Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I miss P31 / SSS


November 30th 2008, one of the most important day in my life….


I still remember the day cikgu returned our exercise books after correcting our very first karangan “Erti Falsafah Melayu Islam Beraja (MIB) kepada keluarga saya”. He threw all our exercise books back to us with big big cross on the page. It was the very first time that I encountered the infamous Mansor’s ROAR and told myself never mess with this teacher. He’s definitely not your average teacher who will just close-one-eye on matters and let you go.

Gosh, I really miss the class lah!
(But not the tennis-ball throwing, roaring, sending regards to my “nini” and smelling cikgu’s ciggies though… although, these are cikgu’s trademark. Sorry~)


It nearly drove me crazy the month before the test. Everyday rushing like mad dog to tuition and rushed back to the hostel for the 11pm curfew. Not forgetting to mention the assignments, exams and my suffocating part-time job which worries me all the time.

But I guess it’s just a test that was given by God to prove my strength and stamina. Like cikgu said,

Salah satu sifat warganegara yang bail ialah menerima segala cubaan Tuhan dengan redha dan selalu bersabar menghadapi rintagan.

In Ban Hiong, having our lunch then quick quick rushed back to class liao.

And.. I think I have the coolest bunch of classmates. They are all so funny and cool in their own ways. People asked me how’s the class after attending the first lesson and I answered, “It feels like you’re attending some sort of Chinese association function! There’s like 50 Chinese in the room and we’re all the same!”. I guess what I meant that time was, no one understands how we feel except for our own kind.

Eddie, Jessie and Michelle and half of Vivian who was trying to memorize some Bahasa Brunei.

Let me share one of their classic example of their awesome-est linking method.

Kotor = Kamah
- when kotor then have to find amah lo!

My contribution was, Siput = Takuyung
Ta – big in Mandarin
kuyung – butt in foochow
so Takuyung = big butt = snail

….. okay, maybe it only works well for Foochow.


This was taken on the test eve. See, my eyes super cannot make it.

I just finished my Saiko PP0201 paper and then rushed to tuition already (for the Indian food. LOL). Nearly pengsan that day because of the anxiety for the big test and felt all worn out. Then finally cannot tahan and balik hostel mandi and continued pia again at night.


We’re the “Eh! Orang UBD!” – and Jacq joined our table on the last day and enjoyed the company. Of course lah~ Hahahhahaa.

Everytime when no one can answer cikgu’s question, he would turn to us and said, “Eh.. orang UBD pun inda pandai kah?” and forced an answer out from us. And when we volunteered to answer, he said.. “Eh.. selalu kamu ni saja.. orang lain bah!”



And this was taken at like …. 10pm? 
Pretty Jacq and YeeJan didn’t wanna layan us.
Eddie and I were having some Q&A session that phew, luckily we had it because some of the vocabs in it that we mentioned came out in the papers.




Us. Our gathering after the test! All relaxed and gila.

Hmm…. where’s the legendary picture that all of us pointed at cikgu and did a revenge ninimu ah?


Last picture,





All these, wouldn’t be possible if it’s without one man.


Cikgu Mansor, the legendary man whose life can be written and get his biography published to inspire every citizens of Brunei Darussalam.

To be honest, I never really knew the true meaning of MIB before entering his class. My secondary MIB textbooks talked about gotong-royong, the local kuehs and traditional games. And cikgu gave us an really insightful lecture about the philosophy of MIB and why we have and need it as our national philosophy. 

He asked us to question ourselves why did we all wanted to be citizens of Brunei Darussalam. Is it because of the benefits and privileges provided by our generous government? For me the reason is simple, I want to belong to a country. I grew up in Brunei and I adore this piece of land that brought me up. I want to be part of this country.
I thought I’ll never say it but… I sibeh miss having class with Ckg Mansor and my classmates. Well, I just hope he won’t throw tennis balls at me anymore (I talk-back a lot, sometimes..)

And, he just granted me permission to crash his class in the future. LOL!
Jom Soly!!! Let’s go in October!


Mansor said...

You can also write my obituary when I die... Hehehe...

Thank you for your trust in me guiding you & the rest...

Mansor said...

You can also write my obituary when I die... Hehehe...

Thank you for your trust in me guiding you & the rest...

Nonnie King said...

Cikgu Mansor : Cannot. My English not as good as Jan.

And thank you Cikgu!
Come out yamcha with us one day okay? We're planning on the third gathering now.

Laucy said...

i spot my uncle there...