Monday, February 2, 2009

Looking for unique Valentine's Day gift for her?


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My friend Jamilla... (whom I prefer to call her Xiang actually) is making some origami roses for Valentine's day this year and this is her second attempt in doing some "business" after the carnations from Mother's day.

To be honest, compare to 2008's flowers... I kinda like this new set of Valentine's roses. We met up yesterday and she brought along some sample for me to look at and I like the one with pink rose and blue glittery heart. It's just too cute not to love. And... she gave me for free! YAY!


It felt like a magic wand in my hand!

A swish and a swash and I got a big bowl of hot ramen and a hunk cooling the ramen by blowing air to me and waiting to feed me... I mean... my Corrie becomes a sexy hot ride and my ugly neon green super cheap plug bag becomes a Berkin. OI! STOP DREAMING AND GET BACK TO THE BLOGGING BUSINESS WILL YA?

It's really cool. Not only you get to choose the colour of the rose, you can decide what colour you want for the heart-shaped glittery foam and also the wrapping style. *cough* You think oh... Valentine's is just 2 weeks away and those florists are so going to "chop till you one-neck-blood" by charging you like... $10 per stalk? And can pai-sui it there as long as you want and never wilt.
Or, if you're still single.. maybe you can buy one just to cheer yourself up or give it away to your girl friends who happen to be single too. I don't know, I think if I'm 12 years younger and have the money, I might actually buy a few stalks and just give it to my besties and throw a single party celebrating valentine's day together.

If you have any special request or what (like.. asking for a discount if you're getting banyak-banyak pasal too many girlfriends), feel free to contact Jamy by texting her at 8-781538, or just leave her a message in her chatbox (F.O.C mah... Must think of the cheapest alternative way right?). 

p/s: I have my cute pink rose as a sample, hence if any you guys (my friends) wish to have a look at it, just let me know. I'll be more than happy to bring it along and act like a fairy tiptoeing around. HHAHAHHAHAAA.


Jamy said...

Thank you ah king for the creative designing the poster. Love it so much. Thanks! Hope your magic wand will change anything you want ....hahaha macm benar ...yea my sister said its like magic wand cute ...hehehe

Katelynn said...

Flowers are one of the best valentine gift for girls... Roses are better choice!!