Friday, August 24, 2007

Tagged/ Bench-Painting/ Steaming the boat again

I realized I love to lump everything and make it into one single long post.
Just wondering, you guys prefer me to update frequent with short posts or long post but slower updates?

Got tagged by Tina.

Tags - Love them when I'm out of things to blog. Hate them because it makes me think a lot.
(Eh! Rhymes leh.)

1. Tell us your name:

My primary classmates called me Xiao3-Qin1 (That's Han yu pin yin btw).
My secondary classmates prefer to call me King.
My ITB mates and colleagues called me King at first, and later said Nonnie sounds better.
Thank God no one calls me "Spirit" or "Garden". Oh wait... Keith called me "Spirit Spirit" in MSN all the times.

I love my surname because it's unique and full of Ohmphhhh! <-power lah. But people tends to make fun of it by calling me "King-Kong", and new friends never fail to say

"You King ah? Then I Queen lor."


"How can you be King when you're a girl? Should be Queen lah.."

Yeah yeah yeah.. Whatever. FYI, these jokes are NOT funny at all. Try harder.

2. Three things about yourself:

In Bobby's word it will be Chalie, Nonnie, and Smelly. For him "Nonnie" is an adjective to describe funny and clumsy.

- Hates to talk over the phone.
- Lazy to socialize and make new friends.
- Hates durian.

3. What's in your playlist:

A-Mei's new album, Star.

4. Your favorite music:

Strictly no stupid canto-techno! No rave music! No dangdut!
I'm fine with the rest.

5. Favorite guilty pleasure:

Eating fattening and unhealthy food.

6. Favorite food:


7. Define love:

Mushy and typical answer you don't want to read- Love is when I'm with him.

Acceptable answer - Love is not pretending. Thinks that it's totally fine and normal to see the other person farts, gold-digging and their smelly feet/ armpit/ breathe and are not disgusted by it. Example parents, brothers and sisters, husbands & wives, boyfriends & girlfriends (who'd been dating for at least 2 years)

8. Define sex:

Male/ Female/ Shemale

9. Any celebrity crushes? :

No one can resists Takeshi Kaneshiro. Not that I'd seen all his movies and like all his songs, but I wouldn't mind having ONS with him, provided he's STDs-free.

10. The last person you hugged:

Bobby lah...

11. The last person you talked to:


12. The last time I cried:

The day Bobby and I went to KK. He's good in telling jokes!

13. The last time you had sex:

Wah lao eh.. Like that also can ask.

14. The last time you made out:

Wah lao eh.. As if it got anything to do with you.

15. The last person you dated:


16. The last time you went out:

Yesterday morning to school.

17. What's on your mind now?

What to eat later....

18. What's bothering you?

My unproductive and boring life.
(And I don't understand why my friends who read my blog thought that it's fun to be me)

19. This year's resolutions:

Here. But I'm failing all of them badly.
I guess resolutions are made not for keeping.

20. Your MSN nick:

_§piRiTu£ GarÐen_ [Råin¥] ------ «Nønni3» I have troubles talking over the phone. Pweeease don't call me.

Shoot... it looks so kitschy as if I'm 17.

21. What's your MSN nick about?

I hung up on Vicky involuntary when she called and sms-ed her "Ya?". It's like a reflex action already!

Shows that how much I dislike talking over the phone.

22. The people you miss the most:

Gigi besi.

23. Current mood:

Hungry.... and grumpy.

24. What are you thinking?

Eh? I thought I answered it already in Q.17?
I'm thinking what to eat later...Happy now?

25. Best childhood memory:

Tree-climbing, tadpoles and frog catching, riding bicycle around the neighborhood and had no idea what is UV rays and calories.

26. 3 of your biggest fear:

Going to hell (Same as this chabor but I think we're going to stay in the same cell.)
Have no money and place to stay when my parents retire.
Fail to be a good wife and a good mother in the future.. Or worse, having no chance at all.

27. Who do you love:

My mum. My gigi-besi. My lai-lai-qu-qu the very same friends to hang out with.

28. 3 things you hate:

Irresponsible, selfish, unhelpful, lazy and credit-taking thieves!
Astro not working on a rainy day.
Reckless drivers jeopardizing people's lives on the road.

29. Do you blog?

No, I'm not blogging. I'm talking to myself now.
What stupid question is this kan?

30. Tag 5 people.

Can ah? I tag those who always tag me can?
Kenny Ng, Iwan, Pau-lene, Choonie and... whoever want to answer this tag.


I have no idea how can bench-painting can be categorized under staff development. But it was fun though. Anyway, the benches did need a good makeover.

The male teachers carried the heavy steel benches and the ladies scrapped the old paint and rust out. Until we saw the guys happily painting the benches then we felt cheated. Hahahaa. How could ladies do all the hard work and the guys just relax and painted it?

