Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meet Dayna


They got married on 888 and 10 months later, they have their little miracle popped out.

Meet Dayna Arisya Hong.

It is always fun to visit friends who just gave birth because I’m curious as a cat having tons of questions to ask. Like, was the process painful and all sort of little random things just to you know.. get the thrill of it and freak myself out. Hehhehee.

I’m secretly having a stats of “Women and Delivery” in my heart. Most says it hurts like a *toot* but also.. there were some really healthy and kuat one saying it’s not as scary as what you heard in those rumours.

Anyway, my super-kuat colleague Shirley gave birth to baby Dayna yesterday at 1+am and when we visited her in the evening, she’s active as a bull! She didn’t look weak or tired, she just looked so… normal!


There, Baby Dayna and The-Auntie-who’s-obsessed-with-kambings~

Having more short post to blog..

1 comment:

Tina said...

OMG!! BABY!! I love babies!!

Dayna's picture is already emitting that lovely baby smell!