Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yes! I'm complaining!


Last Saturday my classmates (Sol, Ziah and Feezah) and I went to Nasi Katok Kaka (Rimba) for lunch and seriously, the dining experience was terrible.

Leave the quality of foods aside, I'm talking about the service.

While we eating and chit-chatting, one of the Indonesian female staff came over and served Ziah's orders. Ziah sat on my left and I had no idea why the staff served her from my right.. Lazy to take extra that two steps I reckon. Unaware of her presence on my right, I accidentally bumped into her serving tray with my elbow and she straight away shouted something really offensive..

Yes. The title for this post.




I thought I heard wrongly but I could see how shocked Feezah's face was.. And everyone stopped talking for a moment. I felt upset over it and asked the worker,

Me: Excuse me... what did you just say?

I gave her a chance to apologize but she did not! Instead she just fled from the scene leaving all of us speechless.

My goodness.

Seriously. How could she?
I know it was unintentional but it's so offensive.

Even Soly was irked by it and asked me to take a picture of the lady so that I can post it up in my blog but I thought I'll just pass. But still, if the management of Kaka is reading this, please... educate your staffs.

Totally disgusted by her words.


uglyfatchick (Chicky) said...

what does it means? I know mati means die.. do cina means?

Nonnie King said...

Cina means Chinese lor.
So it means.. CHINESE DEAD/DIE

LSM said...

Try not to let it bother you. There are people like this all over the world.

Nonnie King said...

LSM : A lor... What can I do kan?

Princess Nashwa said...

Goodness ... If it was me, I would have summon the management there and then for that racially deragotary remarks. IF they refuse to apologize, just walk out of the restaurant and don't bother paying.. !!! Customers don't pay to get insulted... *funming* hehe

Starboykb said...

Any where we go in Asia are always having trouble with Racists issue. its normal nowadays. just ignore it, maybe she have some grudge against the Chinese in Indonesia or whom she previously work with before.

Nonnie King said...

Liza : Aiyah.. you know I'm not as feisty as you to stand up for myself one lah... If only you were there with me that time.

Starboykb : Mm huh. Its sad to say but.. like you said, already biasa liao sometimes.

nikki.szeli said...

racist much? -_______-|||

Nonnie King said...

Nikki : Heh. I'm boycotting it for now. No Nasi Katok KAKA for me until I forget the incident.

nikki.szeli said...


where is that place kan? wait ~ i shall check the blog =D

RL said...

so despicable! yeah I would like to stop her and say.. what the f*ck is your problem? even though my malay is so incompetent.. CINA MATI I can still understand~!!! *GRRRrrrrRrr* She is still an Asian after all, BeeeeeyatcHhhhh! Sorry about my offensive language.. hehehe

Hope she serves nasih katok forever :E

Nonnie King said...

Nikki : Nasi Katok Kaka in Rimba.

RL : LOL, your angry comment is so cute.