Monday, June 15, 2009

A lazy way to blog… Weekend 13 & 14 June



Malas.. oh malas.
Imma just put captions again okay?


1. Old GB, New GB


Suzie came up with the sweetest gift ideas. Getting Ckg Hjh a bouquet of flowers was damn sweet don’t you think?


2. The TP-ers giving a speech


…. they all got given souvenirs and gifts lah. Wa leh? Mana wa punya?
Wa pun TP teacher di sana boh. Kenapa wa tidak ada itu plesen?
Wa malah!

p/s: I love speaking in cacat Malay with extra punch of Cheenaness in it to entertain my colleagues.


Anyway.. this is what was given. Damn creative and practical kan?


3. Sabrena with her daughter Mimi.


Haiyah.. eyes big till… give me 1/3 wa pun hepi sudah!


4. Foods I ate… Trunch~

P1020137 P1020138P1020140 P1020141P1020142 P1020150        

Oh by the way.. I forgot to mention, the event was.. Farewell party for our ex gb, pgb and the tp teachers. We PSJs do things like a big family, tidak ber-you-you-i-i punya toh.


5. Rohana & Vky


I told them I’m going to take picture yet they ignored me and didn’t wanna pose. See, food more important.


6. Rohana & I… with Isa at the side enjoying his ice cream kali.



7. Vky & I… Felt like a giant standing beside her.


Oh.. I was wearing my 4” heels.

8. Left - My very first “boss” in school whom I really respect and salute.
    Right – TerryNike, Ckg Hjh, “Dr House” and Nyallau

P1020156 P1020157


9. Last pic before we left RBC.


It was fun, definitely way fun-er than having our usual eat-outs in Belait district, with air-conditioners and people cleaning up for us after eating. Hehhehe. I’m not complaining that it’s not fun eating at the library or dewan okay. It’s just that the atmosphere that afternoon was really really chirpy and everyone was just smiling and joking.

Probably because it’s the last day of term 2 anyway…


10. First picture Bobby took using my camera. Epic fail.


After trunch, went to Bobby’s place and left my car there and hopped in his as he willingly offer to drive me around… and back to Seria.

I was showing him how awesome my new Elsie (camera) was and asked him to play with it. And… the very first picture he took is the (above) crappy, blurry picture that has multiple shadows on everything.

Yes baby, you’re super duper artistic that even with iA (intelligent auto.. remarkable function in my camera that allows any idiots to take splendid photo) … you manage to screw it up. You steady.


11. Sunset, chingchai took it when the car it moving… again, with iA and nothing else.

P1020172 copy

I am yet to discover all those wonders that shutter, aperture and iso do.



P1020175 P1020168P1020182

By the way… I forgot to mention this.

When Bobby saw me, the very first thing he said to me was..
“OH. MY. GOD. YOU LOOK….. *continue with a puffer fish look*”

Yes. Thank you baby. Thank you very much. What the heck right?! We just met like last week.. and within a week I gained so much weight till my boyfriend had to “OMG” me! No thanks to all the yummy breakfasts my colleagues prepared man.

Then.. then… makan angin soon again. Haih… no can be thin loh.


13. My beloved ckp baby

P1020184 P1020185

14. Breakfast @ Sutera Biru.


P1020189 P1020190 P1020192

And the picture on the right is Cha-Liong, something I had never tried. Its cakoi wrapped in cheong-fun skin. Not bad not bad.

And.. we ate way more than this of course. Just that.. I was so excited when the food was served and terus makan.. We ordered fried lo bak gou lah, siew mai lah.. lo mai kai laa…

The chicken porridge on the left is ichiban-desioooo~ Creamy porridge with shredded chicken, telur masin punya egg yolk and century egg! High cholesterol till… nvm~ nyaman can liao.


15. The handle of the tea cup was too small for Bobby’s fat fingers. Sampai he had to hold it like that.



16. Spotted! Bobby junior!!!


17. I really thought that kid looked like Bobby when he was a kid lor. See, the eyes sama one… Chubby chubby one some more, except.. Bobby said he was fatter than this kid when he was young… –_-“



18. Wanted to take picture of that little boy but.. he kept shying away, yet curi-curi look at me boh.


And that’s Bobby with that “Malas layan you” look.


19. Last picture for the post.



Baby Ethan, Jeff’s son, who weighs damn “solid” with really firm muscles and not just flabby arms. He’s okay with anyone who tries to carry him. I love sporting babies! Those touch-also-cannot-talk-also-cannot babies are damn annoying sometimes… Crap! I think I was like that when I was a kid!

And Ethan’s kung-kung and pa-pa in the background preparing for the birthday-singing, cake-cutting session.


Okay, that’s it for now..
Visiting Shirley’s baby later. So exciting eh!

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