Friday, February 13, 2009


Know what.... It finally had happened to me.
For all these times that I'd secretly grinned in my heart thinking, "Lucky it wasn't me". See, sometimes there are something that you can never speak too soon one.

Ke... Ke... KETULAHAN...

What am I talking about?
Here, a clue for you.

I don't know why my room tend to have this really weird (old people) smell that I think comes from the wardrobe or bed and I have this really good/bad habit of leaving the windows opened for ventilation purposes. Friends had warned me about it but I would just flipped my hand and said,

"Aiyah... If wanna raid long time already raid liao lah.. I always leave it open one but nothing happen pun, Okay one lah....."

Ya. Okay one.. MY FOOT AH!

It happened on last Wednesday...

I packed up my laptop and walked to ICTC for free Internet access (Hehlow people... DST hotspot very mahal leh... I rather use WAVE lah) thinking it would be okay to leave my window opened (small small gap nia) because I was just going to be away for an hour or so, looking for more reference and stuffs for my assignment.. And also get my blog post published.

Sikali hor.. saya punya kawan hostel sms saya wor.. dia cakap
"Nonnie, u didn't close your window. Monkeys went into ur rum 2 take ur fud..."

Ceng ceng ceng ceng..
Happy lor me. Finally happened to me liao lor. Can smile or not now?

I quick-quick packed my lappie and walked back to the hostel in my 4" high heels because I left my comfy sandals in the car and I forgot to take my car keys with me.. terpaksa wore that killer heels that cannot run fast, thinking what food did I left inside my room...

Oranges, pears, some instant noodles and seaweed bars...

Okay lah.... at least my potato wedges, fish fingers, eggs, milk, cereals are all in the fridge. Should be safe lah. A-but-then... My camera, DS and other ojipalas like bajus, cosmetics and other sa-bou-lang-chang also inside the room! If the monkeys go and play with my stuffs how? My heart not strong enough for that eh!

Stop scaring yourself King! If anything happen also you sendiri cari one. Who ask you keh-kiang (act-smart) don't close the window?

Finally the moment came. After 15 minutes of walking, I finally arrived my doorstep. Took a deep breathe, hoping the monkeys had already balik hutan because I was already imagining the scenes that I might be "playing tug-of-war" with the monkey pulling back my belongings...

. . . . . . . and,


that's what I saw.. the state of my table.

Curse you stupid malaus!

. . . . Okay la okay la. I have to be honest la. My table andang that messy before I left one. I cannot simply fitnah the monkeys for doing things they didn't do.

And honestly, for a moment I couldn't really tell the difference whether my room got kana invaded by the monkeys or not. Because andang sibeh messy liao... WHAT? ASSIGNMENT WEEK BAH! WHERE GOT TIME TO CLEAN UP?

So I had to walk closer to the table and check lagi lor..


Okay. Confirmed they ever entered my room and ate my stuffs...
Curse you stupid malaus!



Wanna eat then eat lah! Eat till so dirty you what meaning I ask you?!
吃就吃, 弄的酱肮脏你什么意思我问你!

(Sorry.. you might read till one-head-mist because I'm translating the above line directly from Chinese)


The window panes were the hardest to clean you know!

And if you had noticed, the monkeys sibeh smart ate my INDOMIE MI GORENG!


They ate my seaweed bars too. And also a pear.

I tell you those monkeys sibeh smart, pandai put the kicap lagi...
I got evidence one.6

I saw traces of both soy sauce and kicap manis (from the Indomie) and the funny thing was, when I checked my soy sauce bottle, it was perfectly fine standing upright .


Those monkeys helped me put back lagi... so caring~

And hor, they so sweet lah.
I got 5 packets of instant noodles and they ate 2 leaving me 3 packets (I heard they stole all the instant noodles from the Japanese girl who lives in the same floor as me) and as for the seaweed bar, I got 3 left and they ate 2.


So nice of them to leave some for me and don't take all hor ~ ?



And the stupid was...

They only took one pear and don't even "hiu" (layan) my oranges!




Stupid monkeys!


nadz said...

Nonnie, you can also access free wifi at the hostel's canteen. you just have to register you dst line and you are good to go. :)

Nonnie King said...

No. That's not free!
I registered already and its like 50 cents for a 15 minutes block.

McChickey said...

wahh so choosy lehh the monkey. haha


Anonymous said...

i think d monkeys are cute~ hehe


Nonnie King said...

Eraa : Iatah.. Fresh fruits they don't want. They love human snacks!

Monkey : No, they're not cute when they raid your room and mess things up.

Senor Pablo said...

wah! What a drama. I used to live in Beribi before and we had the same situation. Scary as the monkeys are not afraid and even show his teeth to us. My.. oh.. my..
No choice but u have to lock ur window or if u want to put poison at one of the food and one kenak.. they will not come near ur room!! haha. Sounds cruel but effective.

On teaching someone to blog, it could be a close friend and it is not something u have to do tonigh. ahaha. I know u need to clear ur room!! But have a thought as I'm sure there must be someone needs ur help/inspiration to blog.
Spread the word! take care!

Tasha said...

wow.. i'm really sorry for that incident. Those monkeys must love junk food and not fruits because it's healthy. You would thought that they would go for the fruits... but nooo... lol!

Sorry about that happening.

Taneya Leong said...

U r lucky the monkey didn't poop around in ur room. If they did, wah...extra aroma laaaa! Hehehe.

Funny story u post here. Enjoyed reading it. And u even share lots of images as well.
Keep it up! I'm gonna link u.

ZuZainal said...

hahahaha..Nonie..Nonie..u know how monkeys are..u're happen to u once n the monkeys are very grateful to u n left u with some food..
For me. the monkeys ate all my chocolate rations n do you know they even drink coke..hehehehe..amazing monkeys..
Monkeys in UBD are very educated too..bukan students saja yg belajar, durg pun banyak intelligent..hehehehe

Nonnie King said...

Senor Pablo : I'm afraid that I will poisoned myself because I might forget that those food are poisoned.

Tasha : I guess not much people (including animals) like "healthy food".

Taneya Leong : I know! The first thing I checked was my floor actually. Was really afraid they would mess up my room and wreck my stuffs.

Darling Zu : WHAT THE HECK! They even know how to open a can of Coke?! LOL, they owe UBD a huge thank-you then.

Anonymous said...

omg !!
This is too funny, lol....(your writing not the monkey) Totally enjoyed reading it.Thanks for sharing the story. By the way, bad monkey, bad... hahaha
Have have a great week.
Lynn xo

Jacq said...

HAHA. Nonnie. jacq here. sibeh farnee la. and to think i always "jio" the whenever i see them. i just think their faces are sooo funny ba. but they never "hiu" me pulang. :(

btw.. i thought dst hotspot very cheap. i always use in when in canteen.