Monday, August 20, 2007

My imaginary wedding invitation card

Warning: Zero picture in this entry. This entry might be extremely boring. Read at your own risk. Blogger will not be held responsible for readers' suffer from boredom.


It was on the day when we went to Pulau Manukan while waiting for the transport back to the hotel. Out of curiosity I asked..

Me: Eh, you ever thought of how to propose to me ah?

Him: Huh?

Me: Just ching-chai (simply) say one that you will never do one, to satisfy my curiosity. Agak-agak know what kind of stupid romantic things you'll do for me. Just in case.... we don't work and you never get to do so. At least, I got the picture in my head mah...

Him: Ha? Ohh... Erm...

-After 1 minute of silence and me waiting eagerly-
(Pardon this fellow laggard. He just want to make sure he didn't say/do anything wrong)

Him: I think I will...

Me: What? What? What?

Him: Erm... bring you go watch a movie together. And then ask the staff from the cinema help to play a video clip before the movie start, you know.. the part they play a lot of trailers. The video will have our photos taken together and all those sweet memories, and of course end with the words "Will you marry me?"

Me: Waaaaaa.... Really ah? (Big smile on face while imagining)

- After 3 seconds -

Me: So, are we going to continue watch the movie or we'll be leaving the cinema to celebrate or whatever? How to end this whole thing ah? Very awkward leh....

Him: Dunno... That's why I won't do it either. You ask me to simply think one right?

Again, the big "M" word.

My best friend is getting married next year. A friend's younger sister is also getting married end of the year and stupid Keith loves to show off how happy is he after becoming a husband and father every single time he chats with me in MSN.

I do want to get married but I'm not ready yet bah... Both financially and mentally. At least, I now have candidate who might want to marry me, I think?

If you don't understand, let me repeat myself again.

I, or we will only get married when:
  1. We save enough for the bloody wedding reception inviting half of the people who I don't even know, and have our humble little house for future baby-making.

    Mentally prepare to fight over small things such as toothpaste being squeezed out from the middle of the tube, bad aiming while peeing and of course, the famous in-laws issues.


  2. I got pregnant. * touchwood*

Once I naively asked my mum if I can just have a simple wedding, so that I can save the money for honeymoon instead of spending it on inviting people that I dislike to my wedding, just because we're somehow related.

My mum said no. Reason? Simple, because I'm the only chance for her to earn back the ang-pow money she gave when my relatives got married. Cannot rugi!

Sad ain't it? The bitter and sorrow for being the only child. Sigh....

Which got me wishfully thinking if I got add a few lines in my wedding invitation card:

1. Dinner starts at 7.00pm sharp. The only person who can be late is the bride herself because she needs to make sure she looks glamorous and super chio since it's her big day.

Ladies, don't bother to go saloon and set your cock-tail hair because the focus will be on the bride. No one is going to look at you so don't waste your money.

Gentlemen, kindly set all your clocks and watches 1hour late so that your dearest mother/ wife/ girlfriend/ sister can come on time.

Any late-comers will be fined B$50.00.

2. All guests are expected to be present because the food is already prepared. Even if you choose not to come, invoice will be send out to your house (B$38.80 per head after discount). Notify early if you can't make it so the host can arrange the seats and cut down the servings. Ang-pows are still expected to be given.

3. Strictly no ta-pao! (Your angpow money doesn't include the charges for take-away. Don't be lazy, cook your own meals.)

4. And also karaoke. Papa Lim (my future father-in-law *eeseh*) makes an exceptional.

5. Preferably no table-hopping because it'll make the whole thing look like pasar malam or some sort of carnival.

6. Any children younger than 3 years old who are capable of crying out loud, messing around with food and uncontrollable are expected to leave at home.

No roller shoes allowed.

7. Any balloons on stage used for decorations only can be taken down after the whole thing ends. Please control your child not to jump up the stage and steal balloons.


I think that's it.

I know it's not possible to carry out but one can always dream right? Hahhaahhaaa.


Iwan Sanchez said...



that was so COINCIDENCE!!!! hahaha!

its proven lah that bpoth of us have telepathy.. oops!! Sorry bobby!


ok lah, its so creative of Bobby about the part where the trailer before the movie starts will be your pics and him together and in the end the WILL U MARRY ME? sentence..

its so creative!! i really like the idea!!


Yeah lah, Nonnie, marriage cannot rush one and i cant ftahom ppl like to ask when e are gerting married.. Sigh...

Nevertheless, i know u will get marries, someday..


i hope i can be there tho.. only if u invite me.. hahahaha!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

*ftahom = fathom

*nevertheless, i know u will get married

sorry for so many typo errors!

Bobby said...

