Tuesday, February 17, 2009

His 25th Birthday Celebration


So, my fat guy celebrated his 25th birthday last week...

Seriously, I really hate the fact that his birthday is so near to Valentine's Day and this demanding boyfriend of mine always put on a silly grin and hint that he should be getting 2 cards at that time around.

Eh, you think making a card so easy kah? Somemore his birthday is just 3 days before Valentine's. I where got so free I ask you?

But luckily for this year, with my assignments piling up (like how constipated poop finally get released from the bowel.. okay, stop picturing it. Its disgusting I know) , I got myself an excuse getting an extension for the Valentine's card and pray that he will gradually forget about it and act like nothing happen. HHAHHHAHHAA, I'm smart! but as for his birthday, still gotta plan things up to give him a little surprise.

1. Look at his stupid grin

My mum cooked him his favourite soup and I had to bring it all the way up to BSB and kept it as a surprise forcing him to come over an hour before our reservation in the restaurant.

Gosh.. the soup was so smelly imo but he loved it! I was totally disgusted when seeing my mum preparing it because the cleaning progress was so troublesome and geli! Great, my boyfriend loves the disgusting pork belly pepper soup and sooner or later I have to cook it for him. Haih, so kasian ah me.

After a few sips, he looked at me with puppy eyes and said..
"Bi... must I finish it now?" - in a super kasian tone.

"Up to you la.. it's yours already", I answered him impatiently.


Wah lao eh.. got so precious or not? Macam kana lottery like that.



2. The restaurant we dined in for his birthday..


3. The view from my seat

Yup, we got ourselves a lomentik window seat.


4. Just the two of us



5. The food we ordered

Seaweed Soup (which tasted like plain water because it was SUPER slightly salted), Claypot brinjal with mince chicken (because we love BRINJALS!) and the infamous Coconut prawns.

Ya, we only ordered that much because ... only 2 people nia how to finish? Even these 3 dishes already susah-payah to habis already.

6. After 30 minutes...


7. It's time to open up the card

Yes. That's his birthday card that I made from scratch.
Who says greeting cards have to be all flat and 2D-ish?

8. With a muffin on the top
LOL. I'm not hinting about his current physique.


9. Upon opening his "card"

The glittery thickers were the acronym for his name. BLKW.
And lots of kisses from me.

10. Opening and reading

11. My desert

Him: I thought you said you're very full already?
Me: You don't know women have a separate tummy for deserts meh?


12. Our only couple-photo taken in the restaurant


13. The beauty of self-timer
taken at the parking lot.


Next morning, which is the actual day of his birthday...

14. I prepared him breakfast

The things I can cook inside my hostel room is very limited. I just baked some potato sticks, boiled the sausages inside the jug kettle and as for the heart-shaped foil... can you guess?


Yeap, I was trying to make Sunny side up.
But.. the problem was, I forgot to bring up some oil or butter. Having no choice, I used this.

15. The oil from the Indofood Mi Goreng sachet

Hah. Talking about innovative.

Brushed the oil, cracked the egg and popped it into the oven for 2 minutes.
Easier than making a half boiled egg.


16. His breakfast

2 cheese sausages, an egg and 5 potato sticks.


17. Wrote him a note


Hehehee. Its good to have an ex-classmate working in the same company with your boyfriend. Intan helped me to pass the food to him in the office and surprised him. Haih, so sweet of me kan? Puke

18. My breakfast, without the oil


Fast forward to malam...

19. The cake Sister-Lim got for him


20. Super awkward when we all sang the birthday song for him..

Pardon his ugly shirt, its already considered as "well-dress" because he normally wears uglier than that at home.

21. The obligatory couple shoot

Wah lao eh.. didn't know I was that short standing next to him kaki-ayam. I always thought that I'm just 10cm shorter than him one leh.

22. Strawberry cheesecake


After the cutting cake session, we continued watching Bolt from his PC, slouching on the big round rotan chair.


23. Squeezing on the same chair

The End.

I know, you still don't know what I gave him for his birthday right..
Will blog more in the next post.. which I don't know bila because I have one presentation and one essay due on this coming Saturday.

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kelly said...

kelian de bobby~~because of king's jealousy, she made him back to his old shape = the old bobby looks~~ no more "ham" bobby anymore ahahahaha

and king, *fainted** uses indo mee oil to fry egg, also you can thought of??? *gaspss**

Drifting Cloud said...

Wow.. you really DIY so much... hehehe... can't wait till u blog about the continuation of the birthday celebration...

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : Apalah.. I stop forcing him to eat since last year. He sendiri always work late late and sapu all the leftovers one.

Not my fault that he gains weight somemore I already tiap-tiap hari complain he sibeh pui now...

I'm innocent. *kerlian eyes*

DC : No choice, no money to buy pretty cards so make myself to save money lor.

Drifting Cloud said...

Nonnie: I love DIY things a lot. Used to make lots of those things for my ex. I enjoyed the process of planning and making them. What a memory

Nonnie King said...

DC : A lor, I also don't know why some people think that I very "free" when I DIY. Priceless one mah if make myself isn't it?

Drifting Cloud said...

Yes... I agree.... It will be the one and only in this world... and filled with the love of the person who make it...