And so after me scrapping 2/3 of the bench, I took over my colleagues paint brush (by force =p)

Half way painting, I took out my camera and wanted to take some photos. And wherever I went, my colleagues blocked their face and said, "Eh, cannot take picture. Later you put them in your blog.."

I couldn't believe that even Ustaz read my blog now...

Never mind, since they all shy away from my camera, I'll just took picture of myself.

(I don't understand why some people feel so embarrassed in posing -idiotically-. It's fun what)

Oh yah, stupid Rohana laughed at me saying that I looked like I'm some tamu-trader selling vegetables or fruits, because of the shirt and pant I wore.

Aiyaaaaa... We're doing a painting job man. Of course wear the lousy cloths that I wouldn't mind have all paint dripped on and spoiled it mah. Somemore the plan was play badminton after painting, so what's wrong with wearing t-shirt and a 3/4 pant?

(Really look like the sell-veggies auntie meh?)

My Darlings

See what Vicky was wearing! When she walked in with her shades, we even thought that she's going to Miri.

And she insisted on carrying her bag while painting.
Maybe got gold inside. =p


And on the same day, we had a mini gathering at Vai's place to celebrate XiaoHe auntie's 51st birthday!

This is for you Chau

We had steamboat, and BBQ pan at the other side. Lots and lots of green veggies, mushrooms, vegetarian sausages, vegetarian balls, and even hash brown (honey coated).

But because of the seating arrangement, I had difficulties in taking the food and Eileen yeye had to help us all in the serving.

The girl on the left holding the cupcake card is Pingko, the annoying rat.
And the sweetie pie on the right is Ah-Hui, Ye's daugther who won the second place in the Bio-CD Craft presentation.

She was saying that she's fine with the second place since she doesn't need to share the prize with anyone. Some more, she only lost by 0.6% and she did it all by herself. Very li-hai can..

Rat eats anything

Cute or not?
I mean the card lar.. not me.

And stupid Ping was disgusted by the above picture saying that I always act0cute. Sai lah, where got always? Seldom okay.

Just want to show off the pretty card I made mah.

Group Photo

Chau, you photoshop your own head in there okay?


Pingko: Eh, your display pic looks very scary ah.

Me: Now Ghost month mah... scare them away lah.

Pingko: ...

This is my current display pic in MSN
Scary ah?

Ness said I looked like an Alien. I think it's because of the high forehead. Same goes to Bobby's.

His looked more like an Alien, and scarier.

Oh ya, it's from Cheesie's meme.
She looks so much cuter in it.


Chau said...

Gosh, is it me or everyone looks different? haha... By the way, the Alien Bobby look cute. Yours ho, is a little scary. Like the ones that comes out of the television... hehe... Take care Kingy!

Cheesie said...

lol so cute. Successful iDollization.

Nonnie King said...

Chau : Where got different? Everyone still looks the same eh.

So you think I can go film "Ring-3" liao lar?

Cheesie : You alone think it's cute can liao, since you're the sifu of iDollization.

No need to care the rest say that it looks like Alien.


*Shout: OMG! Cheesie read my blog*

Iwan Sanchez said...


i kena tagged..

Well.. question on when is ur last sex is so intriguing!! hahaha!

i was laughing when i saw you wearing that painting attire.. hahha!

really macam vegetable seller.. hahha! and i didnt know u also know dangdut..

surprise surprise...

War186 said...

Wah steady lah that MS girl ah Hui got second place doing it alone. Got beaten by UBD by 0.6% only.

Scary lah the alien pics haha.

And to answer your question, I don't really care just as long as you post. ;) I'm used to your long posts though.

Bobby said...

My goodness, that is how I really see you as a real "King" but of course in my eyes got real crown and sceptor hehe. Then since you say I always make you laugh then I must be the court jester in your eyes...kasian me.

Another delicious and yummy looking card that you made. I remember from your first card you made from me seems so different now. It's so much better now than mine. Ever thought of framing your card? I do, want to start framing every card you made for me.

Sha said...

That cupcake card is so cute! Haha, I think I shall finally do the tag in my next post la.. Keep procrastinating. lol.

jessie said...


Cute... jz like cheesie~~
* winks *

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

See u can still post up ur pic here! Me unfortunatly only got show orang utan! Have a nice day!

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Why? You want to know ah? Come and ask me in MSN then, see I want to tell you or not larrr..

Harrr..... That shirt is sponsored for my badminton match leh. Later my sponsor saw this very upset oh.

I thought Dangdut is In-ter-Neh-Sen-na moozik?

*Sarcastic tone*

Wardah : Yeah! I was shocked to see her face and name mentioned in Rano's blog.

Scary ah? How come everyone except Bobby and Cheesie said cute one?

And.. sad lar, you're the only one who answered my question. The rest just couldn't bother.

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : Framing? You have idea how many cards I made for you liao kan? Later the whole wall also not enough space ah.

And yes.. you're always my dearest joker.

Sha : A waaaa... I check and check, belum also.

Jessie : I wish!

H.A.M : You want to be anonymous maaaaa..What to do?