Haha bi, important thing is that you ask the guest to come and give their blessing to us not chasing them and force them to come but I can't stop laughing at the clause on the card saying invoice will be send to their house if they don't come haha.

Bi, it's going to take a lot of time with the planning as I want our wedding not only for us but for our family to enjoy too. Agree?

Anneesa said...




That's the funniest bit!

*Wipes tears* OMG! This entry is hilarious!!!

*proceeds to laugh somemore*

Nonnie King said...

Iwan: You like the idea? Bah, I sell it to cheap offer price $99.99. Hehehehee

Yeah.. someday I'll get married. Just don't know when will this someday arrives.

Bobby : I need their angpow more than their blessings. =p

And I'm sure we're going to argue a lot when it comes to the planning.

Ness : You're the only daughter too, I think the same goes to your parent. Don't laugh so soon.

But... I really wish I can print it in my wedding invitation card, and..there'll be no guests at all.

HongFunXuanJia said...

Hahaha nice invitation card... how i wish i could hv tat in my invitation card in which mine was terbalik printed wif "no need to give anything" a chinese phrase on it... if u hv ever attend orang sibu punya wedding majority is like tat... errrr... dont know lah tat's why no more extra cash for
Bobby idea so romantic lah... mine haha.. married to a kuno guy will never hv romanticy lol... no other celebration in his dictionary onli CNY lol true my frend... lol

SabrinaW said...

Wow.. visited iwan's blog and came to urs.. u guys really blog about the same thing!! :P

jessie said...


Wedding is such a BIG thing for the family as well as the couple!!
A new beginning~~

N a contract to seal the love shared among the couple as well as the family, rite?

Nevertheless, i'm sure u'll get married someday.... with the guy of ur dreams~~!!

* winks *

Nonnie King said...

Angie : Har? You so generous ah, no need to give anything.

Sibu is different, wedding reception is so much more cheaper and also the people are nicer there (no one will be late). Since I have so many relatives there, cannot escape one lah there.

Then how did your husband asked for your hand for marriage?

Sabrinaw : Yeah lah! Shocking when I found out.

Jessie : Ya lor.. wedding is not between the couple, but the entire families tai-chi..

So many small and mafan things to settle.

Yeah.. I hope I will

Tina said...

Ooh! Ooh! I read that somewhere, but the man who proposed made a video of him proposing. I don't think ada pictures and words. Hehe. It can be read here.

It'll be soooo sweet if he did it, though!

If I get invited to your wedding, hold it in Bandar! I can't go to out-of-district events! LOL. Okay, a girl can dream of attending Miss King's wedding reception. ;)

Sha said...

We'll always have an idea on how our weddings will be.. but *BIG BIG SIGH* hahaha.

War186 said...

Oh my God I cried reading Tina's link to some post about someone proposing through the movie screen at the cinema. If Bobby really proposed like that I'd be bawling my eyes out also. That would be really romantic. So Nonnie's gonna anticipate every movie outing lah from now on nya. Hehehe. ;P

Nonnie King said...

Tina : Still I wonder what they did next after the lady said yes.

Don't worry, if Bobby's is the one whom I'm getting married with, it will be in Bandar since he's a Berakasian.

And definitely going to be a halal one..

Sha : *Louder sigh*

Wardah : As long as he doesn't left out the min. 1 carat diamond ring can already.

HongFunXuanJia said...

hw he proposed me ha!! there is no diamond ring, no bouquet of flowers tat everyone of us dream of when been proposed... but there is tears among both of us coz we got arguement n of coz i m d winner lol n tat is wif the phrase pls let me take care n luv u forever n ever... lets setup a little home of our own.. lol... n me always dreaming of hving a little home of my own just agree like tat loh.. lol.. i'm not d one who tell my parents instead he took up his whole gut to speak one by one to my dad.. telling him tat he wanna take care of me forever lol... to think abt it it's just so damn simple for him to win me lol

Nonnie King said...

I thought the idea of him asking your hand in front of your parents is romantic enough.

I guess flowers and rings are just bonus. The man that we married are what that matter most.

cc said...

Now that you have asked him, he sure won't do it that way, no surprise. The true is, no matter how he propose, you will be touched.

Oh, wedding, what a beautiful event, though be prepared to go through some stressful time. We had our wedding ceremony here in NZ with only under 30 people. It was a garden wedding with reception in the same place. If you think we escaped the traditional dinner, then you're wrong. We had to have it a month later in KL. My parents actually totally agree not to do that, but my in laws needed it. So off we go. It actually turned out to be a very enjoyable evening. Everyone was on time. Key to a good reception, double check all the RSVP and no karaoke. Hehe.

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