Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sukchin's Farewell BBQ

I have so many things to blog lately. My blogginspirations is BACK!!!
Yeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =D
The problem is... I have no idea how long it's going to stay...


Our dearest SukChin is leaving for her master in UK (not Ulu Kapit okay) this coming Tuesday and so we decided to throw a mini BBQ gathering over at Mable's place, more like an excuse for us just to see each other in a less awkward way than asking out to yum-cha and no one turn up in the end.

It was fun, seeing ex-classmates (whom some times I thought die already) , BBQ-ing, eating and blabbing nonsense. Then there was Mable's dogs and puppies who kept follow behind us hoping we'll feed them some food. Random kids shouting in excitement while playing on the see-saw and some uncles and aunties checking out their kids which I personally think their real motives is to have a clearer look of us and brain-storm who our parents are.

You know lah, elder people (age 40 and above) loves to do this relation-mapping thing trying to see how everyone in connected in the teeny-weeny Seria and they love telling you your family histories straight from your kong-kong and poh-poh (grandpa and grandma). And you'll be shocked that someone actually knows your family background better than you, which can be quite embarrassing at times.

Forgot to mention, we (the youngsters) weren't alone. Mable's folks invited their family friends over and had their little gathering inside the house eating some nice catered food while us sweat like pig, feed mosquitoes and enjoy the total freedom outside the house. I'm not complaining, just describing.

He warned me not to upload any of his pictures in Facebook or Blogspot or anything like that. And if I really want, I have to cover his face up like one of the anime character in "Ghost in Shell". Problem is, I never watch that so I have no idea what kind of mask is it. So I hantam put a funny smiley on his face. Better than pixel or putting a black stripe over his eyes right?

Those in the aluminium foils was prawns, marinated only with red wine. We had very limited resources that night because everyone was lazy to walk in and out the kitchen passing by a bunch of uncles and aunties.

L-R: Stanley, Alex (Yuck... Why I called him that? SL lah....), Kennis (LOL! Feels weird.. Pig-Theen sounds better),
Ah King and Justin.... (Soon Lung)

Seems like everyone loves to feed me huh? I know laaaaa..... I'll be a threat if I lose weight kan? Hahahahaa. Syok-Sendiri.

SL and the pups

I'm just kidding about the caption. Actually he's the only one who bothered to feed the doggies using 2 satay sticks as chopsticks and dig out the bones. That's why the dogs kept following him. Somemore.. he talked a lot to them... o_O

On the Menu

We had chicken wings, lamb chops, beef steaks, sotongs, prawns, sausages, all sort of "balls", seafood tofu and marshmallows! And Mable's dad asked each one of us to eat inside first before we get to eat the BBQ food, curry, fried meehoon, eggs, veggies, lots of chicken cooked in different styles...

So yeah.. I think I gained back the 2kg I lost and added more.

I'm not sure if it's lemon grass but Chinese called it "Xiang-Mau". Normally people used it as a brush to put oil and honey on top of the meat.

I keh-kiang (pretend to be pandai) took it and dipped it into the oil on the leafy part and got scolded for my stupidity. They said it is the root that is going to transform into a brush because that is the part with all the aroma, and not the leaves.....How would I know? Normally when I kaypo around the grill it was already there. I never took part at the making of it what.

To turn it into a brush, cut the end away and flatten it and wa-la, organic brush!

Love the idea. Environmental friendly and no need to wash it after using, just throw to the bin. Or if you want, just hang in on the door and it can chase evil spirits away. Two-in-One, aromatic and give protection, good leh?

... Okay, I made the last one up.

* * * * *

FYI, the signature traditional food to be eaten during Mid-Autumn Festival is not only that fattening and tooth decaying moon cakes! We got more than that, the healthier ones... albeit less delicious.

Peanuts, yams, pomelos, and niu-kok (牛角)... the one that looks like the ox-horn.

By the way... a little rant here -


And my dear fellow Chinese, it's Zhong-Chiu-Jie, not Yue-Bin-Jie okay. Kana teased one if say salah.. Malu to be a Cina.

