Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cake decorating is super frustrating!


Ok, here's my plan.

I'm going to bake a cake, hide the phone (oh ya, I forgot to mention, I bought Bobby a phone for his birthday because his "dinosaur egg" (his Ol' Samsung) is so cacat that even my karung-guni also don't want) and surprise him with the cake.

I will record an audio-clip of me singing the legendary Happy Birthday Song and miss call the phone when he's about to cut the cake!

He's suppose to be surprised and wonder where the tone comes from and when he cuts the cake, deng-deng-deng-deng, *ta da*, his birthday gift~

Plan only lah. So lomentik kan?

When I told my friends about my plan, most of them just gasped in astonishment and said, "Very sayang that you're a girl leh.. You should be a guy lah!"

LOL. I know.
Imagine if I'm a man and the things that I can think of to propose to my girlfriend. Hahahahaha. And no, I will not propose to Bobby okay.

So yeah, despite of the assignment due on Valentine's day, I was actually baking cake with one hand and the other one typing off in my lappie. Okay, a bit kua-cheong (exaggerating).

I brought my cake all the way from Seria to Lumut to find Sifu. LOL. I told her my plan and she volunteered to guide me in decorating the cake. Of course I want lah, her stuffs super complete okay. Happy Happy.

Oh btw, I baked cotton cheese cake. 
Recipe can be found here

Gosh, the price of Philadelphia cheese has increased so much since I first made cake with 48. From $3.20 to $4.00 nowadays.


Plus the eggs, flour and so on... I think I prefer cooking better.

Don't you think its very mafan (troublesome) to bake because you only need a little bit of this and a little bit of that. But, when you go buy the ingredients, you're forced to buy a big packet when what you need is just like... 2 tablespoons! That's why DC came up with a really good business plan which I'm not going to announce here incase the idea ter-curi.

Back to the cake decorating part.

The first thing DC did was, trying to get my cake out from the baking tin. Of course I did brushed some butter in the container before I bake it lah. Common sense. But....

DC: You didn't put the baking paper at the bottom of the baking tin?
Me: Huh? Need one meh?
DC: Of course need lah, if not how you take out I ask you.
Me: But the recipe didn't write oh.
DC: -___-"

What? Not my fault bah.
Blame it on the recipe.

Anyway.. because of this little step that I failed to do..
I ended up wasting few dollars.


... geddit?


Next, putting the phone in.

My initial plan was putting the phone in to a plastic container but.. the only plastic container I could find was still too big for the cake. Hence DC asked me to wrap it up with tin foil, then layers of baking paper and lastly cling wrap. 


While I was busy wrapping, DC helped me to dig a hole to bury the body and make sure the police cannot find it, crap, i mean phone.


Another few dollars gone...
Anyway, I did munched quite a lot of it and those "few dollars" had contributed pretty much to my current waistline. Haih.

Flipped it over again and its ready to be "beautify".

Step 1: Ice the cake


It means smoothen the icing.  

Her tools ah... sibeh complete man, making my life so much easier with the decorating bag.

Oh, she helped me prepare the icing first because I told her I still hadn't complete my assignment. So sweet kan? kiss

The varieties of colourscake6


So Step 2 is mixing the colour loh.


Lesson 1 for me: Jit-loh-kock (Squeeze cockles / Creating the borders) 


After first round of decorating...


One round I already half-dead liao okay. Decorating a cake is so stressful because There's no UNDO button! Once you mess it up, you're so damn screwed! (Unless you have a sifu to help you amend it lah)

Not forgetting, it's very tedious too...
Repeat step 1, 2, 3 until the whole cake is outlined.

Next: Add some "ribbons"


That weird-looking-plastic-thingie on her hand is actually a short-cut cool to draw ribbon. You can adjust the size of the hanging ribbon, push it in the cake with the "gigi" and you'll get the markings. Just follow the markings and nothing will go wrong.. unless you're super clumsy and topple the cake.


Concentrating... OHMMMMMMMMMMMMM.


The sides were done and continued with the top.

And.. that's tough part.
Be creative and think of what you wanna do with it.

I drew my "draft" with a toothpick and told DC the colors I need and then she'll prepared for me. 


Can you guess what I was drawing?
Sure can lah.. There's not much thing in this world that's yellow and rectangular.

The End Result~

Since he loves football, I drew him one.
As for the Sponge Bob.. Erm.. they both have the name "BOB" and, it's like the easiest drawing because its rectangular with two big round eyes and buck teeth.

And I drew the "Cut Here" because the phone was right underneath it and I kept reminding myself that I have to stop him from cutting any further once he hit something hard.

So.... How's that for a first-timer??

The aftermath



Okay, that's all for now.
Gotta do a bit of my presentation thingie or at least revise one chapter tonight.

Blog again when I wanna escape from my textbooks and notes.              


McChickey said...

hey nonnie. ahh i was reading your post about the recipe. just wanna ask, what's "cream of tartar"? :)


Nonnie King said...

Eraa : I have no idea.

.. I didn't add that one anyway.
But, still tasted good though.

foodietales said...

Nonnie, this is hilarious, I can't wait to see Part II when the birthday boy cuts into the cake!

CiliQueen said...

oh my! yeah ..cut wait for the next part hahaha

Hungryduo said...

omg, Nonnie, i must say you're so 用心!!

i can't wait to see part 2 to find out whether Bobby cried or not after knowing you did so much for him hahaha

- Hunnie <3

NoTy But Nice Zhoe said...

wahhhh... CONGRATEZ for the 1st timer hehe well at least u made it.. so cute eh the cake...

Nonnie King said...

Yee Man : And the deliciouos chicken liver pate you made will be featured in the next post too!

CQ : I gotta start editing those photos soon..

Hunnie : Aiyah.. paktoh mah you make me happy, I make you happy. Once in awhile have to yi-si yi-si do something sweet to keep him interested ma.

Zhoe : LOL. Cute because got Sponge Bob or cute because got instruction where to cut?

Senor Pablo said...

Nonnie.. I'm sure Bobby will be proud of you. It does not matter how the end result of the cake looks like but it is the effort and much love that you have put in preparing this. The cake looks superb but sounds abit crazy trying to put a mobile phone in it.hahaaa. I think U got my drift in making your partner surprised. Well done my friend! I'm really proud of U! :P

-dee- said...

waaahhh so sweet nonnie you baking him a cake and suprise him some more like that.

I was trying to figure out how you were gona put in the phone inside the cake? Heheheh...

Nonnie King said...

Senor Pablo : Thanks Pablo! I know my idea of "spicing relationship up" can be a little crazy sometimes. LOL

Dee : I thought of cutting the cake into pieces and transform it as "bricks" surrounding the phone at first. Lucky DC gave me a much simpler option.

Drifting Cloud said...

I hope you did enjoy the cake decor session... hehehee.... u r my first "student"...