Friday, May 7, 2010

Sometimes, I need a little impulse in purchasing


Impulse buying have never really apply on me, unless the item costs less than $10, or maybe $20. I’m just that analytical when it comes to purchase. Haih. Don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad. Seriously, you wouldn’t want to go shopping with me because I will stop you from buying things.. that is, if the item is really unnecessary.

Take for example, the tv in my room.

I’ve been saying since forever that I need a new tv because the current one has no blue color. You get what I mean? As in… the images shown are all displayed in either red, yellow or green. No blue sky, only green sky and sometimes I can’t even tell what color was that woman wearing. It’s a 20 years old Sony which my mom insists in keeping despite of the color distortion. 

I’d done a lot of surveying but… still no action taken.

Maybe.. I’m just waiting for a lucky draw prize.

*slow slow wait lah, wait long then will have - 个屁啊*

And lately, I’m caught in a dilemma of, whether I should get that bag or not.

A friend is coming back from UK and I know she can help me get it. As you know… price is always cheaper over there for bags. I saw a Burberry New Check Nylon tote pricing at £450.00 but, my friend bought it for about BND1,400 from Hong Kong. Few hundreds different!

I digress.

I was saying that I am thinking whether or not should I get the bag.



I love big bags because they’re like Doraemon’s pocket! Neverfull (NF) is definitely a good choice.

I like this because:

  • Roomy!
  • it’s low maintenance (which is very important to me)
  • the gorgeous red interior
  • Shoulder straps (Not into top handles as.. I like my hands free)


Hmm.. Damier Azur looks yummy too!

See how indecisive I am!


But, I’m worried about the peeling straps as I read from most forums because it tends to happen to Ebene. If something *knock wood* really happens, how am I going to send it for repair?

Should I get it.. or, save the money and go for my dream (Chanel 2.55)?


Decisions, decisions, decisions.


Em said...

I would go for both neverfull and chanel. You can always use Neverfull to work and use Chanel for dinner or shopping or etc. :D

Nonnie King said...

Em : You're not helping here... HAHHAHAHAA

May said...

I would actually go for the LV Neverfull as it fits more stuff and can be used for an everyday thing! I'm actually comtemplating whether to get one for myself.. Although I find Totally PM more rational as it comes with a zip. I feel 'safer' with it since I'm not in Brunei. hehehe

Nonnie King said...

May : Neverfull is like an everyday-bag! And I did consider getting Totally, like you say, got zip...

But the price is like 150-200 pounds more than NF and I'm karit. Hehehhe. Plus, I love dumping stuffs into my bag~

RL said...


then Chanel later~~~ LOL

-dee- said...

get the LV first...

nikki.szeli said...

Nonnie, Chanel 2.55!!

Dont chu think it's nice to have that bag for dinners and special occasions? =P

Nonnie King said...

Romena : Yes yes! Step by step, woo baby~

Dee : Ya.. at first I was a bit hesitant. But then I thought.. Hmm.. it costs like an iphone but this bag is gonna last longer than that, or a laptop! INVESTMENT!

Nikki : Bobby said I'll get my Chanel during our honeymoon~