Thursday, June 18, 2009

My ultimate tool for camwhoring


I was so happy that my QuikPod arrived just in time!!!


No idea what QuikPod is?
Click here.

Bought it from eBay.
Seriously.. eBay is a shopping paradise for lazy bum like me. It’s easier to compare prices and window-shopping in eBay may sound a little pathetic for you but.. like Amri (Mr. Gokil) said.. save minyak cos no need to travel so many places and no need see muka of sales attendants. Not good meh?




For you all who loves to camwhore.. you may consider about this.


Instead of getting usual pictures like these (as above), not much of a background.. big pancake faces (sorry.. I know it’s not the distance fault that cause my face looks so big and round… but I’m sure other does)…

this, is what you can get with help from QuikPod.


Hehehe. Better lah hor?

I guess the good thing about having a QuikPod… No need to worry that someone will ran away with your camera when you ask strangers to help you take pictures.

Just that, I wonder if Mau will feel malu camwhoring with me with a QuikPod.
Karang people staring…


Imaan said...

Love ebay and amazon! But the shipping charges can be too much at times.

Nonnie King said...

LOL. The QuikPod's shipping is FOC. That's why I bought it.


Imaan said...

No way!!! *Sigh* Lucky you! I always end up buying items whose shipping charges are so much more than the price of the item itself!

Tina said...

Siuk jua! I want one too now. :(

Nonnie King said...

Imaan : You have no idea how much time I can spent browsing pages in eBay. And now.. I quit the "bad habit" temporary~

Tina : It is kinda cool. Hehehe

27 said...

if i use this on my SLR..gerenti i will lose my SLR coz it will fall down as i adjust to it T__T

- Amri - said...

Haha... Who doesn't love e-Bay?! People nada money pun wanna buy stuffs from there! Btw, I guess QuickPod is a simple tripod? Hehe

Nonnie King said...

27 : Got QuikPod for SLR versions mah~

Amri : Ya.. it's like tripod actually.. just fit for camwhoring.