Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wedding Preparations is damn mafan....

. . .
of course, its not me who's getting married.
Not yet, not yet. Wait ah.... Erm, at least 4~ 5 years more.

You kaypoh people out there really worried that no one wants me hor?
And think the whole world only left Bobby willing to sacrifice, "swallow" me is it?

I don't know why every time when I blogged topics about wedding and marriage, everyone will come to me and said, "You so desperate meh?"

WTH??? Just because I talked about getting married doesn't mean I'm doing it myself lah. Does that mean that if one day I blog about homosexuality you people (especially my thoughtless and stupid friends!) think that I'm becoming a lesbian?

Think with your head lah , if you have one....

Gosh, I sound angry.

* * * * *

It's my dearest friend. She's getting married next year, which I think a lot of you already heard me mentioning tons of time in my blog.

Because I'm the only child in the family, thus I have no one's wedding to kaypoh around. She's the closest one I can get involved and shamelessly bugged Theen to feed me the latest news and updates for her wedding preparations from time to time.

And I realized my first question to her is always, "How much oh?"

"Bridal shots how much oh?"

"Furnitures (bed, dressing table, sofa..) how much oh?"

"Engagement ring, wedding bands how much oh?"

"Wedding reception one table how much oh?"

"Sliming package how much oh?" Oppsies!

All these "how much" already make me (and Bobby) sweat like hell.

Either the soon-to-wed choose

a) Simple and inexpensive.
b) Simple and expensive.
c) Glamorous and VERY expensive!
d) None of the above. They just register and save the hassle.

.. depending on the time and budget they have.

* * * * *

First we talk about bridal shots.

I'm not sure for other races but I think every Chinese couples (who I know) sure got wedding photos one. Indoor studio shots and outdoor shots. Couples had to survey so many shops providing these kind of service, go through their portfolio and compare the packages and it took 2~3 hours for each shop. Crazy....

After choosing the right shop, then comes the hard part. Picking the 7~8 different outfits, make-up and hair style, pose and smile for several hours till the face got all stiff and got the bones cracking.


Not to mention, its easy for the guys to choose their suit since its either black, or white. (Blah... so boring lah). But its different for ladies. Suck in as much air as possible to hide that hideous tummy, smile with an angle to get that sharp thin face, wear that killer heels and still need to be all "natural", without falling down of course.

I was sharing my experience with my friends about the couple who went trying their bridal gown and suit, and the groom totally no layan the wife one.

Joseph told me he would do the same because there's no point to comment.

If the guy say, "Not nice".
The girl will ask, "Why leh?"

If the guy say, "Nice."
Then the girl will answer, "Really meh?"

"Say nice cannot, say not nice cannot also.
Girls are hard to please and understand eh... " <- Voice in every guys heart.

Question leading to another question and I bet all guys out there think it's pointless to voice comments on the girl's fashion sense since in the end she won't be listening to the guy also, unless he's a fashion designer or gay feminine fashionable enough to talk about the latest trend.

* * * * *

That's only bridal shots.

Next I'll talk about Wedding Reception.
Not really a part 2 thing. Just that its getting really long and boring..


(Want to sleep now..... The farewell BBQ party was a blast. Will blog about it in the next post.

Oh wait.. I still owe Choonie a tag reply...)

Stay tune for:-

"Why is wedding so mafan and costly?"

"So that people won't get married for the second time."

... Lame.


JaMiLLa said...

First ya!

Sabar king, don marah!


Yeah maybe that is one of the reason.

It represents wedding should be respected by people, its not like childhood playing bride and bridegroom for a time.

And it's not like you can ON-OFF in a sudden.

Ok you take your time to write. Sure its interesting topic.

Iwan Sanchez said...


who is besides u?

will be waiting for the continuation!!

I'm Choonie. said...

Can't wait to see who is getting married.

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

i have no experience, but i know, right now, i am a very picky person. be sure to hear from me what looks bad. =p

Iwan Sanchez said...

malay also took wedding photos like u mentioned earlier.. hahahaha!

true also lah, wedding can makes a person broke into a cold sweat..

the costs alone can faint me.. haaha!

oh no. u are making me so excited waiting for ur next entry lah..

War186 said...

If only can get married without the ceremony. Sigh. Heh as if I'd want that. Just talk that. Hehe.

Nonnie King said...

Xiang : Har? I sound marah meh?

Iwan : My colleague.. I felt malu. And I don't know when I'll blog the part-2. Hhahahaa.

Choonie : My best friend lor.

Jason : Aww... You still young lah. But one day you'll find the someone you'll go gogo-gaga over.

War : A baaaa... If its too simple boring also kan? After all it's only once in a lifetime.. that is, if nada divorce.

charmed said...

You forgot 1 more option - "expensive but paid for by parents" :p

Have you checked out the astronomical cost of flowers yet?? Hint: ask your florist for flowers that will be in season at the time of the wedding (cheaper than asking for out of season ones).

Nonnie King said...

Charmed : I totally forgot about the flowers already...

Sigh, all these things is really scaring me away lah.

And your option only works when the parent is rich enough. Buang case for me liao.

@lex said...

with some many of you getting married.. i think it's about time liaw .. to take Professional Bridal Consultant

Nonnie King said...

Charmed : I totally forgot about the flowers already...

Sigh, all these things is really scaring me away lah.

And your option only works when the parent is rich enough. Buang case for me liao.

Jewelle said...

I tell you something about bridal shot. I spent RM700 on ours and another spend RM4000.

The only thing that is still useful from that is the wall picture, nobody looks at the album anymore - so do not spend more than RM1000, LOL!