Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Awwwww... you guys/girls are just too sweet. Thanks for all those encouragements and supports. And I noticed somehow there are more anonymous commenters, perhaps my silent readers thought they might do some good by appearing once in awhile. Really, appreciate it loads.

(Just that I still have no idea what to reply for your comments)

Anyway, as you can see - I'd changed my blog skin! How was it? Great? Sucks?
Nevermind, just vote over the poll I set up on the sidebar there. Need the feedbacks.

If I have not link you, or you hope that I'll link you up, leave me a message over the tagboard. And If I do find your blog interesting and find it worth while to read, I'll do it. It's not a link-exchange thing. I'm not really that nice. =p

I'm feeling better, maybe because I'm going to have my one week holiday real soon. I'm thinking to challenge myself by blogging in a daily basis! Hah! Take that!

. . .

Hmmm.. come to think of it, maybe I don't have that much to say/ blog too. Anyway, we'll see.

Okay, let me have a good night sleep and think of what to blog tomorrow.
(I actually make a list of possible things I can blog about... See, I'm taking it seriously!)

Good night.

Some of you didn't know, I wear specs at home.
And it makes me look like a granny.

Keep the comments coming in. =D

I'm begging you...

I'm Pathetic @.@

*I'll try to blog like the usual me. Finger-crossed*

Something that kept me happy for the whole night

Bobby drew me this when we're chatting over MSN. So sweet can die!

p/s: I didn't ask you to judge his drawing skill lar,
negative comments about this drawing will be deleted!


Bobby said...

You look so cute in spec. Look very smart and intelligent too. Of course you are already smart and intelligent already hehe. And I love your new blog skin. Its refreshing fresh.

Anonymous said...

I can draw better thatn that buahaha.. (not)

Blogging oon a daily basis? U high on something? (can I have some too?) Anyway dont be pressurised to blog to meet readers' (or anyone) expectations... just takke it easy and enjoyable.

Usually when i have a writers block .. i go out to something I normally dont do.. like go to the top of Shabandar, exploring kampong ayer, pretend to be some tourist and visit places ive never been to and go on a Picture Shooting spree.

Nonnie King said...

Bi : You got two "already" in one sentence.

A-Nonnie-Mouse : I'm thinking to do the same too. Just that because I'm born female, it limits me to places I can go, without any companion.


The thing is none of my friends are adventurous enough to explore with me!

Iwan Sanchez said...

hello nonnie!!!


well... i tink blue is nice!! Quite refreshing!! it seems like what ever skin u use, it still looks stunning!!


Kelly said...

Not bad, at least you change the blog skin and we as your readers feel fresh in reading too!

Well, your suppose to have something to blog if we've gone to meetup our lovely friend - NAZRI, but !%#$%#@$ stupid VESSELLLLLL!!!! still havent sail out yetttt in Singapore!!!~~~~~so we will have to replan to sat/sun, i'm waiting for kl to choose one of these days to bring his car to SHH therefore i don have to drive up~~ muahahaha~~

bea1711 said...

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De Pianist said...

the blogskin is nice,but i was a lil shocked though when i first came here...i'm used to the green colour in your site then suddenly become bright blue..sleepy me also can have wake up d.ngahaha..=p...

ooolala..yuan lai you also four eyed at home d.hahaha..welcome to my four eyes world.hehehehe.=p

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Thankiews! I like this one too. It somehow gives a cooling effect.

Kelly : Aiyaaaa, you don't know. Not easy to find a nice skin that is simple, nice and no one using it.

Saturday / Sunday? Boh dui.. better let me know earlier because auntie (my mum) wants me to go take some lesson again.

Beatrice : I'll email you later.

Pau Lene : I'm bored of olive green liao, looks so dead. Bright blue feels more refreshing and cooling and SMINT!

Andang four-eyes one, now baru let you all see nya ma~

War186 said...

Aww very sweet lah what Bobby drew for you hehe. ;)