Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pink Desserts 2010

Finally after the Go Pink event in April, the recipe book is ready!

Photo courtesy of Miss Maurina.

You can get a copy of the $10 book at the following places:

1. Swensens @ The Mall, Second Floor

2. Shop@Sarah, Seri Qlap Mall, First Floor

3. Frangipani Bistro and Cafe, Sengkurong, same row as Baiduri Bank

4. Brunei Breast Cancer Support Group Office, No.23 , 1st Floor Bgn Hj Hassan Abdullah, Kg Menglait, Gadong BE 3978- near Le Apple in Menglait.


I went to the PINKNIK event last Sunday just to get copies of the book, where else but the ever happening Casa Experanza, the place full of positive energy.

Actually, we’re celebrating Suk Chin’s Hen Night (which, I don’t know if I should blog about it) in the villa the night before and the party continued till 6pm the next day. Hence, after a satisfying meaty lunch at Golden Leaf and Girly treat at Zen Spa, I dragged, forced and begged the girls to go to the PINKNIK with me, because.. I wasn’t the driver and had no car with me that time.

I explained to them what the fuss was about and why it meant so much for me and after knowing that it was for charity, they’re up for it too.

64 63
With Mau, and that’s her humble little stall selling Dulce de Leche, which… I still can’t pronounce! I think I’ll just call it the Mexican caramel.


I didn’t get them because.. I’m really not into sweet stuff. Sorry Mau. Oh ya, should have bought a tub for Bobby the Lim. Told you all he’s the woman in our relationship, sweet-tooth, sensitive and patient.


Paintings for sale from Frangipani Cafe, the place which we celebrated our 6th Paktohversary there.

DoraMabel who bought some yummies from Taste on Tray.


Don’t ask me if it’s good because this girl here finished it all and didn’t save any for me, and …. I was the one paying for it lagi.

VS products available here too!

Icy’s stall, which I bought these two cute little chocolate balls (I forgot the name! Sorry Icy!) that’s a bit similar to Ferrero Rocher but instead of nut, it’s crunchy inside. Maltesers perhaps?

Hani, selling cloths and shoes which I can’t fit.

The talented Aziz entertaining the crowd.

And lastly, Sas who was all cheery and excited while selling her yummy goodies! Don’t you just love buying things from a happy owner?

That’s all the photos I took during the event. Not much, because when I turned around, all my girlfriends already went in the car to escape the heat and left me all alone. Sorry peeps, for not staying longer and chit chat. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed myself during the short stay and it was fun to meet all the creative cooks again.

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chubbz said...

Hey No Problem! Its called Almond Choco Crumble Maltes.... Yes! Its Malteser inside! Hope u liked it=) Tq 4 droppin by! =)