Thursday, May 20, 2010


We just celebrated our 6th paktohversary…. 6!!! ENAM!!! LIU!!!! LAK !!! SIX !!! Pardon me for those exclamation marks because even I myself didn’t really see that coming. Just like how some people reacted when they realized Bobby and I have dated so long (and still acted as if we masih honeymoon period *eeseh*), and still belum kahwin.. *cough cough*

*KNOCKWOOD* Spit saliva – Don’t want to jinx it.

If you want to ask me what’s my secret, sorry ah, I also don’t know. Out of the blues I’ll also stopped and asked Bobby what’s making him loving me till now and vice versa, he’s also wondering the same.

And when I heard stories of couples throwing things at each other and swearing, it really freaks me out. We don’t shout when we’re having arguments. I guess, we’re just too calm and rational like that. When I’m really really mad at him, I’ll keep it to myself, hold the tears and do a lot of thinking up in the head, cooling myself down and wait for the right moment to speak. You know lar, nothing comes out from the mouth when you’re really angry one. Sometimes you just say things that you don’t even mean it and once you said it, cannot take back one. When I’m feeling better, I’ll tell him why did I react that way and how I feel. Our arguments always end up both apologizing because of the mess we created and the time wasted.

In relationships, any relationships, it’s either win-win or lose-lose.

Anyways, here’s some photos to quit the boredom.


We celebrated our paktohversary in Frangipani. We’re the only customers that night hence the food was served really quick (I like), though, I felt really paiseh when the waiter and waitress saw us camwhoring and if we laughed too loud, macam got echo.

His Ice Lemon Tea and my Apple Juice.

03 04

Self-timer is our best friend.

The interior of the restaurant really feels like “Vintage Rose”. Books and vintage posters everywhere.

The complimentary peanuts with anchovies! Yums!

Fish Stew – Our favorite of the night!!!!

It was really really good! When Bobby ordered it, I was strongly disliking the idea. I’m not a fish person, I only like fish when it’s “Fish & Chips”, “Fish Fingers” and “Steamed Fish” (must hot hot fresh from work somemore) and…. I sibeh takut if the fish stew Bobby ordered is going to smell like fish market (a place which I avoid going after a satisfying meal because I sure throw up one if I enter). But I was so wrong… sibeh limpeh good ah! Must order this ah!

My Pesto Surf n Turf

Love love love how lightly salted the grilled prawn skewers were.

The pasta…. er… a bit disappointing because it’s too dry for my liking.

Bobby’s Meatballs spaghetti.

Actually, no need to write if it’s mine or his. We have this habit of exchanging food after eating half of it.


Next, it’s the card exchanging time….

Er, the above photo is for illustration purpose only ah.

My “Card” from him.

He was saying something really cliché like,
“Oops baby, I broke the card, can you fix it for me?”

15 20
My Puzzle card – 6 pieces (because it’s our 6th paktohversary)


For him… A really simple one.


It’s a flag book. I got the idea when I was browsing through the really crafty and talented Rozi’s blog.

My handwriting… a bit crappy here because I should have write the message before sticking the photos. Sendiri cari pasal…

19 Flag book for beginner. 


Ending the night with one of my favorite sappy film – Fly me to Polaris (1999).
When Cecelia Cheung still looked fresh and innocent, probably belum kenal Edison Chen masa tu. I still cry when I watch this.. Same goes to “My left eye can see ghost”, mesti cry one… Sigh. My crying point super low one.

Not his anniversary gift.

These are the vintage football comics that he’d spent a lot in bidding in eBay. His anniversary gift is still on it’s way sailing from… US? Amazon oh Amazon… lambat eh! As for mine, I will choose it during our upcoming trip. Yoohooo!!!


Dear Bobby,

You’re the opposite of me,
the opposite of what I should have. 

The contrasts we create drive me crazy sometimes but I guess that’s what keep us going on too. 

Your Chalie



Tasha said...

Happy 6th Year Anniversary (= Now get marry!!

Nonnie King said...

We wait for Khim and Heng first. Hahahhaaa

**~Pu-3~** said...

Wah so long already~ Congratulation! ^^ The cards are amazing as usual. (Bobby's creation is cute!)

Anyway, where is Frangipani? Never heard of it :P

Nonnie King said...

Pu-3 : Frangipani arah Sengkurong, just opened like few months ago. Read it from Maurina's blog so went to have a try there.

Ya, "so long already", we 2 very old already also. Tapi masih kiutttt~ *prasaan*

Tina said...

Aww. Congratulations, and happy 6th anniversary! It'll be my 8th soon... Still not married either! Hahahaha.

You guys are so sweet ah. :)

Rozi.. The Artist said...

That's so cool, great flag book you made, bet he loved you for it. I'm very impressed, way to go!

And I'm also impressed with his puzzle heart pieces, I like the fact that both of you took the time out to make for each other, time is the best gift ever :-D

RL said...

this was an awesome post! super sweet to the max!

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hi Nonnie! Long long long time didn't poke in! How r both of u doing?? He! He! Still very lovely drovely!

May I know what to do if I decided to visit Brunei by car? I have got a passport & I know have to go to Miri first...........what other document I need?

Oh btw I have also want to poke into Baby Jee site but I cannot poke in? So how arrr???

I suppose u can poke in?

Wish both of u a very nice day!

Nonnie King said...

Rozi : Thanks Rozi, if it wasn't for your blog, I wouldn't get the idea too.

We've insisted over the years that we will not buy cards but make them ourselves no matter what. Like you said, time is the best gift ever.

RL : Bila your turn?

Nonnie King said...

Horny Ang Moh : WAHHHHH..!! Really long time no hear from you ah!

Okay, back to your question ah. Of course, you need your passport lah. Then, bring along a copy of your car blue card and insurance then the customs will issue you a car pass. As for the Brunei side, not sure if you need to fill form la or not lo.

I think that's about it kua.
Come to Brunei play play har you?