Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hello from Phnom Penh

Finally!All my birthday wishes I made on last birthday came true! Passed the most important test in my life, got super flying colours for my UBD exam papers and... VISITED CAMBODIA (just for Angkor-ism)!

I was mesmerized and stunted for the beauty of that place. It´s just so incredible that I find it hard to find any suitable vocabs to describe my feelings.

I think I´ve slowly fallen in love with this country...

Everything is so new and too ¨out of the box¨ for us!
Very sakai you know!

More updates when I´m back in Brunei.

Today´s itin - Toul Sleng Musuem, maybe the killing field then back to Bangkok (for more shopping!)

p/s: There´s no 7/11 or shopping malls in PhnomPenh.We spent most of our money on food and transport... ONLY!

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