Sunday, June 28, 2009

Back in action.. soon


Yeap yeap.
I’m back in Brunei yesterday and nope, we didn’t get quarantine.

Received a semi-good news once I turned on my phone.

Erm.. spent almost 2 hours unpacking and sorting out the gifts I bought for friends.

I have to say this first, I didn’t buy everyone a gift so please ah kawan-kawan… don’t marah if I didn’t buy you anything. It’s my trip anyway, meaning, I should focus on me myself more right? Right?

Took almost 4GB of photos so please do give me some time to blog. I will try to blog my travelogue on a day-to-day basis and I certainly hope I won’t miss out anything that’s blog-worthy.

I miss BANGKOK! I miss the friends there.
I miss the convenience.
But, not so much of Phnom Penh, albeit I do have a lot to blog about the Cambodia trip. That country is just so… disturbingly charming.

I need to catch up my series from Astro On Demand.

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