Sunday, September 16, 2007


Short Note:
I hate September.
Wrong. Correction, WE HATE SEPTEMBER!


School is opening tomorrow. And I felt like I couldn't get enough of it.
This is what I'd done for my holidays...
Saturday & Sunday - Life Potential Class
Monday - Clean my keyboard
Tuesday - (Damn sad that I don't want to talk about it anymore...)
Wednesday & Thursday - Miri looking for prom dress and accessories. T_T money fly
Friday - BSB, accompanied SL to dental clinic.
Saturday - Baked cheese cake and scalded my hand. o_O. Bad day for Bobby too.
Sunday - Breakfast @ KB and stayed at home whole day.
One word - UNPRODUCTIVE!!!

I was suppose to make a pillow for Kelly (belated birthday present).
I was suppose to tidy up my wardrobe but I didn't.
I was suppose to go for a facial and do something to my hair but I overspent this month.
I was suppose to be a better person but I am already one. =p

*tap tap tap on keyboard*

I don't know what to blog.... Where's my bloginspiration?

(If there's such word. Teeeheee.

Actually I do have lots of things to say, but after several considerations, I thought it'll be better if I can just keep my mouth shut and don't dwell into it. I want an anonymous blog!!! But, what's so fun to blog if I always termed people as A,B and C? Or call myself Miss X? *shake heads*

I wish I have bigger balls... Wait, GUTS is what I meant.)

* * *

Here, the long delayed photos taken last week when we went to BSB to meet up Naz.

When I said I want to lose 5kg, actually I just want to lose the excess fats especially those on my arms, as you can see from the pictures above. Some joked that my arms can feed the entire African tribe. -___-"

My dress can cover up my tummy so that's not a concern for me anymore. But with my super flabby arms, I look like a rugby player in it la.

Imagine, broad shoulder with humongous arms. And somewhat slightly larger than average "assets". *I'm trying to be humble here okay*


I bet most of you had known this already.

Spiritual Garden is categorized under "Personal Blog" and the nominating phase starts now!

Blog Category
(eligible blogs)
Event Dates Event
Best Personal Blog
September - October 2007
11th - 24th Sept Public Nominations Phase.
25th - 4th Oct Public Voting Phase.
8th/9th Oct Best Personal Blog Winner, Runner-up, and Best Nominator announced on Simpur, KRISTALfm & Media.

Nominators can win too! How generous is that?

I wonder if foreigners are allowed to vote or not.
Anyone cares to enlighten me?

Can I please be the winner this time?
I'll post a sexy pic just to win this. LOL! You think I so cheap meh?
*flash puppy/ kitty eyes (whichever cuter for you)*


youngbruneian* said...

hey! play the caption competition in my facebook huhuhu

jessie said...

Can we help vote, Nonnie??

I personally lruve ur blog~~!!
* winks *

Iwan Sanchez said...

School starting liao huh.. ehehhe!

Well, i hope outsiders can blog and our votes are counted too..

I love ur blog very much lah and i seriously hope u can win it this time!!!

Nonnie, i noticed that ur readers is leaving lesser comemnts nowadays hor....

p/s: how u do ur blog layout so nice one?? which website did u go??

i cant create a nice one lah...

Bobby said...

It doesn't matter whether you got those flabby arms cos important thing is whether you are happy and comfortable with yourself without worrying what other people say.

This time surely many people will start voting because at least they would win something in return and the prizes are not bad. I've already vote for my favourite blog already *wink

Sha said...

Have fun this new term And congrats on the nomination!

Naz said...

Hello Nonnie. Haha i didnt realise my eyebrow's are like caterpillar. hmm. Well it was nice meeting you guys again. Next time i will bring my licence :).

I am voting for you too, but they want top 3 but I only read yours. Hmm gonna be hard one.

Nonnie King said...

YoungBruneian : What's your name there? I can't find you!

Jessie : I dunno wor. But I hope so!

Iwan : Sad but true, people don't like to comment nowadays.

Bi : I better be your favorite girl too.

Sha : And I will!

Naz : You vote all 3 for me la. Ask your whole family too. =p