Tuesday, September 18, 2007

On and Off. On and Off.

. . . Bah, Off terus lah!
Resources are precious in our planet Earth.

Of all answers I heard whenever I asked, "Are you dating someone at the moment?" or "You have boyfriend/ girlfriend?", that [points title] is my least favorite.

(Follow by, "You guess lar~" in that idiotic act-cute tone! I'm not asking your Age for God's sake. I'm just being nice starting a conversation, as if I'm really that interested. Doh... )

I'm fine with people at the age of 12 ~ 17 giving me that answer, but for someone who's already in their mid 20s, coming 30.... APA NI?

Tell me exactly how to love/ un-love a person within weeks, days, hours, minutes or even seconds?

On mah On. Off mah Off. What the heck is on/off?
Does that mean:

Awwww.. He bought me flowers [Love button ON].

He FARTED when we're about to kiss!!!!!
[Love button OFF]

He said sorry and promised to fart only outside the house
[Love button ON]

Damnit! He dug his nose and sticked it on my pink wall this time!

He bought me chocolates and teddy bear.
[ON back]

Bloody hell... It's a $1.80 teddy from Happy Star and he unwrapped the chocolate and feed me after scratching his butt. That's it.
[OFF for good!]

Few hours later....
He MMS me a picture of him with that Puss-in-boots eyes. And... I'm missing him.
How? On..or Off? On? Off? On? Off?

*Ka-boom* Head exploded.

Eh, before you proceed reading.... the above scenario is simply make up by me and don't simply assume that it happened to Bobby and I before ah.

Plus, farting and nose digging.... *poofffff* nothing to us lah.

I bet most of you had come across this. You logged into your friendster/ facebook account and simply browse your friends' profile and clicked on them whenever they upload new photos.

Then all the captions you saw were,

"My boo"
"My bi"
"I love him so much"
"Me and _______"
"_____ and I"
"I miss him"
"[insert any mushy words that makes you wanna puke]"

All the pictures are the guy and the girl with similar background, just different angles and poses. (Can it get any boring-er?)

Then the following week, the guy/girl updated his/her profile and next thing you saw was:
"Single" or "It's complicated".

Weeks later, they called each other Laokung Laupoh again!

This, makes me laugh!
(Can it get any more dramatic (and stupid) than this?)

Hahhahahahhahaahaa. I know I know, you can call me evil or mean, but...it's funny what?!

I'm only human.... Kelly Lim An anonymous friend loves to share these kind of juicy gossips with me and we enjoyed laughing together. Pretty low of us I know. But my friends always tell me this, "As long as you're happy...", or "Just follow your heart". So my heart asked me to kaypo, I follow lor. =p

* * *

I seriously cannot tahan those people who always act all lovey-dovey in front of people (kissing foreheads , whispering and nibbling, the most teruk is rubbing each other's genitals in public. Get a room please, or at least... get a car.) but at the back, quarrel for the tiniest things. Pretentious couple.

The most classic one I ever heard was,
Girlfriend: Urgh..... I don't wanna go out because I have a pimple on my forehead.

Boyfriend: Perhaps you should use lesser make-up and give your skin a rest.

Girlfriend: I want to break up with you!

Boyfriend: . . . what?

Pretty innocent for the guy huh? No worries, the girl called the next day and they got back together... again ... for the n-th time!

Seems like the girl is a breaking-up addict. And she never fails to surprise me with her latest reason.

(Neh... she's not a friend of mine. I just heard stories about her)

What "Fate brought us together"?
More like "FAKE brought us together" lah!

* * *
(If you want to know what am I up to lately)

- Am not practicing guitar this two weeks because I need to keep my nails long.

- Not losing even 1mm of my waistline because I'm still eating.
That is: Fasting plan failed badly.

- Monitor finally kaput. Need to buy a new one after pay day. *money fly fly*

- Thinking whether I should put on make up myself or simply find someone to do it for me.
Note to self: Brush up make-up skill! No more alasan for not doing it.

- I'm so loving Puasa because my students are extra cute and obedient this month!


Effy said...

How cute are your student? Hehe. M yet to understand this on and off entry. It seems like something is bugging you.

Anneesa said...





Effy, Nonnie is fine, nothing is bugging her ;)



Nonnie King said...

Effy : They're cute because they behaved.

And the blur teacher (me) reminded them not to go canteen before the bell rings... But the thing is, it's not even operating!

I'm fine Effy. Sama Sama gila dan gembira.

Ness : You know the best.


Iwan Sanchez said...

This entry is so true!!
Sometimes, when i go to my friendster, i saw ppl status, "its complicated" lah and i was like aiyo..

And then the pics like u mentioned too, my bi lah, my lao po lah..

very geli!!!


A very good post nonnie!!

War186 said...

Hehe you sound stressed. But I agree what you just touched on, it's annoying. Very dramatic lah some people's relationships nowadays heh.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Thankiews! I thought no one will appreciate me saying these and called me a hypocrite.

War : Stress? Not at all!

Hmm... how come Effy and you say the same thing ah?

Tasha said...


Don't underestimate lovey-dovey in public (well xcept for stroking private parts) because when you are married.. most likely it will be rare to have this public affections! *LOL* so when you're dating, enjoy it while it last because I'll tell 'ya... once those guys have you and get down in your pants... romance will fade away. (***GENERALLY SPEAKING***) ;)

Nonnie King said...

Tasha : *Stare at Bobby*

I'll force the romance out of him, if I got the time to layan him... LOL

Jewelle Tan said...

You mean got other people who call their boyfriend "lau kung"? I thought someone I know is the only one! Then when he dumped her, she still got the face to refer to the guy's dad as "papa" to me!

Bobby said...

Looking at nonnie innocently.
*flash flash innocent eyes like the puss in boot from shrek2.

What did i do?

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : HOh! You'll shock by those teens nowadays calling each other "kong-kong" and "poh-poh", not grandma grandpa, but short form of loakung and laopoh ah!

Somemore shamelessly saying, "Love FOREVER" those kinda stuffs.

And the girl you mentioned.... her skin too damn thick or she's a little abnormal? How come like that one?

Bi: Its a warning to you, 10 years 20 years later you still gotta keep that romance flaming.

Kelly said...

I just saw this post which i have missed out...

WARNING - An Anonymous friend = when my name is being highlighted there with just a line in the middle!!?? That is call Anonymous meh???? !%@%^#$^$%&$%&^