Monday, May 24, 2010

Apple Turnovers


Seems like our Sunday cooking plan is inevitable. Seriously, we didn’t even plan for it and somehow, we just decided to cook up a simple dish.

Earlier on, we checked out the public library and the “auntie” in me went to the recipe books section. I saw the recipe for Apple Turnover and showed it to Bobby because I know how much he loves Apple Pie, Apple Crumbles, Apple this and that. Oh, thank God he’s not an Apple evangelist~

We still had one piece of pastry sheet left from our previous pie-making session and apple turnover sounded great!

It was really really simple and this time, Bobby did most of the cooking. Since we only had one piece left, we only used an apple. He diced (in humongous size) while I melted the butter on the pan, threw in the diced yummies, simmered for a bit, add in some water, brown sugar and plenty of cinnamons!

Apple and Cinnamon, so Simple and Innocent~
*One of Bobby’s favorite from Utada Hikaru*

Wrapped them up in the pastry sheet and shoved it into the oven~


The triangular one is mine and Bobby keh-kiang (act smart) want to do like those apple pie…

See how “small” is Bobby’s diced apples~
Oh ya, he didn’t even bother to peel it.

But still, it’s really really good and whee~ Another addition to our “menu”.

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