Wednesday, February 11, 2009



(This is a super outdated post which was suppose to be published on last Monday but sekali my laptop conked... That explains the delay. Oh ya.. my laptop is back! Wooohooo! But, still gotta finish up my assignment.)


1Out of boredom, or I should say, with the festive mood as an excuse to dine out and 3 boring friends whom had nothing better to do since there's no kaki to gamble and out of idea where to pai-nian, we opted for an auspicious "Lou-Sang" session in Kaizen.


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Haih.. My hair so long now... I mean longer lah. Kinda hilang the "trendiness" already don't you think?  Anyway, to our dismay, the Yee-Sang that we'd been waiting for "habis" already. And I jokingly looked at the waiter and said, "If this year I don't have any fortune, its your fault. I cannot lou-sang to yell out my wishes.



So yeah, we then order the super authentic "yee-sang".
Salmon uzukuri... very original leh. Totally fit the word "Yee" (Fish) "Sang" (Raw) okay. The drawback was... cannot really "lou" it high high. And I could only whisper to myself all the things I wished for like... more money, stay healthy, pin-pin-an-an, xue-ye/ shi-ye-jin-pu those.



5   It was Theen's first visit to Kaizen (Seria) that night and... the impression wasn't very good as the waiter took a wrong order of the food and tabalik said that Theen didn't mention it earlier.. with a slight unpleasant tone.

Waiter: *Served a plate of Teriyaki Chicken*
Us: Erm.. We ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Bento.
Waiter: But you ordered (bla bla bla the name of the chicken teriyaki)
Us: No, we wanted the chicken teriyaki bento.. with rice.
Waiter: Next time, just say you want the bento.
Us: *-__-" WTH.. why talk liddat one*

Oh well, he did smiled when served the teriyaki bento later so at least we're not that aggravated liao.

And, my soft shell crab temaki was nice~ Don't know why, nowadays I prefer hand rolls than nigiri and maki. Ah... I know liao, because I don't have to share with anyone. I can have one for me myself and no other people can have a bite.
To Bobby Lim: If I offer you my temaki, that's because I'm trying to be nice and polite. Please kindly order your own temaki if you want to try one. I don't share my temaki.

(Sad hor having girlfriend like me..)


The Japanese pizza (lupa the name already) was really nice to our surprise. Probably the best dish that night. If the mayonnaise can kurang sikit, then I think it will be better.




I love my camera... Okay, I just thought that the above photo damn chun la. But I seriously need to get a new one because the screen is harder and harder to "revive" nowadays. I couldn't check my photos after taking them and worse, there's no view finder in my camera so I can only agak-agak estimate when the screen's light is off.

First thing I want to buy after getting my salary, CAMERA!
Or maybe a new washing machine for my mum... and a TV in my room because the old one really can throw away liao.

Back to Kaizen.
After eating, we then asked for the bill and guess what... we hadn't even pay for our food and the bill came with change in it! No lah, not because someone belanja us, but the waiter/waitress had made a mistake. Scary hor. If we're dishonest people, we could have taken the money and cabut. But then.. when SL paid off the bill, we waited for more than 5 minutes to get our change back. And so we headed to the cashier counter there... Sekali, don't know what happen.. our bill and change were no where to be found. Luckily the waiter remembered that we paid $50 and gave us back the change. If not, really "holland" lor.

And.. Theen muttered that she still preferred Excapade and will not go to Kaizen anymore.. in the recent months I guess? My first visit to Kaizen also like "poo-poo" what. But the services and food improved and I have no complains now.. except, the soy sauce sibeh salty and the wasabi not spicy enough loh...

Next, we went to Allen's house. We played cards but no money was involved, whereas the other table gambled really "big"! Hehehee. But we benefited from the other table because we all "wat" the winner to belanja Pizza Hut. Hahhaaa. After eating a slice or pizza and munching the delicious chicken wing, we all balik kampung. Really pat-pat the butt and cabut.



The four of us who just played cards and waited for the pizza to arrive.

Kelly was suppose to be in this picture but oh well... she had better, and more important thing to attend to...


.. which was, summoning "old-uncle" (Joker) to pay her visits on the rummy table. This is what you get when you have a "lan-du" girlfriend. Hahahhaa.

Just kidding lah, this Kelly must be shouting and swearing when she reads the above line. It's just once a year and I guess it can be forgiven lah.


Pauline said...

Japanese pizza - Okonomiyaki. love it lots! :D

kelly said...

don worry I wont swear at you....bcoz if it wasn't me on the table, u wont get to eat pizza hut + chix wings too ok??? hahahaha!
Well, If don happy happy gamble with the others, then do what? really pai nien sit sit and look at each other asking to "eat la eat la"...................................

08D0317 said...

Pau Lene : But hard to find nice one lor..

Kelly : Hhahahaa. Then that means I have to "Thank you very much" lor.

Then you thank me back for keeping KL company ah.