Thursday, May 6, 2010

The look of my new identity


Know what’s the two most-asked questions ever since I uploaded photos of me wearing tudung accepting the certificates?

1. Ehh .. laa…. napa nada pakai tudung? Lawa waahhhhhhh….

My answer:
a. to people whom I’m not so close to – Panas.

b. to people who biasa with my style – Lawa my ass, so bulat the face (lawa ke pi ahhh…)

Note: The “lawa ke pi ahhh” actually meanings “lawa the fart”.. umm.. Chinese slang.


2. Bah, bila masuk Islam?

My answer:
a. to people whom I’m not so close to – Heh heh heh, err…. liat jodoh lah…

b. to people who biasa with me – Don’t want lah, I cannot give up eating pork.


Alright, enough of randomness.. let me share with you all my sizzling hot IC which I just collected today~


Gone were the days that you need to show your forehead and ears!!!! Wooohooo!!!!

Though, I looked like I was wearing some 80s purple lipstick with semi-brows and an invincible nose bridge… I still think that this looks way better compare to my previous one. And no, I will not show you how I looked like 10 years ago with a face that Bobby described as… “Pineapple”.

I hate my boyfriend sometimes.

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mizarwen said...

heheh...congratz for getting yellow ic :)