Friday, May 28, 2010

Movie Tickets Revolution


Finally had the chance to watch Shrek Forever After and The Prince of Persia! I’m not so left-out now!!! Woohoo!!!


Living in a small town, 1 hour drive away (plus another 10 minutes or more if you’re going to watch in The Mall cineplex) is not really helping when you’re eager to watch the latest movie. Back in the days, I hit the cinema right on the premier night and flaunt the very next day with the “Oh, I’d watched it.” groove.

And now…

I have a confession….


*cue gasps from public*

Ya. When I tell someone I’ve not watch that, it follows with the response of

  1. “WHY????!!!!!”
  2. “NO!!!!!!!”
  3. “NO!!!! WHY!!!!!!!”
  4. “IT’S A NICE MOVIE!!!!!”
  5. “YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!!!!!!”
  6. All of the above - “NO!!!!! WHY!!!!!! IT’S A NICE MOVIE!!!!!!! YOU SHOULD WATCH IT!!!!!”

You think I want one har? Unfortunately, the movie was taken down the day before I want to watch it! You think so easy for me just to drive 1 hour up BSB and watch movie is it?

Nevermind that. Let’s carry on.

I keep all … I think most, of the movie tickets that I watched with Bobby since 6 years ago, when we’re still a pair of poor students, having all the energy and will to stay up late just to catch a midnight show, and still can go to school the very next day (albeit acting like a zombie). Ask me to watch a midnight show now, I’m afraid I snore while the movie is still playing…

The box I keep the tickets.


The “Collections”

The thickest stack from the Mall cineplex.

I realised, only the Mall’s movie tickets have not changed at all. The rest… let’s take a look, shall we?

This is from Seri Q-Lap, when they’re just opened.

Now… it went plainer, printed on a dot matrix (I think so?) paper roll that looks like a cash register receipt.

Empire’s.. hand-written in happy colors printed templates in the earlier days…
But with no movie name shown. I had to write down the name everytime at the back of the tickets just for reference.

Then… It was computerized and printed, in white, again.
However, the size of the tickets did get smaller though.

April 12, 2008… The Pajama Movie Night!!!! 
When Bobby was thin and just joined the company like a few days, or a week or so.

And these…. I’m guessing they’re from OGDC.

Any ideas? I’m still clueless.

This, is the very first ticket that started my collections.

*Happy sigh*

Time flies and… I’m still watching movie, putting my head on the shoulder and collecting the movie tickets with the very same person.


Tina said...

Wow. You watched The Terminal at the movies? :D

Nonnie King said...

Yes! It's really good!
I don't know.. some people thinks that watching a chick flick in cinema is a waste of money but.... I think it's worth the experience.

Tina said...

I love The Terminal! I didn't know it was playing in the cinemas back then! I would've caught it if I knew. I watch the DVD every now and then.