Sunday, May 16, 2010



Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon searching for the right things in order to build a puppet stand. Being hopelessly inexperienced shopping in a goldsmith, we finally found what’s good and cheap to build. Water pipes, 2 elbows and 2 t-joints! Man, I feel so macho mentioning those jargons! And also 4 pieces of styrofoam boards. A puppet stand for less than $30 and no knowledge of carpentry needed~

So, the stand part is solved. Next, puppets!

The main character in my upcoming puppet show is a crocodile, but… we can’t seem to find a crocodile hand puppet.. not even plushies! And other crocodile toys that we found seemed a little expensive too. Hence, we decided to make one ourselves, out of sock!

(FYI, buying green color socks is not an easy task too!)


There, “Adidas” socks selling for $2.90 a pair, with the green colour I want!

After 4 hours of cutting, sewing and gluing…

(Mind you, we have no instructions nor any craft books to follow. And, no internet to search for ideas too because Mabel’s wifi at home hated my lappie!)

P1100739 P1100738P1100736 P1100737 

So, waddaya think?

Yes, I know it looks a little “dinosaur-ish” and “dragon-ish” and “lizard-ish”… but I think this is the best crocodile puppet ever! One and only in the world okay~

p/s: Most work were done by Mabel, I only cut and glued the teeth and the scaly back (which.. you can’t really see from the above photos)


Mabel said...

hehehe...nice ba...
got blood and sweat one leh... (just a saying)
the socks also should be least become a puppet instead of socks people wear and step on...hahahha...

Nonnie King said...

True true, wear on hand say what also better than wear on foot~

You really think well for the sock.

Anonymous said...

Love it!!
I'm amazed at how a sock can be transformed.

Nonnie King said...

Anonymous : Thanks!

Anonymous said...

very creative

Bobby said...

Very nice. I was amazed that it turns out better than what I was expecting.

Nonnie King said...

Anonymous : Thankiewww!

Bobby : What? You expecting crap is it? Hahahha

**~Pu-3~** said...

That is sooo~ coool *_* I can never make such a perfect looking puppet.