Sunday, June 7, 2009

Proud to be an aquaholic


Okay, here’s something I have not done for a pretty long time in my blog. An entry with no pictures. LOL. A sort-of heart-to-heart thingie that involves me and myself.

Fact: I’m becoming more and more auntie every minute!


Seriously! Nowadays I easily freaked myself out thinking of all sort of possible outcomes over stuffs and whatnots. Like, shit… what if we miss the last bus/plane/boat back? What if all the hotels are fully booked? What if I get married in my 30s then my reproduction organs just don’t want to co-operate with the husband? What if something bad happened and I …… choi choi choi!

(Ptui! Spit saliva say again.)

You see what I mean? I’m so auntie that I think next time when I drive to BSB I’ll probably stock up minyak kapak in my car, then a plastic bag just in case, you know.. motion sickness, and today I even asked my trusted mechanic, “Urmm.. My (car) battery already 3 years plus liao oh.. you think I should change it already? What if the car won’t start one day ah?” And he’s like.. “You got those free towing services right? Why you worry?”

Ngai ti…………………….

And I’ve been really organized lately. Unfortunately, that “organize” thingie doesn’t apply to my wardrobe and my room….

Anyway, that’s not what I intended to blog. I just somehow drifted away… See! Another symptom that shows that I’m becoming very makcik! Very loh-soh and talk east talk west then no conclusion one!

* * *


Remember I put up a question in my blog and fb asking, “Do you Eat to Live, or Live to Eat?”

Guess what, more than 80% answered the later.

Sad ah!

I know everyone tends to be a little stress-out due to all those unforeseen circumstances like flu, recession, natural disasters and so on.. Hence, we divert our attentions to food, the (probably) one and only source to happiness and worry-free moments in our lives.

I’m okay with “I DON’T CARE! I WANNA EAT WHAT I WANNA EAT TODAY!” once in awhile because I also have silly cravings at times but.. definitely not every single day. Siao meh? So kerlian my body.

Eh eh eh… you never heard of the saying
身体发肤,受之父母,不敢毁伤,孝至始也 meh?

Must take care of our health one bah. Cannot always suka-hati eat whatever you want.

I’d heard from a friend that there’s a man who eats two portions of food for every meal. If he’s eating out, he would order one noodle and another plate of rice, that’s ONE, SATU meal. And yes, he finishes everything. Of course, his shape is definitely what we would categorized as “fit”. What worries me is, he’s married with children, won’t he want to be aware of his health because if he collapses, who is going to take care of his family?

I believe you and I have heard countless “horror” stories about men/women all of the sudden had heart attack/stroke/whatever organ failure and lost the ability to work, or even worse… lost their lives. smile_sad Our bodies signal us the signs but everyone is just too busy to slow down the pace and pause, think of what are the foods you’d been eating, think when was the last time you had exercised, think when was the last time you had a body check-up.

Don’t you think it’s very scary?

Then, there’s this mother who feeds her child with fast foods all the time, and even let the child tried out adult food like pickled mangoes dipped in kicap with chilies…. (yes I know, nyaman kali ah~) Mind you, the child is only 3 and every now and then, the child asks for fast foods and the parents don’t see why it’s not a good choice.

Aiyer… for me, being healthy is also a way to show responsibility towards the people you love. Not meh? If you truly love someone, you wouldn’t want him/her to worry about your health, you want to take care of them for as long as you can, you want them to be happy and healthy too what, kan?

Well, at least cut down the caffeine and sugar intakes by drinking less coffee and soft drinks. Drink water! They’re free and healthy!

Heck. Why am I even worrying for others making me sound like some insurance agent?


Urm… because God is trying to be fair?
Ntah eh.




I’m just going to mind my own business and … anyone has a nice detox plan that’s easy to stick with? I think I’d accumulated lots of wax and toxins in my tummy after 9 months of hostel life with at least 2 packets of instant noodles a week and dining out almost everyday.

Ah…. it’s good to be home with healthy (albeit tasteless, sometimes) home-cooked meals and unlimited supply of clean drinkable water.

I’m a proud AQUAHOLIC!
(Honestly, I do think that plain water is 世界上最好喝的!)

Oh btw, I’m not that crazy to drink Evian or some dunno melted snow or whatever water only lah.


peacelovekindness said...

Hahahhaaha :D You are funnier than Aunty May of Kristal FM fame, Teacher "auntie" Nonnie! :) Let's all eat and be merry till heart aches in da tummy ;)

Bobby said...

But towing service for car expensive, no meh?