* * * * *

And Mable just had to provoke me by taking out her eraser collections to show off to SukChin and I. Must.... win ..... hers! =p

Oh shoot.. I just realized I spelled her name wrongly in the above photo.
She's so going to kill me..

Damn jealous lar... She has so many that I don't have. She's lucky to find them and I was surprised because I went to the same shop but never found any of those!


* * * * *

And this Stanley.... stick these stickers on his car's windscreen...

Cheh, here got Burger King meh? So li-hai drive to KK lor... Wait, even KK also don't have a drive-thru... I think? Kiasu.

And the woman who's sharing her right eye with a lizard stickers look so freaky, in a cool way.

* * * * *

After stuffing ourselves to death with food and cleared the place up, we proceed to indoor activities,

Too bad for those who left early because they missed Soon-Lung's amazing voice. There wasn't much guys I know personally who are not tone deaf with good pitching, Soon Lung makes an exception. Must have practice a lot at home liao one this guy...

And SukChin was teasing him that his favorite "Yam" song is "Opps.. I did it again!"


Kudos to the see-saw, it can takes 8 fully grown adults weight after eating several rounds of food! Don't play play.

And.. I wonder what's wrong with my camera.. the pictures are getting blur-er.
Time to get a new one? Or maybe because I dropped it off from James car's roof top while trying to set it on auto-timer.

* * * * *

By the way, say hi to my new so-very-panjang monitor.

19" Widescreen.

I'm still trying to get used to seeing everything stretched and everyone looks fatter.

And Bobby claimed that he felt like panggang (BBQ) my pink piggie...
(The arm rest I made myself...)

Eh! Pet Abuse ah!


Anneesa said...


Now to get a matching keyboard to go with your PRETTY monitor.

No need to sweet talk to it and gosok-gosok when it blanks out haaarr?

Man, I should've taken a video of you doing that everytime I come over. LOL.

Sha said...

Ooh.. Ur monitor is like Lex's new monitor. Very nice to play games on, hehe.

And I like ur wallpaper. Nice colour combi ;)

Nonnie King said...

Ness : Malu nyaaaaaa..... No need say out so loud mah. My old monitor isn't that bad, just you know.. tua already sure got problems here and there mah.

Bah dang, buy me keyboard for my birthday lah. Hahahahahahaha!!!

Sha : Stil getting used to its panjang-ness.

Nice leh the wallpaper? I make myself one bor~

Effy said...

We've got the same monitor but mine is Samsung. Keke. Are you going to do alot of video editing?

Kenny Ng said...

Woahhhh... so happening ah? I miss out mid autumn celebration again, sigh...

War186 said...

Cool new monitor. *thumbs up* ;)

Nonnie King said...

Effy : Erm.. But I jarang take videos. But I hope I will.

Kenny : Maybe the moon over Dubai is much rounder and brighter?

War : Yeah... that makes me overspent this month.

teddY said...

Hey Nonnie looks like you've enjoyed yourself a lot during the BBQ party! Haha! The last time I went for one was last year's Christmas eve where my paternal relatives gathered at one's house (not mine, because my mom doesn't like our house getting dirty T.T) and had a pretty crazy party! It was really fun, although we didn't get to eat a lot.

Anyway the part about Mid Autmn Festival reminds me of how I spent it in my childhood years. Usually my parents will bring my brother and I to my aunt's house in KL, and then my brother and I will head for the hill near their house and play with candles over there! It was kind of fun because we've got other kids to join us too! But as I grow up the novelty of it fades... haih. Anyway, I miss the aroma of mooncakes! I can't really have them over in Singapore because my parents aren't with me and they're expensive over here (the mere look at the price tag will kill you...)

Oh, and congratulations for getting a widescreen monitor! It's cool!

Iwan Sanchez said...

yeah lah..
i tink ppl called it mooncake festival cos there is mooncakes everywhere?


Dun worry abt the erasers thing lah..


@lex said...

What wat? oh .. where got tok ... innocent lah ... :P