Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine's Cookies

Remember my iPod Birthday cake that made most of you gasped?

My friend DC is making some Valentine's cookies for sale and you guys can customized the wordings on it!

Here's some samples...

You can put your darling's name or even some mushy love message that only he/she can decodes.

4 pieces in a really cute box, only for B$5.00!

Better place your order quick because, mind you... she's one busy lady with her full-time job.

Email her at now!


My laptop is still in the "hospital", the graphic card kaput. The good news is, its still under warranty so I won't be paying. Thank God! My assignments are dueing real soon so please pray that I can get it back tomorrow...

And... DC gave me a box of the V-days cookies justnow, for free~
I love being a blogger. Lalalalaaa.

No! You can't have it and I'm not going to let you tru because it's going to be Bobby's Valentine's treat. Yes, I'm a cheapskate so sue me. HAHAHHAHAHAA

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