Friday, June 12, 2009

My old Lumix is no longer a “钟无艳”


Ever since my old lumix’s paint started to fall off, I called it 钟无艳.


Nevermind if you don’t know who is 钟无艳.
And today after lunchie with the besties, I went shopping alone at Soon Lee and bought myself some stickers.


End result, *ta da*


Not exactly what you call perfect but, can liao lar.
Mai hiam eh sai liao.
Not easy to cut through that piece of sticker okay.



Not bad hor?

And… since Bobby disallowed me to bling my Elsie, err… a little sticker on the lens cap won’t hurt lah hor.


I’m beginning to love trying out different settings in my camera.



p/s: I’m so going to love my weekend this week!
If rajin I’ll take lots of pictures and blog ya.


nikki.szeli said...

Your sticker on your Elsie I LOIKE!


Nonnie King said...

Ya! So ruggedly cute~

Imaan said...

Nice colours on your older lumix! Heading towards the path of Xiaxue eh!

Nonnie King said...


I can never be Xiaxue because I don't have the patience to stick the crystal biji by biji.

Putting on the sticker maybe is the best I can do already. LOL