do with it if someone calls and we're not around to tell her to press the green answering button heh.

So you gave away most of your prizes huh? True lah giving feels more rewarding than receiving. ;)

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Your mum and mine sure have a lot in common. I have to remind her about the red and green button all the time.

And yes, giving them away feels more rewarding than keeping them with me in boxes unwrap.

JaMiLLa said...

wOoOoO nice nice, king king on ur prize!!!

Ur thinking of holding a small party on ur birthday? COOL!

Hmmm so you are going to invite ur blogmates ah? How bout readers who vote u ??? HAHAHA ohmygosh if like dat, for those who in malaysia and singapore and others will come to brunei to attend ur party. Big crowd ah?? Just kidding with myself.

Not to say other place, even Brunei, if invite the readers, jiak beh liao looo....hehehe kidding again.

Anyway, thanks for ur thoughtful mind of gratitude..

I got a birthday present for you. I know you dont like photo frame, cups, teddy bear and others that did not make up ur mind to use.

But this gift is similiar to the one I ever handmade for you last few years back. This is not handmade but 2 in 1 gift.

Either I give it to u when you hold a party or when you are coming down to bsb and look for my no. in ur phone!!!

Nonnie King said...

Xiang : I wish I can invite everyone but my wallet says no.

I'm limiting the people and drafting the guest list is crazy... Sigh. I need more money!

And I guess I'll like the gift you give me. Can't wait!

jusking said...

Hey Nonnie.. Congrats on winning! Sorry its (very) late, now u know I hardly read newspaper or watch tv or read ur blog :P Anyway it was a mutual friend who told me about it. I do love reading it whenever I remember to!

If ur still looking, have u thought about Asma Hotel? Its in Jerudong too. They have a junior suite but much bigger than the one u described in OGH for $2-350. But u will need to find out if the prices are still the same! Plus that place is probably quite deserted so u won't have to worry about disturbing other guests ;)

Nonnie King said...

J: Better late than never. So do you feel proud of me now?

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