Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hello May


A friend told me that my blog seems… uninteresting but it’s okay. I’m the one who “uninterestified” it anyway. Over the years, I’ve been more careful about blogging. I don’t want to blog anything about my friends because they seemed very against it. I don’t want to blog about my work because I’d got warned before. I don’t want to blog about my feelings and emotions because I know I’ll feel embarrassed about it like 10 minutes after publishing and terus delete it.

So there, I’m left with mindless stuff to blog. No complications, no controversies.

It’s only interesting when I post about my travelogues but I won’t be doing any travelling till September…

So how?

But the fact is, I’m actually enjoying my life! I have random outings with friends doing some sort-of adventurous stuffs like waiting for 30mins for a 20mins ride on ATV at Tungku beach. Trying out new restaurants and I don’t know, the first quarter of 2010 treated me so good that I don’t have any complains at all. Hence, less rant in this blog too.

Oh, I stumbled on this baby photo of mine…


I know, with some gold studs… I’m definitely looking like a Ghurka baby. Wide-spread eyes, garlic nose and I guess the only part that’s cute is my chubbiness. Heard from my mom that people loved to pinch my layers.

And, how the heck they get that bangle out of my sausage hand?!

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