Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun @ Early Childhood


My boo and almost the entire Mornie squad came down to Belait yesterday (oh yes, my saviour from Lord BORING-SHI-WO!). Funny ah, when I’m super bored sure langsung no one find me one. But then, when got someone asks me out ah.. then sure got others text me jio me out too.

Maybe next time I should put up my organizer online so people know when to jemput me. Mmm… maybe not. Later you all know how unpopular I am in real life because I’m super friendless + no market + loner + “zai-nu” in Seria.

Okie, photos taken in chronological order.

1. Soly Mornie helping Mrs Mornie to pick


Oh ya, their one and only motive of coming down to KB is to get Crocs. 3 cars ah don’t play play. And so I soon-pien brought Bobby along because he had never been to Early Childhood.


2. Bobby stood there in front of the shelves for as long as I can remember


He loves kiddies books and so I did a very “mother thing” to him. I told him,
“You choose one book. I pay for you ok?”

Don’t know leh. We’re one weird couple. We’re very generous for when it comes to buying him/her things he/she likes and needs, but super karit to ourselves. I know he will never buy it for himself so I offered.

Oh btw, he looked pretty lean and fit on the above photo hor?
It’s all illusion people, just illusion. HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA


3. Super zoomed in


Know why it’s cool?
Cos hor, the books ber-gigi with googly eyes. 

You see you see!


4. Me being jobless




5. The gladiator girl and the canvas boy


Aiseh man~


6. After like 20 mins… he finally made up his mind.


Freaking disgusting cover. See you all still wanna eat zhu-da-chang (a type of dimsum, oink-oink’s intestine) or not!


7. My boyfriend no.2 – Napolegoean


Bobby said I tend to look more and more bimbotic in pictures now. Ya, it’s all Soly’s fault. HHAHAHAAHAA.


8. Danish, in his orange crocs (which he chose himself) and riding the wooden giraffe.


Cute or not cute or not?


9. Now, meet my friend.


Wanted to ps a fairy dress on her but it looked damn cacat when I tried. So I just gave her a fairy wand.

She will only grant your wish if you don’t annoy her. Hahahhahaaa.

Then, we became duck and elephant.

10. Call me Nonnie Quack.



11. Soly the Fairy’s twin sister, So-Sil-Ly who jumped into the wrong reincarnation portal and became an elephant. LOL.



12. And she went to have the ultimate rhinoplasty to fix her trunk and became a pirate.



13. Yes Madam!

(Yes, now is the time you tell me “Eh.. You don’t look 26”)

Hhehehhee. No one was looking so yeah, we super layan sendiri by trying on all sort of stupid stuffs. Too bad the Tom and Jerry costume were hang and we’re not crazy enough to take it out and put on our heads.

14. Who says pirate and British police can’t be friends?


Now I know! Pout + senget face gives me THIN FACE!

My gladiators nice or not? Very very cheap one not like those they sell in Summit. I saw so many pairs of gladiators in Brunei but they’re all a little pricey (more than $30 a pair is considered pricey to me because I’m hard-core when it comes to shoes… very fast buruk because I walk a lot and I always accidentally step on puddles or get my soles stuck in longkang).

I bought my gladiators in Boulevard for only RM30+

Cheap or not cheap or not?

Speaking of which, I can’t wait to go shopping in Bangkok!!!!!


15. So many buaya~


Okay, I lapar now.
Lunch first



Josephine said...

Hi nonnie,

Mind to tell where does Early Childhood located?

Nonnie King said...

In Pandan 7, near to Soon Lee.
Its at the building opposite to Nissan showroom