Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CIPTA 2011 reaches out to Young Inventors

Are you in Upper secondary school? Do you have an idea for a new product or maybe you have made modifications to certain products? Are you creative? Willing to try anything? Then why not try your hand at CIPTA competition and be in the running to win $10,000.

The Crown Prince CIPTA award is once again open for participation. This time, the invitation to participate is open to upper secondary school students with the addition of a 3rd category. The 3rd category would involve the creation or modification of new or existing products by young inventors.

With this year’s theme of “Global Competitiveness through creativity and Innovation”, Institut Teknologi Brunei as organizer of this award is proud to extend the invitation to the younger generation. In this competitive world where innovation and creativity are also a factor towards success it is our hope to expose the younger generation to such thinking.

As lauded by Dato Paduka Timothy Ong in the recent CIPTA seminar series, “Innovation is important because, it is in innovation that the economic future of our country lies

By entering into the competition the students would have the right support and exposure to bring their ideas and creative vision into the world. Some previous winners have used their winnings to invest into their products and to this day have developed into successful entrepreneurs.

Everybody has ideas but it takes a certain kind of person to realize their self worth and their abilities in making their ideas a reality. Without ideas and the courage to move on from that idea one would stay stagnant. Explore your ideas no matter how small, expand your horizons, and enrich the world of invention.

Be that person! Realize your ideas and reach for more than you thought possible. Join CIPTA now and make it happen!

For your first step at making it happen, email us at cipta2011@itb.edu.bn or visit www.itb.edu.bn/cipta2011 for full details.

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RL said...

looks and sounds good to me!! any designers or innovators! you should give it a TRY! :)